HITMAN 2 Contracts from HMF members


It only works with apples and muffins, but it’s not limited to the Krugermeier. Although it takes a bit of creativity to use a different weapon. If you’re interested in trying it I created one on Xbox a few days ago. The target is the jogging lady…

Title: Muffin Mystery
Contract ID: 3-22-3423032-05
Location: Whittleton Creek

If anyone else is interested in the challenge, I managed to complete this contract in 44 seconds.

[edit]And apparently cheeseburgers! Thanks, @White-Half[/edit]

Things About Hitman You Just Found Out

Platform; PS4
Contract name; Cheeseburger
Complications; Headshot only. No pacifications.
Contract ID; 2-21-6642351-50
Kill method has been found by Japanese player called otoan401 on PS4.

Things About Hitman You Just Found Out

Platform; PS4
Contract name; Perfect Shooter Puzzle
Contract ID; 2-11-3510563-50


Looks really interesting. I fell for some of the win conditions :smiley: First I shot a cam in old habits, then I deleted footage underneath an active cam,…but I’ll give it a try again later.

Your ID is missing a number, might want to edit it: 1-21-8185782-33


All those auto fail condition… Generally so many complications, is this really necessary?


Targets only, never spotted, no recordings and no bodies found is basicly me forcing you to do it Silent Assassin. Gun related ones on the other hand forbid any usage of guns, so no shooting cameras or surveillace system and no pistol distractions.
If you just want to complete it without caring about score, you can just kill targets with fibre wire in architect clothes. This isn’t contract, that’s supposed to torture you. I might do one some other time.

BTW, how is your Santa Fortuna time wasting contract going?


Did not develop it further, I heard the exit is not available for contract mode then the motivation went down. Will surely test it myself but later.


@Euler13 I happened upon your Queen’s Predator contract in Mumbai, a remake of someone else’s PC contract. I enjoy that area of the map a lot. Didn’t get SA since I approached it as a sniper.

For those curious…


Had similar story with contract that required 5 Broadsword kills on knights. They didn’t spawn.

OK, I did a quick (about hour long) check and while you can shoot down umbrella and it floats up to where the exit is, it indeed doesn’t become available once all targets are dead. Even if your targets are the same as in story,


Title: Four Fishy Fellas
Contract ID: 3-11-8514635-05
Location: Miami

The target placement is not as random as it might first appear. :wink:


A few runs from the last few days:

@TheBored23’s The Ibanez Deliverance (1:55) + The McBride Resolution (1:27)

(Some things on that floor in Miami were triggering me, so I’d recommend skipping if you intend to watch; uploaded as it was on the board).

@ArjabRoy’s Three Orders (3:08)

@Remedy’s Tour de Delgado (0:54) + The Wolf of Whittleton Creek (1:27)


wrong thread sorry, huehuhue


So how many of us will use food to kill ET in Whittleton Creek?


Was bored a little, so I made a quick contract.

Platform: PC
Contract ID:1-22-5295597-14
Location: Whittleton Creek

I’ve just said F it, and enabled every single complication. And you need to complete the contract within 1 minute and 15 seconds. I’m usually againts time limits, but I feel like this is very short contract that it won’t matter as much and will give you certain challenge. It really is a hit & run type of contract. Good luck


I wanted to add a few more complications to this but I didn’t want to make it that difficult.


name: where’s your heart?

platform: PC

If you think I should add a a complication, let me know.


Interesting contract. My first serious run I thought I got the perfect route, even got a crowbar, then realized the sewer escape is not available :smiley:
Gave it another touch to get into the 3rd floor in the end.


Dude wtf. Did you just retry and retry and then set your best score as the minimum time? First it was interesting to try and get a good time, go around the house both ways, but when you fail repeatedly with just 20 cm to the exit, it becomes no fun. I do not feel like trying anymore just to squeeze another half a second out (which is easily lost again due to him being stuck on a fence instead of jumping over, or not cutting a corner in the right angle. It’s like speedrunning without the fun aspects. You even disabled pistol shot distractions.



If I had to summarize all reasons that are not good to add complications, it is this one.


The Legacy Pack hasn’t been getting enough love, so let’s take a trip back to the past with the technology of the future.

Action Economy (World of Tomorrow): 1-03-8825233-02

TARGETS: Three familiar faces and a new guy, all in the City Hall Tower. They must all be killed by an Explosive Device.
COMPLICATIONS: Required No Bodies Found, No Pacifications.
NOTES: There are four guys to kill and only three loadout slots (until they add a pistol that explodes). There is technically a Remote Mine in the lab, or the Exploding Golf Ball, but obviously you’re not expected to go get those. Be aware that a mutual explosion kill with targets facing each other will fail you instantly due to the complication; this sounds annoying, but there is a fully consistent method to guarantee this can’t happen and I never once broke the complication test-running the contract.


I think I’ll take the golf ball anyway. I use that thing way too little!
Looks like a neat contract!