HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members


Do you know if you can kill someone with a punch same way you can kill with a muffin. Like if you shoot them 4 times in leg and punch them. Can they die in anyway from a punch?


I tried everything. Punch, punch with muffin, fish, flash grenade or fire extinguisher etc…
Unfortunately they can’t work well.


Its times like this I wish they made the hammer lethal again. That crunch of the skull, good times.


Well you certainly weren’t kidding.

Piledriver by @Urben (1:36)


Title: The Naismith Generosity
Platform: Xbox
ID: 3-21-2502249-32
No big puzzles here, just three kills.


Lootboxes (1-21-2978120-43 )


When you say nobody, you gotta make sure you don’t find ideas from someone else, otherwise someone does know. :joy:

And you said only new weapon from H2 works…not true. :wink:


This was a fun contract to figure out :+1:


Exactly how I beat it :smile:


Wao, great as always mate. My bad :sweat_smile:
My strat worked well when I created this but it didn’t work when I played this so I say nobody can do this – I thought this contract was failed creative work.
Could you kill him by melee in H1? We could make him stand up tho


This contract is pretty hard but you accomplished it. Cool!! :smiley:
Thank you for playing. Nice draggin’ :wink:


What was your original strategy?


Using Dak X2 Covert.
I tried this contract again, it could work.


The way I found out how to do it in this game, I actually never tried to in season one. We know we can make him get up and walk but you can’t melee kill him after that.

And what weapon did you use?
I think you got bodies found? If so, if there are any KO bodies in the room when you melee him, I think he spots the bodies, because I did that and got to an exit at 1:15 but never got a pop up of body found even though I did not get the bonus.

But anyway, I ended up doing a run:


Got a new one for PC, this has some riddles that may seem arbitrary but will play out very smooth if approached from the right angle

Pachamama gives, Pachamama takes
Santa fortuna


Even drug cartels do not stand above Pachamama. The Delgado cartel has tried to tip the scales off balance. Now the pendulum swings back, and a local shaman attempts to restore equilibrium.

Ensure the hippo gets its daily serving of meat in the equivalent of four human bodies,

Sacrifice the hippo tyrant on the altar of Pachamama.

Finally, take the sportscar that pollutes the jungle with noise and fumes out of the game.

Also features

  • Dedicated exit
  • Only targtes [optional}
  • Never spotted [optional]
  • All bodies hidden [optional]



Oh my god the Kill Balthasar Morrison one…how do you find out such things :open_mouth:


Hehe :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Great run! 47 might wanna go to Isle of Sgail but he accidentally came to Marralesh lol

I used Dak X2 Covert. If I use it as elimination, that kill condition is melee.


Nice sniping. This contract is not mine tho :sweat_smile: I started at ICA safehouse.