HITMAN 2 Contracts from HMF members


Thanks @Franz, appreciated! The reciprocal relationship between contract creator and players is one of the reasons this mode is fantastic; that, and the creative freedom it gives for us all to make these wonderful little puzzles and narratives within the maps.

I think you could speed up the first half of that contract some more, but it complicates the two yard kills a bit iirc. I was playing a lot of those a little worse for wear post-Christmas to be fair. :smile:

Talking of worse for wear, I hope you all have a great New Year’s Eve, HMFers. :champagne::kissing_heart:



The War of the Roses by @Pilz (Zero Mastery)

Might as well do this two ways. First, a run where we scavenge everything we need from the map proper. Not too difficult; even the needles can be found on-map.

The War of the Roses (2:33)

I tried a goofy thing with tranquilizing the guy pacing in front of the knife target and then knifing, but it seemed to attract attention regardless. So instead, he became the disguise contributor, as ceiling shot lures work pretty much everywhere in the pits. I presume you can separate the targets better by ending the race, but that would take forever!


Nice runs and cool to see my contract played out by someone. I didn’t even know Kronstadt mechanics are that much in their work that you can pacify the female one right in the middle.

The entry on first run via camera footage elimination and how you dealt with all the Kronstadt mechanics on the second run were quite impressive!



Also very nice run! I’m still amazed at how much options you have at to manipulate the Kronstadt mechanics. I feel a bit unimaginative :smiley: I lured them all out one by one.

Also amazing what you can do with the Krugermeier!


Platform; PS4
Contract name; Blueberry Muffin
Contract ID; 2-22-3198422-50


Nonexistent Weapon Contract (SA impossible)
Platform; PS4
Contract ID; 2-21-8093098-50


Platform; PS4
Contract name; .
Contract ID; 2-13-5389547-50


Can you control how to glitch the contract creation? Mind sharing knowledge?


Isn’t the Muffin a nonlethal throwable? How does this work?


It doesn’t. He manipulated network packets to change the weapon. I guess.


He is taking every precaution to not get banned from game.



I doubt that, considering the Contract ID and PS4 name in his pictures identify him.


You finally can start on the pile driver with a sniper rifle. Have fun bois. @GuLe

6 Seconds 2 Kill

ID: 1-02-2092743-67

You have pretty much 6 seconds for taking out your sniper rifle and headshot two targets before they are no longer visible for you. No missed shots allowed.
Oh and you better come with a sniper that doesn’t take an hour to unpack.
The client is GuLe by the way. PEW PEW


Here are a pair of linked contracts set in Mumbai that I’ve been working on for a couple of days. They are uncompromisingly challenging, but despite the restrictions they should have a number of quite different approaches.

Title: Murderous Intentions - The Prelude
Contract ID: 3-13-7740245-05

Title: Murderous Intentions - The Conclusion
Contract ID: 3-13-1468077-05


Glad to see you Mr.Urben. I love creating crazy stuff. I have many puzzle contracts.

Nonexistent Weapon Contract
At first I tried to mark up Armor Knight on create contract mode. I killed all NPCs by Katana but knights didn’t appear. Then I marked up her (she was one of last 10 survivors) so the kill condition changed from Katana to nonexistent weapon.

Nonexistent Target
The target is the tour guide (woman with flag hat). This is just a bug. I think IOI will fix it soon and I hope so too.


A Japanese player called otoan401 found out that apple can give NPC tiny damage. So I created this. You can kill her by Muffin after you shot her legs four times.
otoan401 created hamburger conract too.


I will never be banned cause I’m not a cheater. Manipulated network packets? No.


Wow this is great! I have to make that a contract as well. :smiley: