HITMAN 2 Contracts from HMF members


Platform: PC
Contract name: ROY-ARJ PARADIGM
Contract ID: 1-12-1104918-93


Recreated it on Xbox.


The child of Mumbai and Dubai :smiley: sorry


System: Xbox
Map: Nighttime Marrakech
Contract number: 3-07-7249406-09
Title: As my guitar gently weeps

I thought it would be good to play around a bit around the schoolyard. While cosy, it does give off the kind of vibe that would cause parents to tell their daughters not to venture there at night. 47 can prove those parents right in this mission.

You can go SA on this mission, or mass murderer. The briefing states not to harm two NPCs but that’s totally optional and for story immersion purposes and not even in the formal mission requirements.
I used the melee Yanbiya for all kills for extra style, but also there you have freedom of choice.


Made one for speedrunners.

Common Trait

ID: 1-13-5026315-67

Including No-KO and Forced-Exit (nearby Tuk Tuk because the train is not reliable)


Where are all the targets? I’d like to recreate this one on Xbox.


Cool, thanks!

First target on the hill, second target on the left, other targets at the bottom.
Tuk Tuk is near the first target. No-KO is optional.




Platform: PC
Contract name: Urben traces
Contract ID: 1-13-5124746-93


First run after almost 4 months heuhue. Game is in a bad state currently for doing runs. Hopefully january update fixes that.


Go Get Em Guys 1:26


Awww thanks for playing sky!!! Nice run m8, so fun to watch!


3-13-2520381-49 Recreated!


NAME: Eat or be Eaten
ID: 1-11-5943411-08

You are a food vendor who intends to do whatever it takes to have the most successful food stand at the Global Innovation Race. Take out the competition.



I haven’t unlocked all starting points in Mumbai, so if there is one in the tower I didn’t have it. Decided to go SA/SO for this one. Sweet contract :+1:

The Bollywood Hustle


Racketeers - Fibre Wire


Name of Contract : The Original Five
Contract ID : 1-21-1128808-39
Platform : PC
Location : Isle of Sgail
Description/Briefing : “The Original Five” are first five members of The Ark Society.
These multi-billionaires are the source of major funding of the Ark Society.
Eliminating them will break the backbone of the Ark Society, before you execure the Williams twins.
As always, do not leave any traces of assassination.
Good luck 47.


Platform: PC
Contract name: Style Paradigm
Contract ID: 1-11-0967143-93


Name of Contract Block the initiation
Contract ID 1-21-1365140-22
Platform PC
Location Isle of Sgail
Description/Briefing Eliminate the new initiates of the Ark society disguised as Jebediah Block. Strangulate them like the now gone green Ark society tried to strangulate the fossil fuel industry.

A nice little challenge featuring Jebediah Block’s revenge on being played by the new elite of the Ark society. Features three targets roaming through crowded spaces and small corridors alike, and a small initial challenge to get Jebediah’s disguise without being seen.

Features complications:

  • not being spotted doing illegal activities
  • not being tracked on camera/deleting footage
  • no bodies found


Name: Shooting range (Couldn´t think of anything else)
ID: 1-12-6962884-67
Platform: PC
Location: Santa Fortuna


I’ve been playing some of the Xbox contracts posted recently, over the last couple of days. Here’s something for six of them:

0:00 - The Quiet Berserker by @TheBored23 (2:15)

2:44 - Chefs’ Deaths by @Fawkstraht (1:14)

4:30 - ROY-ARJ PARADIGM by @SANY-72Q (0:24)

5:18 - As My Guitar Gently Weeps by @Franz (1:46)

7:38 - Blind As A Wrench by @Remedy (0:36)

8:37 - Did You Know This Was Here? by @Remedy (2:18)

Enjoyed them all, though be warned: some of them may have been completed in a slightly less than sober state. :sunglasses: