HITMAN 2 Contracts from HMF members


i’m having a crisis right now because i can’t find out how to complete this damn contract, huehuehue


Here’s my third contract for HITMAN 2. I really wish IO would’ve made it possible to create contracts that require specific firearms to kill your targets instead of just pistols/shotguns/rifles.

Name: The Lovett Dreadfulness
Plattform: PC
ID: 1-22-3488000-58
Kill Helen West, Joseph Rickman and Daren Swart with the pistol elimination
Hide all bodies. (optional)
Don’t pacify anyone. (optional)


This is probably a good time to reveal some solutions, then.

The Measure of a Hitman (No Loadout)

I mentioned in the FC submission thread this could be done from the default start with absolutely no items within the time limit, so I suppose I ought to prove that. A shame you can’t force people not to bring a briefcase, as I could design some amazing contracts around openly smuggling the Kashmirian’s sniper rifle through the streets.

A Knight to Remember

Mines are really easy to get stuck on things, especially chandeliers. The real trick in the contract is just getting in and out in the armor. Also I go totally the wrong way to exit due to the Constant’s death rendering the helicopter exit invalid for some reason or other.

Exhibition Shooter

Shooting through the glass floor toward open sky means the last target only hears one bullet impact. Firing from other angles can prevent this. The interrogator is electrocuted in the puddle, but you can’t drop a Remote Taser because that’s a weapon and she won’t get close enough before reporting to a guard. The EMP, however, is non-suspicious and an interesting item, so she walks over to pick it up.

Action Economy

It took a while, but I found a use for the RFID Explosive. Counterintuitively, you want the civilian to pick up the explosive (in briefcase form), and then bring it to a guard with the coin. Provided the guard’s back is to the civilian when the civilian reports, it will explode in such a fashion as to kill the civilian first, then the guard, without the guard being able to turn and spot the civilian’s body in time. You could also do this with good timing and a remote explosive in the briefcase, but the RFID just happens to work at the exact right time when the civilian is just within reporting range of the guard.

Also, I suppose the RFID Explosive could be useful if you just need any old explosive (you’re just going to shoot it to detonate, perhaps) and want a free coin along with it. Loadout efficiency! Just don’t get anywhere near the explosive once you’ve planted or thrown it if the coin is in your inventory.


Making contracts has become a minor obsession at this point; I have other games I want to play, but I keep spending my time creating new Hitman contracts.

Name: The Suzuki Interference
Plattform: Xbox
ID: 3-11-5154741-32
For this one, I wanted to make a contract where the required weapon was found in the area of the opposite target. After a few runs, I’ve gotten my time here down to about 3:30, but slip-ups have prevented me from getting SA each time.

Name: The McRaven Condescension
Platform: Xbox
ID: 3-21-0330563-32
This one’s sort of a puzzle; there’s nothing obvious connecting these targets at first glance, but they were selected for a reason. I’ve SA’d it in just under 4 minutes

Name: The Valderrama Conflagration
Platform: Xbox
ID: 3-12-4896467-32
Despite the sniper requirement, SA here is doable. One of the targets is a bit finicky as to whether he’ll be found, which is why my fastest SA run is ~90 seconds slower than my fastest run overall.


Here’s a pretty ordinary run, and a not very ordinary run.

The Lovett Dreadfulness by @Pitman (1:57)

Just your standard speedrun I guess. :man_shrugging:

The Lovett Dreadfulness (Bonus Points + No Heard Gunshots)

Here, I use the Rude Ruby for all kills, but no one ever hears the gunshots. I also incinerate everybody in the basement, as requested. Special assist from Dale the mailman!


Platform: xbox
Name: The Sneaky Shaman
Code : 3-12-1318990-30
My first contract I tried I think it’s good.


Good ol’ Dale. He’s such a kind and helpful soul. :wink:


This was a very nice disguise puzzle. Long range between targets and disguises :cowboy_hat_face::+1: Tried different approaches and came to this strategy with two sniper kills and one electrocution kill, No KO:


Brilliant strategy, glad you enjoyed the contract!

As a side note, I had no idea the two free disguises you used existed. I’ve still got so much to find out about this game haha


great I haven’t unlocked it yet, huehuehue

might give me a reason to grind mumbai though


Platform; PS4
Contract name; Out of Stock
Contract ID; 2-21-6774743-50


Name: Cut Throat Business
Platform: PC
ID: 1-13-8384182-67
Location: Mumbai
Targets: 2 Elite thugs on the hill and 2 Elite thugs in the Crow´s Hideout
Complications: Don´t get spotted (optional)


Platform: PC
Name: Glitch in the System
ID: 1-12-7468698-14

There are 2 targets. Both need to be killed with a machete while disguised as Shaman. This is sort of a gimmick contract, as both targets have the same name, and one of the names is corrupted. Hence the name of the contract. In short, it’s not meant to provide massive replayability, it’s more aimed at having a one-time fun.

Both targets are located within Delgado villa grounds. There’s a guard - Carlomagno Yáñez Pacheco - and a maiden - Carlomagno Y??ez Pacheco.


This sounds like it would fit the robot contracts someone else was requesting on here :smiley: Especially with the briefing and the same name thing

Edit: Found it


Tit-For-Tat (4:15)

by @Euler13, thanks @ArjabRoy for recreating it. :slight_smile:
I must say I would have liked it without killing conditions but now that I got it I am proud it worked that way!


That was an awesome solution. I bet most people have no idea how hard this contract is. The “impossible” suit requirement is probably missed by most. Plus getting your hands on BBQ guy. Great work, @Urben, and thanks for giving it a spin. :+1:


Wait do the robes count as a suit here? Or am I missing something?


Yes but besides that it is trespassing the BBQ party unlike ususal suits. There might be other differences as well.


If you’re anything like me, and you get super immersed when playing the game, this adds a whole new layer to it. It’s like you are actually 47 and you are scoping out the available contracts on his ICA laptop and picking your next mission. This was a great idea OP!


Strangely, yes. It was a little discovery I made and I wanted to make a puzzle contract to take advantage of it. I tried to hide the trick by wrapping it up in an otherwise challenging contract; using a lethal syringe on BBQ guy is quite an accomplishment.