HITMAN 2 Contracts from HMF members


Actually, when I did the contract the way I wanted, I waited extra around 10-15 seconds before leaving. Now that I retrospectively look at it, I maybe should’ve waited a little longer, or add the complication as optional.

@Urben :thinking: Point taken. Though the contract kinda fullfilled it’s purpose it seems. In its core, it was eventually designed to frustrate. I had many iterations of the “same” contract in mind, one in particular, but the game completely failed me. It didn’t count neither my electrocution, nor my poisoning. It just said “any method”. Then it just devolved, I suppose. I only just now learned it’s some sort of bug, as it actually counts electrocution and poisoning at the end, but not mid-creating :frowning:


That said… I made another contract. I came to the conclusion that the area and location I chose weren’t perfect, but I had this one story idea in my head for a while, and I wanted to make it, even if the contract itself is pretty easy. Below you can find the full story to this contract.
The in-game briefing only has some bits and pieces, because 500 character limit was apparently a good idea… With that said, here’s an arbitrary challenge you can give yourself when playing the contract - you’re only allowed 1 pacification.

The Story:

one of Nolan Cassidy’s now-former guards, Donald Christopher, was tasked with surveying the Whittleton Creek neighborhood during our Janus operation. We’ve learned that he found something unsettling: footage of your involvement in the assassination of both Janus and Nolan Cassidy. It seems you were recorded via a secret mini-cams scattered around the neighborhood and several of the houses. It also seems that this footage was kept off the records, and only a few knew about it. Luckily for us, however, Mr. Christopher, who discovered the footage. made a fatal mistake that will also be his last one; he wants to blackmail us…

From what we were able to gather, the bodyguard has the footage on his person at all times, and it’s rigged to send the video out to the public if he dies or if it’s tampered with on his unconcious body. We also suspect that his two close friends he works with, Alfonso Hernandez and Cornell Meier, might be part of his plan and have their own copy of the footage with the same or similar security measures.

So here’s what we’re dealing with, 47. Three highly-trained guards in possession of incriminating footage, and a security measures that ensure the video leaks if the guards choose to leak it, are killed, or the footage is tampered with. I trust you know what to do, but if I may suggest a way – electricity seems to be your best option, as it will destroy the footage and deals with our… friends.

Either way, 47; failure is not an option. Good luck.

Name of the Contract: Leaking Electricity
Contract ID: 1-22-7360498-14
Complications: The only complication this time is that you must not be seen doing any illegal action (for story reasons).


Platform: Steam/PC
Contract Name: Ghosts of Races Past
Contract ID: 1-11-0110113-90



A pair of Mumbai contracts for Xbox here:

Title: The Narayan Emergence
ID: 3-13-6134859-12
A simple any/any contract, with one target at the construction site, and one on the top floor of Rangan’s tower

Title: The Mishra Concurrence
ID: 3-13-0392927-32
Three targets in the laundry area, requiring three different disguises


Hey, a contract that isn’t in Whittleton Creek!

I’ve been playing around with the hatchet in Bangkok recently (trying to get a flying hatchet run of The Source), and I had the idea of putting my own twist on The Kotti Paradigm. So here’s what I came up with.

The Rhinemann Philosophy

Platform: PC
ID: 1-16-4020285-44
Location: Bangkok (The Source)


  • A gardener in the gardening area just outside the restaurant
  • One of the two guards patrolling the corridor near the hotel rooms
  • A waiter cleaning up the kitchen in the penthouse.

The gardener’s extremely easy to kill: He’s not far from the hatchet and he’s pretty isolated if you can get him in a good spot.

The guard is a little bit harder: You’ll have to find a way to bring the hatchet to the hotel rooms and get his attention so his body isn’t found.

The waiter’s also an easy kill but it’s incredibly hard to get the hatchet up to him, considering he’s in the penthouse where tons of people surround the area.

Even more: You have to do it all in your suit.

Good luck.


Platform; PS4
Contract name; 4 Guards & 47 Seconds
Contract ID; 2-13-218980-50

47? I mistook, it was 36.


Spent the day designing this one. @Euler13Four Fishy Fellas inspired me to do that. I also realized that for the general idea I don’t need to include additional complications. How unusal for a contract of mine! :smiley:

Did not set up a good score yet but I know it offers at least three very different routes that should have comparable times.

Summer Biathlon

ID: 1-11-4108361-67

The sun is shining and the summer is filled with contracts. The schedule of your jet is tight and today several targets are waiting to be eliminated.
Apart from the general dress code, there are no restrictions on how you have to act. Just try to avoid unnecessary trips so that you can leave early.
Your request to get your travel expenses reimbursed was rejeceted by the way. We also have to live from something, don’t you care about the situation of others at all?

If someone want's to recreate it

Last target is the guy at the podium.


Platform; PS4
Contract name; Gun Collector
Contract ID; 2-22-1890725-50
– Not including No Pacifications complication but you can SA without KO.


Inspired by @Opal_Hitman’s recent Bangkok hatchet contract…
Platform: Xbox
ID: 3-13-7509209-32
Just the one target, but you can’t start as the required disguise, which also can’t carry the saber around openly, so there’s still challenge involved.



Wow so different to what I did to beat you. This contract offers alot of approaches! :smiley:


Platform: PC
Contract Name: Andrea Martinez
Location: Paris
Contract ID: 1-02-4720640-03


Holy shit I discover new things every day. I would have never thought about shooting through several of those tent walls.
And yay I’m listed in the scores in the video :smiley:


New PS4 contract!

Sunset Over Mumbai
ID: 2-13-2788194-64

This one might look like a long and complex contract, but if you search hard you’ll find it’s something quite different :wink:


Suit only contract in Colombia.
Attention to the kill conditions: Scissors are in Catalina’s bathroom while the razor is in Hector’s bathroom.


Keep off the grass!
PC, Whittleton Creek
Try to get this done as fast as possible. Currently SASO is at [edit2]22 seconds. 2 people killed in public space by shurikens:

Only kill targets [optional]
Never spotted [optional]
No camera footage [optional]


I done made a contract!

Fun on a Bun

My third ever, feedback appreciated. Or even a vid of your run!

your run of fun on a bun :joy:


cough 22 seconds

Here’s the run:


Amazing, good job man. I did a similar approach but went in front of the shed and used a flashbang for the guard/gardener at frog reservoir. Didn’t think of using the pistol for that group aswell, it’s probably the fastest method!
Also what you mention in your video comments is a nice trick, I sometimes had to distract the well guard additionally.