HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members


Let me add to the repeated tagging of @Travis_IOI by asking if we can once again submit Contracts to be featured, and if so, whether we can use this thread for that express purpose? If so, I will edit the Original Post to include those tidbits of information and edit the thread header.


People love disguise carousels, right? :face_vomiting:

The Wheel Turns Now As Ever (Miami): 1-11-2135934-02

TARGETS: Five, spread throughout the level. None of them move much and are pretty easy kills.
COMPLICATIONS: Restricted Exit, No Pacifications.
NOTES: There are multiple ways to break into the rotation without knocking anyone out and without starting in any of the available disguises.


The first guy almost looks like a lady. lol


Platform PS4
Ended up making this more of a spin-off then sequel to The Armenian Mafia Saga part 2

The Marrakesh Connection


I have something extra spicy here. Don’t wonder about the picture, it is one of the randomized NPCs who look like Maelstrom. This contract has another twist. :^) Totally feature material!

Transportation Confrontation

PC ID: 1-13-7081289-67


A sniper contract…with a garrotte finish! :wink:

Platform: PS4
Location: Miami
ID: 2-11-3964776-33
Conditions Suit Only


So the Sheik isn’t Al-Ghazali?


My first H2 contract :slight_smile:

Platform: PC
Location: Miami
Title: Viper

Code: 1-11-1081118-28

I hope you guys like poison kills


Some contracts from users either in the thread or just HMFers.

Two-Component Eradication by @Urben (1:22)

Not fond of the way that shooting a gun anywhere in the same county as a target insta-spots you and causes an immediate lockdown, but knives still work.

Breaking Up The Band by @Iffy (2:25)

Rumors of the portable accident’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Also that blend in point next to the bus exit is gonna be the bane of speedruns, mark my words.

Viper by @Vincentdante (3:54)

Kinda have to get to that plate faster than I’m comfortable with if you want to get him on the first cycle, but it’s probably necessary to go faster than this. Also I could’ve probably gone up to the helicopter, I just kinda forgot.


Thanks for playing my contract @Nakar I hope you enjoyed it.


I posted my contract on the old thread:

Plattform PC
Map: Colombia
Type: SA/SO 4 Targets
ID: ID: 1-12-9118762-64


I get the sense this was probably meant to be done by sedating the entire house, but thanks to phantom body spots that doesn’t work very well. We’ll have to improvise.

True that’s why I did not post it :sweat_smile: Still good job!


If you wear his clothes, the android on the Kronstadt showfloor greets you as Al-Ghazali. Plus, he mentions having met Andrea Martinez in Paris, so it’s the same guy. Whoever gave the NPC his name in contracts mode messed up.


He lost his honor when he was found nacked in a bathroom in Paris so he had to regain it by joining the Suleiman dynasty.


Platform: PC
Contract ID: 1-11-7108575-79


I decided to set a score on my contract to give folks a challenge to aim for :slight_smile:


Remade @Vincentdante’s contract on PS4 :grin:
Had to modify sentence structure in the briefing slightly to make space for a credit to him :blush:


Thank you kindly


Don’t know if anybody have made contracts for the beloved guitarist from Bangkok, but here it is, enjoy! This is an easy contract.

Platform ; PS4
Contract name; The Classy Revenge
Contract ID; 2-11-8774427-21


The Disbelievers

ID: 1-12-0592040-67

The hard thing will be getting the knife and killing the targets without gathering a crowd around you that spots what you do. However this should be no real issue once you know where to avoid believers.

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