HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members


Platform; PS4
Contract name; I wam wa Secuwity!
Contract ID; 2-11-4343228-50
– Targets Only, No Pacifications.

– The security is the frisk guy nearby the default starting location. It looks troublesome but speedrunner can get SA within 2:30


One Shot


Platform; PC
Contracts names; Elusive Operation / Just A Coin Toss / Heads Or Tails / The Vampire Magician
Contracts IDs; 1-21-2741610-19 / 1-08-8431112-19 / 1-02-6007489-19 / 1-11-1998321-19
Happy Hunting, Agents



Just completed In The Dog House in 3:12. The guard behind the door was a real pain until I realized that you can blow him up and the body won’t be found.


Nicely done and thanks for playing it. 3.12 sounds like a good time. I don’t suppose you record your runs, do you?



ID: 1-21-3001603-67

This contract confronts you with some inaccessibleness. Reaching the first targets quickly seems to be difficult for regular agents already, but what the client thought at the last target is not even imaginable.
That’s why nobody else can be assigned to this task than you. Burst our imagination. And maybe some other things.

Dunno if I made it obvious enough what to do, but I think this is the most extreme use of a certain action you can do on a map to fulfill a contract. @Nakar @BernardoOne

First three targets are on a tower next to a satellite dish. The fourth target is in the warehouse. The exit is close to the first targets where you climb down the wall near another three guards.


I went back to give it another go for recording purposes, and shaved a minute off my time while I was at it.


I’m glad you enjoyed it. I had no strategy in mind and made an absolute mess creating it. It was fun to route though.

I made a new contract.
Special Delivery
PC: 1-12-6897760-72

Edit: I don’t think SA is possible in the time allowed. I should have tested before I posted.
Edit 2: Still try it even if SA is impossible.


Gave a go at the Coley Incision, can’t quite manage to SA level 3. Any tips on how to take out the axe target?


I lure the non-target in the back where you usually kill Sierra as the mascot, and then be very fast. I use a pistol or a weapon to lure him further, giving me more time to get to the target quicker.


Cool. Thanks for playing them. I didn’t even know the flare flares when thrown. Seems obvious now. I did them both with tasers when I made the contract.


Military Weaponry

Platform: PC
Location: Miami
ID: 1-11-9524282-44


  • Eliminate Ted Mendez with a thrown Battle Axe while disguised as Ted Mendez.
  • Do so without being spotted.
  • Only eliminate the targets.

Briefing: boi

(Edit: Wanted to get a video solution out ASAP but there’s a glitch in the game where the guard near Ted Mendez just won’t fucking pick up any gun I drop in front of him, and its a load of bullshit)


I could have done i in 50-52 if I didnt mess up when getting the key from the construction I knocked out lol. You should do them little more tricky next time :grin:


I got a really good strategy for this one. Atleast for the target in the spa because he’s clearly the more difficult one out of them.
Kanye_Crest got 1.09 so im trying to figure out how he got it so fast lol. Who is he btw? Is he in the forum?

It involves shooting at guy in the bathroom spa so he runs off then hitting the target in the spa with emetic syringe, turning on the faucet in the toilet, put a taser to set up for an Ez kill there while I run to the the operating area, I just have to get to Nakamoto and figure out if im gonna hit him with lethal syringe or not. It also depends on where the exit if its the snowmobile then im going for Nakamoto first ofc.
Nakamoto is easy kill in 15sec but I have to time it with the spa target.
If it turns out good and im proud of it, I’ll upload it :grin:


Request to be able to access a contract creators profile and find all their created contracts there in one page


Yeah we 100% need this feature. We’d also need to be able to delete/edit contracts as well though, coz a lot of contract makers have at least a few rougher early draft contracts they wouldn’t want anyone playing.


Platform; PS4
Contract name; Garrote India
Contract ID; 2-13-9373627-50


Platform; PS4
Contract name; Melee Weapon
Contract ID; 2-06-0154636-50

The world’s 1st contract killing him by melee.


@White-Half :wink:


Nice!! “nobody can do this”? I must edit my note… You got it! :+1: