HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members


Xbox contracts from the last few days.

@Remedy’s King of the Keep and The Coley Incision

@TheBored23’s The Azlan Perturbance

@Euler13’s In the Dog House

And a run of @TheBored23’s The Naismith Generosity

which I wasn’t too happy with, so left it unlisted. There’s a delay on the sniper kill to help with unnoticed, which then slightly hinders the timing for the accidents. You can get an unnoticed shot earlier, however the likelihood of getting spotted significantly increases. The way the patrolling guards respond to the briefcase can be inconsistent too (the second guard will more often than not continue his path and be well gone; or, like here, hover and then investigate the body making the exit dicey). Anyway, ramble-ramble, I’m sure there’s a clean run in there somewhere, but thought you might want to check this as it’s on the board. :wink:


Very nicely done, and a good use of distractions on both of those contracts. I had seen your time on Azlan and was really hoping you’d have video, because I couldn’t figure out how you had done it quicker than by raising the flag and waiting for the Hill to open up.

I’m curious about Naismith: had you tried other starting locations and determined the Chapel was quickest? I wouldn’t have thought to try it suit only.


Hey I was just wondering if anyone could recreate these contracts on PC or Xbox?

Many thanks to any responces :blush:


I played Azlan a good few days ago, Naismith earlier today, and to be honest I was checking out SO on the latter without considering other possible starting locations.

The Chapel looked the best of the suit starts, so I went with it and worked on that route. Might go back and have another look; it would be nice to find a good/clean spot for the sniper shot. How did your run play out?


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@Quine @Urben @White-Half may like this contract :thinking:
If someone wants to recreate, here are the targets:

And Claudio is below the spaghetti… :laughing:


I created the contract killing Lo Duca with Sniper / Priest yesterday. But, suit? :thinking: I must do my best.


It’s a sniper puzzle, i’m sure you will put the right pieces together and i hope it will challenge you :sunglasses:

…Priest Sniper? :thinking: I must do my best too


I created the contract starting as an architect; you can pick up the rifle on the way to the stairway where you shoot down Potts and you can hit the explosion from there too. Dropping the suitcase to get him to wait under that bird cage was really smart, I’ve been relying on timing for the most part. If you get the explosion kill first, you can delay his route enough to get the sniper kill second. There’s a balcony on that same floor, other side of the castle for the sniper shot. I’ve been able to cut my time down to within six seconds of yours that way.

There might be something to starting as a custodian. You can place a micro explosive on the gas canister and have it count as an accident kill, the route gets messier from there.


I couldn’t solve the enigma of Lo Duca :persevere:
But our score is near, 8 seconds difference with you.


Okay so I’ve gotten really into contracts mode recently which spurred me on to getting involved in the forums and such. I enjoy creating contracts (so hit me up if you need any recreated on PS4) and IO hasn’t announced any February featured contracts. So I’m planning on releasing weekly community contracts along a theme (already part way through first week of February with the help of Kevin Rudd :wink:) and I’m aiming it at the subreddit just coz it’ll reach more casual fans as well.

Hope you guys are interested :blush:


I’m on ps4 so I’d need them recreating like you mentioned.


Well Im hoping that people take an interest and we can set up a system for recreating a few contracts a week for everyone to play


Do you need Inheritance and Comeback remade for Xbox? @TheContractor


I beat you by 11 seconds :smile:
It was worth every restart
Bring them on m8. I want more contracts like this @CHAOS_AGENT_45

What do you think? Am I a qualified runner now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
im still a rookie but a fast learner for sure

Edit: new time 2.28


I have someone working on them thanks :blush: are you interested in recreating contracts?


Okay no worries; and yeah I’ve remade a few here and there. :smile:


Nice use of pistol distractions but that’s pretty bullshit that woman didn’t spot you. You walked right in front of her face.


Well if you wanna have a shot at recreating them I’d be grateful http://imgur.com/a/EV15PXQ


If you’ve got someone working on them, is it not better to wait to see if they come through? If not I can hop on now.


Im fine with it because bullet distraction wasn’t actually even nesseceary there, I could’ve just ran to the right side of her while she was walking to the left but I thought that I was a couple seconds faster and if she was still doing her cleaning animation then she would’ve spotted me running through her without distracting her by shooting to her right, but yeah she should have spotted me, if it was master I would’ve been spotted.