HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members

Platform: PC
Name: Getting some warmth back into this body
ID: 1-10-4783408-43
A puzzle contract that is harder than it seems. I hope you’ll enjoy it! I’d love some feedback as well


I haven’t played yet but just a heads up, there is a typo in your code. You forgot the 0.

It’s not a big deal since you screenshotted it too but you might want to edit it.

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Another puzzle for Hokkaido is killing The Curator with a fire accident. He can’t teleport through walls like Agent Smith (as seen in Hamushi’s video :laughing:), but you won’t have to drag him all the way to a gasoline barrel.

Pushing the button for his mood swing gets him near one barrel, but that’s not very fast! Maybe a timed version would work

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I was certain someone would figure out how to do it way more efficiently than I could, and this community never fails to deliver. Amazing job!

I had a tough time coming up with ideas for a contract on the Bangkok map, so I took the idea the game gave to me :smile:

There is also a bodyguard called “Crowbar” (just Crowbar, that is his entire name) who is lucky that isn’t a lethal weapon. And there is a single gasoline drum on the map, but dragging “Napalm” all the way there is a contract in itself!


Platform : PC
Contract name : Drowning and Drawing
Contract ID : 1-21-4961688-38

Platform : PC
Contract name : The End of the Long Journey
Contract ID : 1-12-8492395-38


Had a lot of fun with this one. Got a time of 1:49, no dart guns or anything but did have fun with muffins.


Nice contract.

I will be taking a few days off from contracts due to the fact that we are having our firstborn tomorrow morning. Be well Hitmen, I’ll be back soon.

Make a contract for me :slight_smile:


49 second run.


Platform : PC
Contract name : JANKEN
Contract ID : 1-21-0667143-38

This contract is inspired by GuLe’s speedrun.


Toy Car

PC: 1-20-3570114-18

kind of puzzle, have fun

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I really like making Any/Any contracts right now, but I still had these two left that I wanted to share.

Name: Four of a Kind
Platform: PC
ID: 1-20-6036273-09
Complication: No Pacifications. Technically also Suit Only.


Name: Warming Up, Cooling Down
Platform: PC
ID: 1-10-9683544-09
Note: Inspired by OKIGorgon and Shruik, and their contracts involving Carlton Smith.

Can’t have nudity in my violent video game, right? :wink:


Contract : Hill Street Blues

4 targets

Electrocution only


Have fun!

Contract name:Distracted!
Contract ID:1-21-2447436-58

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I totally forgot you could block a door with an item like that. I designed that contract with the idea you have to bring a scrambler/key hacker. Very creative playing! :clap: