HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members


That wasn’t meant as a dig at you but at the games shitty spotting system. Nice work, I’m sure there were a lot of failed attempts. Would love to see a blooper reel :joy:.


He should be fine with it :smile:


For sure hahaha took me almost 1hr to do. I had some runs where I no-scoped the mansion guards but got spotted by the enforcer guard at the entrance of the mansion and got “suspicious”. I could’ve stopped there but Im not happy with sharing clips of something that shouldn’t grant me SA, the time was same though. So eventually I took a more secure route and it all worked out perfect :grin:


I take it Amedee is Any/Accident?


What an amateur run, way too casual for my taste. kidding m8 <3


Any, yeah.

It fits better with the story :sweat_smile:


I see @TheBored23 remade the first one. Are you sure they don’t want to do the rest, before I go ahead with these?


Oh didn’t know he was on the forums (been talking on Reddit) I’ve just asked him


Cool, pop me a message or something if you do want them remade. Colorado and Paris, so can have those done fairly quick if Bored doesn’t want to, though maybe would look better if they’re all by the same creator/ID. :wink:


I am almost totally unfamiliar with Colorado, but I was thinking I’d give the Paris contract a go.


Here’s Inheritance for Xbox:


Platform: PS4

I just realised the two guys are identical, that’s pretty lazy of IO.


@BLACKPANTHER_UK, Is this the second you’ve made, or is there more?

Gonna play Hostile Takeover tonight :blush:


This is the second not including the elusive target I made for the other topic. Thank you, much appreciated.


Got bored and recreated Comeback for Xbox One. Contract ID: 3-09-3588157-60


True. Some of them have the same surnames as Helen does. Possible twins?


Platform: PC
Contract name: Master Blaster 04
Contract ID: 1-22-7424816-79


Platform; PS4
Contract name; Propane Flask nearby Him
Contract ID; 2-13-0882589-50

Very easy target. But I bet you must fail. Just try it.


What have you done this time??


You know what kind of thing if you try it. It’s gonna be a surprise!