HITMAN 2 Contracts from HMF members


Three Miami contracts! Couldn’t get enough of Miami after the ‘Fishy Business’ pack came out… so, here!

Name: Impossible Limits
ID: 3-11-1221747-49
Description: All the targets are in highly populated areas and you must be the master of manipulation to get silent assassin.
Targets: Three targets in the main bar, one target getting interviewed, and one target near the default exit

Name: Master of Delight
ID: 3-11-6062074-49
Description: Good luck?
Targets: One target near the event area, two targets near the announcement booth, two targets on the overpasses

Name: Running With The Wind
ID: 3-11-4040619-49
Description: I timed Kate’s time and made it the only restriction in the file. Hehe.
Targets: Two targets run around the marina while the Coach is near Kate’s starting position.


Platform; PS4
Contract name; Banana Boat
Contract ID; 2-11-8883345-50
Target is the musician in the underpass. Sub 2:20


Platform; PS4
Contract name; Contract #100
Contract ID; 2-11-8543163-50
– Well designed for speedrun. Bodyguard is on the rooftop of the motel. Sub 2:30


Kinda cool but what element of puzzle was behind using the robe instead of regular suit? Maybe just speed as you can start as a different disguise since there’s only one suit start location? Or was there another reason?


You can’t start in your suit because there is no free exterminator disguise which you need.


I wonder, then, if this is designed to allow for a suit only run of Another Life?


Suit only means start in suit. You can use it for Suit kills, though. But suit only would have a no disguise changes complication.


The Isle haunting

platform: pc


If you look carefully at the contract I created - reproduced below - you will see that you are unable to subdue anyone, so you’ve got to kill them in the disguise you’re wearing. If you start in your suit, then you could kill the plumber, grab his outfit and kill Nolan, but then you’re snookered. You need to kill BBQ guy as an exterminator and use his outfit to kill the exterminator, but there is no exterminator outfit on the map, except for the one that the exterminator is wearing; also BBQ’s outfit is unique. So… You need to start as the exterminator. The puzzle was two-fold: (1) getting a lethal injection kill on BBQ guy, and, (2) using a suit when you’ve started as an exterminator. The trick I discovered was that the robes in Helen West’s bedroom count as a suited kill.


I love contracts mode, but really hope that someday IOI updates it so it’s cross-platform. Leaderboards don’t need to be cross-platform (if that’s the difficulty), just make the contracts cross-platform. So many that I’d love to play, but get tired of recreating.


It’s basicly the same trick I used in HITMAN1 to make you do killing in both ninja clothes and suit, since Hokkaido has spare robes laying in your room.


I think the puzzle was that if you started in the Suit then there was no way to get the exterminator outfit as I think it’s a No KO contract. If you don’t know that the robe is a suit it would seem like an impossible contract.

EDIT: Already explained by Euler13


Edit edit: already explained by @Urben before that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


After the Maelstrom
Eliminate the Maelstrom’s successor, “Le Trident Blanc” and his two newest criminal partners before they re-establish their grip on Mumbai’s slums.


The Rats of Mumbai
Eliminate 3 rats! A detainee about to talk, a street level informant of the Maelstrom, and an enforcer for Vanya Shah.


Slaying the Hydra
Santa Fortuna
Strike at the logistical and administrative heart of the Delgado Cartel. You’ve killed the Serpent, now slay the Hydra.


Yo @SANY-72Q, did you record your “Fun on a Bun” run? If not, what was your strat to get under 3 mins? Would be interested to hear it


Here’s another contract. So I made another contract. Some of you many notice a few very subtitle references to another famous video game franchise. :wink:

Name: The Croft Excursion
Plattform: PC
ID: 1-21-7580588-56
Mission: The Ark Society
Summary: You need to kill four mercenaries in and around the storage facility while disguised as a raider. One of them must be killed with an object found inside the storage.



This is a pretty interesting contract in Isle of Sgail, tough to figure it out and tough to execute, highly recommended!


Name: Save da birbs!

Plattform: PC
ID: 1-22-0378926-22
Mission: Whittleton Creek
Summary: Batty told the construction workers it is birb breeding season several times.Thy did not listen, so now they need to die in a horrific accident to give peace to the birbs. Construction sites are dangerious places to work. Help Batty, and escape via the float, like a true man of nature.


Also features
Never spotted [optional]
Only targets [optional]
No cam footage [optional]