HITMAN 2 Contracts from HMF members


Finally have spent enough time with the maps I have three contracts I’m happy with! Two in Whittleton Creek and one in Miami. I’ve seen a lot of folks saying that they feel Whittleton is small, boring, constrained but I’ve really enjoyed it. So if Whittleton isn’t your brand of vodka hopefully you’ll enjoy the Miami contract! (@mungadungalis enjoyed the Miami one) These are all Xbox contracts but please feel free to recreate for PC or PS4 if you particularly like one. Of the three, I am most pleased with ‘Hold Hands You Love Birds!’ I’m eager to see how quickly it can be run.



Yes you are right. Great😃
And another one is patrolling around the main square.


It looks like sniping from the boat location. I will check it soon.


Muffin Kill
PC: 1-22-7478569-38
The fun is in figuring it out. (thanks mendie)


You are a bit late to the party :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah, i saw the previous contracts. was hoping for more irony with this one (Helen killed by her own creation type thing :stuck_out_tongue:)


Done yesterday and as Urben said, well late to the party.


i’m still not getting any music on Whittleton contracts. i guess it’s a PC only thing :<


Platform: PC
Contract name: Corrupt cops
Contract ID: 1-11-4665429-93


I edited that music in. I also don’t have any on PS4.


System: PS4
Contract-ID: 2-22-7040314-61



System: PS4
Contract-ID: 2-22-2617508-61


It’s the same routing. Thanks for playing :+1:


Some of you may have already made this discovery in Whittleton Creek, but if you haven’t, then you might enjoy trying to solve this puzzle contract. Even if you know the trick, it should be a tough challenge for anyone who enjoys solving a puzzle type contract.

Title: Tit-For-Tat
Contract ID: 3-22-0299831-05
Location: Whittleton Creek

As a benchmark, I’ve managed to pull it off in 7.05.

[edit]@Jarbinger: It seems that caching has been broken a bit today. I’ve had troubles reading/accessing different parts of the forum throughout the day. When I made this post, the image in the original post appeared only as a thumbnail. I tried deleting the image from the post, saving edit, and re-adding the same image. However, I tried this a few times without success, but after about an hour it seemed to work.[/edit]


There were a few performance issues initially after I did the latest update but it doesn’t seem to be a widespread thing - I’ve just tried the slightly more complicated equivalent of switching the server off and back on again to see if that helps.


Contract ID: 1-11-8574509-49
Location: Miami
Platform: PC


I tried making this same idea on Xbox about a week ago, purely by coincidence, but I forgot to adjust the objectives, so ended up requiring consumed poison and a disguise, which makes it much less fun. Makes me wish there was a way to delete these.


How exactly does this work? Is it limited to the Kruggy? I couldn’t quite parse the magic from the video. Is it limited to just the muffin and the apple?


I’m currently too busy for poison contracts, so I just decided to do one I wanted to do. An axe contract. But I couldn’t decide which one I should use… So I used all of them.

Name: An Axe-ident
ID: 1-21-8185782-33
Platform: PC


Looks interesting.