HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members


Your choice :wink:
Remember the guy who’s being interrogated in the security center at the Miami race track?
Do you think he should go free?
I’ve made a contract for that. It’s pretty straight forward.


Or do you think he should go dead?
I’ve made a contract for that, too. This one is a little tricky. Can you do it in 2 minutes?


Good luck!


I’ve been thinking about making a contract like this…

I’ll try this one out. Er, both, probably.


Platform; PS4
Contract name; Hot Sniping
Contract ID; 2-10-6972408-50
– Sub 80 seconds.


Platform; PS4
Contract name; W8er Boi
Contract ID; 2-11-0199846-50


This one was straight forward but fun to play out and optimise

This one gave me a bit of a headache first, because no KOs and 2 people in the room with the target.
My first plan was to flashbang/lethal syringe the room, but target seems unsyringe-able :smiley: Also body hidden complication, not enough time to drag him out of the room
Eventually I lured the guards out with dropped guns and gave each one a vomit syringe just to make sure I have enough time, then just headshot the target and dragged him over to the next room.

How did you do it in 2 minutes (and 1:40)? I grabbed the disguise in garage to go unbothered, maybe that’s not neccessary, but makes it way more comfy.


@White-Half I played your 5 shop owners contract last night. It was on trending contracts. Nice contract, easy but nice. The last guy in the hostel I fibre wired and tucked him behind the counter. The woman and the hippy came in and I was just stood next to the counter like don’t look this way please :joy:. The hippy went and rang the bell but didn’t see him and left. Once I realised he was out of their sight I got the bus.


White-Half always has good contracts, thats why they are on tredning regurlary.
You should try his perfect shooter contract. You cant miss a shot and some of the targets are put as accidental kills. Its kind of a puzzle. You have to figure it out how to kill them and its not that obvious to everyonr.
I enjoyed it, I havent finished it though. It took me ahwile to get a hang om it haha


Only possible way would be to shoot them near a cliff so they fall over. Not sure even that counts as an accident though. Think the coroner will see the gaping bullet wound in their head.


There are no cliffs in Miami :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’ll enjoy it


Well into the water, I don’t know :joy:


Nope. Its a falling object accidental kill. I didnt find the solution for some time. All im gonna say is that you will have to replan and choose other items after you figure out the kills.
Im sure you’ll figure it out hehe.


I assumed not missing a shot meant you couldn’t shoot at anything other than your target no?


Yea correct. Ita a puzzle to figure out the kills. Some of them aren’t the most obvious. You will know what I mean when you try it


Sounds like it’d give me a headache to be honest. I’m more of a two/three target max with no restrictions type of guy. I don’t mind the basics like being recorded or hiding bodies etc but that’s about it.


I’m of the same feeling. 5 targets and multiple unnecessary complications are a big turn off when I’m looking at contracts, though I’m sure we’re in the minority.


This contract only has one complication and its dont miss a shot but the fun part is that the objective is only accidents and one sniper kill but I understand what you mean.


5 is a bit much for me, too much opportunity for me to fuck it all up which I often do :joy:. No saves or loads in contracts either so it just gets frustrating for me.


Well unless they all stand under a balcony and you snipe a guy who falls on them and kills them all I have no idea.


Falling bodies dont kill npcs. Only time was when you push dalia on viktor

I can tell you that one of them is a falling object kill and it involves coconut but remember that you cant miss a shot


My brain hurts already :joy:.