HITMAN 2 Contracts from HMF members


You know what, I didn’t even consider the clown outfit. Must be tired!


Why do we fall? - (1-22)



20 47’s dancing




The Piano Symphony 2:42


Really impressed by this; the route I actually used in creating the contract takes about twice as long.


Thanks! The contract was great, I felt it had a nice flow to it. I’m quite unfamiliar with the map and haven’t yet completed a full run through of the main mission. I really can’t seem to get into the level, but this contract was really enjoyable!


Another Hitman 2 contract, this time in Columbia. For PS4!


Targets are in various locations around the village - one of the two guards that patrols around the area near the stage, the guard on the balcony with the gas canister, the guard that moves around the top floor of Martinez’s building and the guard that patrols in the fishing village, near the food stands.


Open question for the thread: in general, do you prefer contracts with restrictions that might make them more difficult, or ones that offer more flexibility and creativity in how to approach them?

I ask in light of a contract I created today:
Platform: Xbox One
Title: The Fuentes Interruption
ID: 3-12-9503246-32
Location: Colombia

This was originally supposed to be a mission where both kills require a construction worker disguise; the idea being that retrieving the letter opener from Andrea Martinez’s office would be a challenge, albeit a small one if you know your way around the map. In the end I opted to leave the disguise open; allowing players who want to take things safer to maybe grab the mansion guard outfit which can access both areas. One of the other complications is no pacifications.

What do you think? Does a change like that improve the contract? Or even matter to you?


Hear No Evil (Sgail): 1-21-4553664-02

TARGETS: The interrogator in the dungeon and the two Ark Society members in the Catacombs room where the elevation ceremony takes place. Pistol kills, Any Disguise.
COMPLICATIONS: Do Not Get Spotted (necessary until IO fixes trespass cheese), No Pacifications.
NOTES: The interrogator is an easy kill. The other two have about a dozen guards looking at them at all times. Also, the two targets are looking at each other and close enough together to hear each other being shot. Oh, and there’s an evidence box five feet from the guards so weapon/briefcase lures aren’t going to get rid of them. None of this is a big deal; in fact, you don’t even need to hide their bodies.


The Five Minute Fiasco - 3:12


For the most part I’d play a well thought-out Any/Any longer than a contract with a lot of restrictions, just to try out new things; the more open to interpretation they are the better (whereas the latter often only have limited viable routes because of the restrictions in place).

That said, if you’re clever with them, certain restrictions can add extra layers of depth (as can storylines/briefings and specific weapons, etc.).

It seems a lot of the time contracts have a few restrictions added as an afterthought from the list available prior to publishing (rather than thought being put into how they’re included, and what they add to the potential solution[s]).


For me, openness is always the better option unless there’s a puzzle behind it not being open. Certain disguises do pose a challenge, but generally disguise and kill restrictions that don’t fundamentally tie in to the puzzle of the contract are not a good addition. That’s just my opinion though, and there’s definitely people who love long and restrictive contracts.

In the case of your contract, it really depends how fundamental you think the construction worker disguise is to the puzzle. Is it worth forcing the player to grab the disguise, especially with no pacifications so no way to get it for a person, if it would be likely that they go for it suit only because it’s not hard to infiltrate? Or do you feel that the challenge of infiltrating is a part of the contract, and so the detour is worth it?

I do love a good complication though


The way it plays out, without the disguise requirement, there’s a risk/reward element. Starting as the construction worker is almost certainly the quickest way to complete the contract, but you run the risk of being spotted trespassing when getting the letter opener and by the second target, who acts as an enforcer. Conversely, you can’t start as a mansion guard, but you can retrieve that disguise nearby without pacifying anybody, and you don’t have to worry about being found trespassing in Martinez’s mansion or the construction site.

And people who feel like it can attempt the contract suit only, which is doable but probably the slowest option.


Name: Blind As A Wrench
Location: Miami
ID: 3-11-5657792-49
Description: Man, people are blind during the biggest race in Miami. Fun speedrunning contract. I believe my fastest time was 38 seconds. :slight_smile:


Merry Xmas, fellow agents! Here is a not so just in time contract. I hope you enjoy! :blush:

Platform: PS4
Contract name: Doctor Syringe
Contract ID: 2-11-0223017-21
(Just don’t knock out the poor racer, please.)


Been having a lot of fun with your Marshal Law contract. Great sniper contract. Can’t get close to your time though!


Have you tried killing the two dudes next to each other last?


Yes! I’m mainly having trouble with the one in the middle, in the little tower. He’s got a buddy who keeps finding his body.


I’d recommend to use a rifle that pierces, which launches the body forward.


The Food We Eat
PS4 ID: 2-13-4190367-94

PS4 ID: 2-13-4225244-94

Babba Scope
PS4 ID: 2.13-4225244-94