HITMAN 2 Contracts from HMF members


My First Contract
Platform: PC
Location: Whittleton Creek
ID: 1-22-2037567-19
Guide:Use Garbage man in vault.



Last Ride of The Day

Plattform: PC
ID: 1-02-6447556-88
Destination: Paris
Type: Puzzle

I think you’ll like this one, there«s a pretty cool hidden trick on it, I’ll upload my run in the 3rd of January if no one figures it out until then, cheers!


I thought this contract was a neat proof of concept, so here’s a run for one of mine to give away the solution:

Hear No Evil (1:45)

To reiterate, the gimmick of the contract is that two of the targets are in a room surrounded by guards, with No Pacifications and an evidence box right in the same room. While panic strats might work here, audio lures allow for the mesmerization of all relevant NPCs in such a manner that not a single body need be hidden or even moved while allowing a sub-2:00 finish with a little bit of tweaking.

The idea here is that inaccessible or undetectable audio lures will continue to hold the attention of huge crowds of people, and will do so indefinitely with only minor repositioning adjustments unless and until an NPC can find the source of the distraction and report it or retrieve it. The rubble in this area can block line of sight or render lures inaccessible, preventing NPCs from ever breaking free of the lures.

There’s some randomness to the two guys at the barred door, because they’re checkpoint guards and their AI is wonky, but this rough process should produce semi-consistent results eventually as long as they’re unable to discover the Mixtape in the rubble. The spot where I put the Phone is extremely consistent, works 99% of the time. Doing something a bit fancier and using an emetic on one of the checkpoint guards might allow for faster times I’m sure, but I really like the way the phone can turn an entire room of a dozen people toward it and keep them facing that way.



Belts and Suspenders: Simple contract and didn’t need infiltration. I tried once but it was just the undying approach all over again with that target.

Nobody Lives Forever: This I really liked, especially the fact that you added a walking around the area guard. He really changes the dynamic of the contract.
But anyways, did an accidents only run. I’ll definitely play this one again.


Got a puzzle to solve. The task is to catch my score.
@Nakar since you got so much experience in that guard room, this might be one for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Showcase, Lowplace

ID: 1-21-3835875-67

Complication just fixes the ‘Spotted’ bug.


Awesome you enjoyed these!

Yeah, I had that kill in mind when I picked the targets for Belts and Suspenders. Couldn’t quite get the timing myself but hoped someone could. Quite an easy contract.

The moving guy definitely is the hardest part, I struggled to find ways to isolate him from his buddy.

That striker kill was also pretty nice, didn’t think of that when making it.


Is the target the guard walking around in that room?


No he is one of the two guarding the door to the room with the lie-detecting device for initiates.


Alright. I’ll try my best to recreate this one.


You are my muse, my rival.

Exhibition Shooter (Sgail): 1-21-3308227-02

TARGETS: Four, all over the place: A waitress in the main party area, the guy overseeing Blake Nathaniel’s security system, the interrogator, and one of the guards outside the Constant’s office. No kill restrictions.
COMPLICATIONS: Do Not Get Spotted.
NOTES: Despite what the briefing says, some trick shots may be required. There was one I managed to make entirely accidentally and I’m still not sure how it happened (a headshot one-shot shouldn’t have even been possible at that distance), but fortunately said shot is not required. You don’t need a loadout for this, even to do it quickly; a pistol suffices, though another item or two helps with consistency and speed.


Gonna look into it tomorrow. If you like spicy contracts on that map which require trickshots, check out “The Isle Calls”.



This was a cool contract, not sure if there’s a quicker way to end the race and still keep SA, but this had a nice flow to it!

The Ghost Strangler - 5:51


Thanks for playing it, and beautifully done. :heart_eyes:


Make this contract for PC


Made a new contract (PC) for Miami, hope you like it

Title: The War of the Roses
ID: 1-11-2109207-22


Heidi Santoro, lead guitarist of The Class and girlfriend of Moses Lee, is jealous of the female race drivers stealing Moses’ attention during the endurance races. She wants Sierra Knox and Andrea Pantano diverted in a bitchfight.

47, your task is to start that bitchfight. Assassinate two mechanics of Andrea, using a Kronstadt disguise, and two mechanics of Sierra, using a Sotteraneo disguise.

Use the weapons of a woman, which means kitchen knife and lethal poison.

This should keep them busy.

Have fun :slight_smile:



Those were some very impressive runs!
I took around 6 minutes longer for my mission and thought I was being pretty efficient. The double scooter kill was a very nice find!
Thanks for uploading. Seeing someone work their magic on a contract you created is extremely gratifying.


Masking of the dustman from the killed purpose is not set off - it is probably a game problem? or I do not know!


Hey guys…been awhile. Got a pretty easy contract for yall.

Contract # 1 (Paris)
ID 2-02-4469404-08