HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members


I just realised the two guys are identical, that’s pretty lazy of IO.



I made a Sniper Assassin contract! A spiritual successor to my previous contract, Fun on a Bun, I give you:

Fun on a Bun MK II
ID: 1-21-6616859-10
4 Targets, all in the effigy area.

Let’s see how fast y’all can do it.


If I want to restrict the loadout with a large melee, I wonder which to use. Please vote which you have unlocked. You can vote for both too.

  • Broadsword
  • Nne Machete

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I think most of the contract folks would have everything unlocked, as I do, and the other who voted?

If it were my contract, the map and target would play a factor in which to require.

For example, my first contract required the holy man to be killed with the Janbiya, just because it looked like something he’d have on him/something he’d own/something related to him


I usually go by this but if I happen to like the contract much and want to see it featured, I try to use the weapon most have unlocked if there is no other thing to consider.


Truth. Do we know what the next theme is yet?


Not yet, if they keep us waiting so long each time featured contracts will always come at the month’s end.



I played your two last night (finally) and enjoyed them! Just the kind of Contracts I wanted to play, thank you!


These look great! Love the promo art :slight_smile:


Saw Colorado and went :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Then saw hacker and went :confounded::confounded::confounded:

@Ibbe040 @PEA

Try my contract called “Knock Knock”
2 targets behind the Delgado front door with Suit/FW/No KO.
Puzzle contract.


ooo me like puzzle contracts hehe :heart_eyes:


Cool. Let me know how it goes.


I figured out a way to lure them where you can climb and enter the mansion ground but since the exit is the helicopter : :exploding_head: so i’m prob missing something since it’s is a “puzzle” haha. Nonetheless, I have to wait until tmrw evening when I get home to play, my internet is f’n up right now :unamused:

Don’t give me any clues. I’m gonna figure this one out myself :triumph:


Platform: Xbox
Title: The Arias Tenacity
ID: 3-12-4168255-32

Only one target, no special mystery to kill him, but finding an efficient route should still pose an interesting challenge


Posting some contracts I remade for the PC platform. All of these are originally @TheContractor’s, Originally created for PS4.

ID: 1-02-6637362-10


ID: 1-09-6007893-10

ID: 1-219345932-10

@TheContractor I liked Comeback the most, didn’t really like the Sgail one.

I really enjoyed your descriptions though. They all felt like proper, real contracts.


It’s amazing the excitement snow can bring. Our place was buzzing last night as it started to settle. Couldn’t sleep with all the pandemonium, so remade your Liquidation contract for Xbox @BLACKPANTHER_UK, as it looked fun.

Did a quick and simple SO run to go with it.

ID is 3-22-4745317-88 if anyone needs, or if anyone on XB wants to give it a run.


Nice, hope you enjoyed it.


I was really shocked when i saw your time, i mean, how the f??? Do you have a way to lure the targets nearby the heli or what? Good contract man :slight_smile:


Lol. I’ll check the video a bit later tonight. Hope you had a good challenge. :grin:


Can’t play it as PC user but I guess the exit is a nearby taxi driver which autofails when he is scared?