HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members


Completely agree with you. If I examine my reasoning, I think I have a bit of a fear of wasting my time. If I kill 4 targets and then fuck up the 5th, the idea of having to redo the previous 20 minutes or whatever is just… Urgh.

It’s why I’m happy that Escalations now only run to 3 levels instead of 5. The repetition just killed me.


Haven’t played any escalations since Hitman 2016. There were some decent ones but some not so much.


The ones with the landmines… Just… Fuck off.


Thanks for playing my contract!
Great idea, vomit-syringing them, I didn’t think of that. It took me quite a while to figure out how to do it, and in the end for me it worked best like this:

I went suit only into backstage and through the window into the room where the safe is. I shot the 2way mirror, waited for them to calm down, and then tossed 2 audio devices into the room, one in each corner. Then back out the window and back over the wall and through the other window into the washroom. Into the corridor as the guards are just leaving, then into the room, closed the door behind me, shot the target, dragged him to the washroom. (I played around with triggering the audio devices when the guards put them down, but it wasn’t necessary.)

Took me 2 minutes 2 seconds.


Fence Defence @Urben


Anyone got any restriction free ones with 2 or 3 targets for me to try on PS4? I might make some for those who like to have free reign on their targets.


Mate I’m gonna make you some as that’s my style too :blush:


Just going to put this here if anyone’s interested :blush:


One more before the new elusive target arrives. This one has 2 targets in public spaces and a time limit. Can you do SA before the time is up?

ID 1-11-7620340-49

Parsime, how on earth did you FREE BALTAZAR in 55 seconds? Hats off to you!


Here’s a gimmick contract I made

Title: Ka-Boom
Platform: PC
Location: Colorado
Contract ID: 1-09-7763102-08


Just barely got it in time. I’m no speedrunner, this contract was challenging for me


I like this one. Took me a while of frantically trying to hide them before everyone comes running to figure it out. But I found a way!

And about Short Film: That guard target. Sometimes he turns right and walks through the ruin, and sometimes he walks straight on and across the road to a conveniently placed container. I found if I skipped the cut scene and scammed w to run towards him, he would walk straight, and otherwise turn. Weird. In terms of taking him out I liked it better if he didn’t walk into the ruin.


Thanks for giving it a go! I’m no speed runner either, but it was interesting to make something that doesn’t allow for much hiding and evaluating.

@zerOblivion: The 99% - Good stuff. I left a lot of unconscious bodies everywhere :slight_smile:


Is it just me or are the fake garbage man and fake gardener disguises a little bit annoying. They look the same as the real ones, and have the same name. Sucks to find out being a gardener is not the same as being a gardener. Though after a few times I finally learned to tell them apart.


Two different runs of this one.

Electric Sheep by @brato (SO 4:42)

Not too hard to do in reasonable time, I think. For speedrunning it I considered both directions and found, as is usually the case, that going top to bottom works best, but I could be talked out of that as the times are pretty close.

Also: Kept the briefcase the whole way for style points.

Electric Sheep (3:30)

That’s a nice round 30 seconds just under the wire; usually you lose that last clip of milliseconds and roll over with that exit. Almost certain there’s a more efficient routing, just need clockwork precision to get all the mechanics killed properly.

As a bonus, here’s another of yours.

The Quick And The Dead by @brato (1:27)

This could be way faster, but ehn.


@Nakar do you have a recording of your run of my contract “Tourist Trap”? I tried getting close to your time but I’m almost a minute short. I think it’s my starting location, but a vid would be awesome to watch nonetheless


Yeah, it was on my channel.

Tourist Trap by @Agent.Smith (1:39)

Bit of RNG on this and some cheekier kills along the way and you could do it far faster.


Uhhh, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I thought for sure it was a propane tank strat. Wow, thanks for playing @Nakar. Enjoy #1 on the leaderboards


Try my contract called Niche Industry [advanced]
3 easy targets on Miami.
Any / Any but my intention is Sniper / Suits.


Platform; PS4
Contract name; Fall, Spring, Enter
Contract ID; 2-13-3972894-50