HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members


Ya my briefcase is like a clown car. 25 clowns come running out like 10 foot sword coming out of the briefcase. :joy::joy::joy:


Platform; PS4
Contract name; Escalation : Petting Zoo
Contract ID; 2-09-5927929-50


Love it. I guess I’m not making anymore taser-based contracts. I’m gonna think of something else :wink:
Maybe I’ll go to a different map. But I love Miami so much!
Thanks for playing Sany-72Q!

@Pilz: Pachamama looks interesting. I’ll check it out!


Here comes another one, Mumbai this time (PC). A lot of loops that can be filled to speed things up.

Spook in the Loo!
ID 1-13-6642878-22

  • Never spotted
  • No pacifications
  • No cam footage
    (all optional)


Man, that’s a long winded one. I forgot I can’t equip the knife from the get-go. I didn’t dawdle too much, didn’t hurry either, but it took me 19 minutes. Takes like 7 minutes alone to get the knife - so how did you do the whole thing in less than 8?
The toilet themed one is hilarious!


Please enjoy this Blood Money callback :blush:


Also here’s the suit I did it in so… :wink:


Why dont we have a topic for each platform by the way? It would be much easier surely?

Anyway here is my first contract, no disguise or kill conditions just some basic complications.

Platform: PS4

Excuse the camera taken images, I still havent linked my Facebook or anything to my PS4 account.



Thanks mate, looking forward to it :grinning:


I’m going to make more, maybe even one on each location. I wish we had platform specific topics though as I feel contracts get lost in the back log this way.


As somebody else here mentioned, there needs to be a way for me to just go to your profile and see all the ones you’ve created. That would help a lot, instead of the codes.


Just click on the profile (don’t open it entirely), in the pop-up is a “# posts in topic” button which should make is easier to find someone’s contracts.


Im not quite sure what you mean. Can you access someones contracts by going in their profile?


Do this:

It filters all posts of one user.


This Ibrahim guy, such a Swedish guy.


Didnt you know its the #1 popular name in Sweden :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thought that would be Zlatan huehue.


Platform: PC
Contract name: ELECTROTHERAPY 01
Contract ID: 1-21-2258865-79


2:31 good SA

I cant get it any faster than 2.30. The target I push in 2.00 has to be pushed in 2.00, otherwise I would have to wait 10-20 seconds. Im proud of this run and the rng on a target was for the first time in my favour :grin:

2:36 bad SA


Wow, I didn’t expect anyone to be able to do it that fast, respect man


I was going to quit at 2;36 but I wasn’t happy sharing a clip of clearly something that shouldn’t get me SA when I was caught holding the flash grenade near helipad :no_entry_sign:
Also, I thought he was an enforcer :joy:
Im fine with a target spotting me though :smile: :heavy_check_mark: