HITMAN 2 Contracts from HMF members


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Here’s a few contracts for you!

Name: The Wolf of Whittleton Creek
Location: Vermont
ID: 3-2-8054161-49
Description: This is a great puzzle/speedrunning contract. All these people can be killed easily up close, but it would be faster to find a connection between all the targets, yes?
Targets: Plumber in the Schmidt house, Two garbage men in the backyard with the cigars in the balcony, one of the three guards in the renovated house, Server in the Wilson household

Here is also one which still needs a strategy, I can’t find anything common. This is more for story and not speedrunning.
Name: Tour de Delgado
Location: Columbia
ID: 3-12-7102427-49
Description: All these targets are near each other, the only obstacle is Rico Delgado walking around himself.
Targets: The mansion guard and the two maids in the exhibition area, along with the waiter near the fish tank


Happy New Year guys, I wish you all the best! :beers::beers::beers:


A couple Xbox contracts here:

Title: The Ibanez Deliverance
Location: Miami
ID: 3-11-4947097-32
One target in the podium area, one in the Kronstadt building. Because you can’t change disguise, you will have to trespass in at least one of those areas, both if you feel like doing it all in your suit.

Title: The McBride Resolution
Location: Sgail
ID: 3-21-9689178-32
Just one target, but reaching him in your suit will be tricky.


Wow for real? How long does it take you to make contracts? I thought I’d made quite a few with 7 for Hitman 2 lol.



PC - ID 1-11-8261419-84


Yes it’s real. I have 102 contracts now. Most of those are well designed sniper, speedrun and puzzle contracts.
I’m crazy on creating contracts. For me, Story Mode is just tutorial. I’m always thinking creating new contracts while playing Story Mode, Escalation, Elusive Target or Ghost Mode.


Platform; PS4
Contract name; Elusive Target : The Bodyguard
Contract ID; 2-13-3199178-50
– Rangan’s bodyguard. Even if you use Instinct, the target isn’t displayed red.


Wow! How do you stop him showing as a target using instinct?


Platform; PS4
Contract name; Escalation : Indian Water
Contract ID; 2-13-6564884-50
– If you KO them in the river, they die by fall not drowning.


forgot the contract’s creator but here it goes


This is just a bug. I only wanted to share the information Mr. Euler13.


Was it just a one-off glitch when you made this contract or is it just when this particular target?


No glitch. I think it’s only him.
Mumbai has many bugs on Contract Mode. I know 2 NPCs who have same faces and names.


I’ve made a run of ‘The Ibanez Deliverance’. I will post it as soon as possible.


The Poison Treatment - Whittleton Creek

Platform: PC
Contract ID: 1-22-2602827-44

The client requests to eliminate the following targets and offers a bonus for killing them with poison.

  • Eliminate Rachel Richardo
  • Eliminate Major Becraft
  • Optional: Eliminate the targets with Lethal Poison.

The client also requests that you leave no evidence on the scene as well, so the following complications apply:

  • Do not get spotted.
  • If you are detected by cameras, erase or destroy the evidence.
  • No bodies found.
  • Do not pacify anyone.
  • Do not change disguises.

Note: Completing the optional poison objective means the target’s bodies can be found, as it is counted as an accident.


This contract had the potential to be really good, but it has a lot of problems at the moment:

  • Auto-fail conditions aren’t a whole lot of fun and don’t really make much sense in this contract. Auto-fail Do Not Get Spotted is especially terrible as it provides little feedback for a player on what they did wrong and feels like a way to force restarts, which I dislike.
  • There doesn’t seem to be any point to No Disguise Changes. This is not a contract where that particularly matters, other than the vague story reason of “leaving no evidence.” But doing a suit retrieval run where you return the Server disguise to Helen West’s house strikes me as more “no evidence” than starting as a server undercover. No Pacifications is fine to prevent stealing a disguise and leaving a “witness” but NDC just kind of makes it annoying.
  • Did you actually test killing the targets with Consumed Poison, or did you just assume needles would be used? Generic Poison condition makes me think you were okay with Consumed Poison, and there are two sources of Lethal Poison on the map that can be used for this… but only one of the targets will actually consume anything, and then only if you manipulate her into doing so. You can put a muffin down in front of the male target, but he will ignore it and never try to eat it (no one will, except Nolan Cassidy’s bodyguard who will spot it from twenty feet away). The only way I can think of to even begin to move him close enough to be poisoned is to make him haul a briefcase to the trooper at the party, then tediously try to place coins or something in such a way as to get him close enough to the grill to serve poisoned food.


The two guards in blue outside Rangan tower near construction site gate. Am I right?


The Faba Demonstration by @Parsime, “Clean” & Speed (1:22)

Two runs here. First is your typical Fiber Wire, Hide All Bodies, No Camera Interaction etc. run, though there’s a few unfortunate bits of waiting I tried to speed up. Second run is just milliseconds faster than the time I saw set, making me wonder if this is the exact same routing. Also check out that totally intentional perfectly timed double electrocution kill.


@Urben @White-Half :wink: