HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members


Here are a couple of contracts featuring two very familiar faces.

Title: Portman’s Punishment
ID: 3-21-0103150-05
Location: Isle of Sgàil

Title: Dexter’s Deliverance
ID: 3-21-3772589-05
Location: Isle of Sgàil


Played this one yesterday while streaming.
That was a fun puzzle to solve. You can’t distract or disturbe the taxi driver in any way or you will loose your exit and instandly fail the mission.
So the goal was to move your target and the explosion out of the notification radius of the taxi driver. And this radius is huge…
Key: The briefcase. A civilian NPC will always head for the closest guard to drop the briefcase. But if you distract the guard he is heading for, he changes his routine and heads for next nearby guard and so on.


Hey everyone,

I made my first contract and so far only one other person has played it. :frowning:

Please try it out! It took me a little bit to figure out my way of achieving SA/SO. I hope you can too! Let me know what you think of it! This is a PS4 contract. The contract ID is 2-13-8589462-72. It takes place in Mumbai where a rival tour company blames the GO India tour guides for their recent drop in business, so they have hired 47 to eliminate the competition and give them a reputation that will put them away for good. Enjoy!


I just finished watching the vid. Lmao!! That was funny watching you trying to figure it out. And glad that you found a method that works with how broken all those guards are, and that’s why I took advantage of making that contract. Lol.

And your reaction when you saw my time made me laugh so hard. I was literally crying from laughter.


Platform; PC
Contract name; Taste it yourself
Contract ID; 1-11-1728889-79


Platform; PC
Contract name; headache
Contract ID; 1-11-9315171-79


Like time I was a semi-regular on this forum was when I was playing Blood Money, so here’s a easy to moderately challenging contract to get myself back into the swing of things.

Platform: PC
Contract name: Riding Shotgun
Contract ID: 1-11-1799240-28
Mandatory Complications: Required Exit, Targets Only, Do Not Get Spotted, No Recordings, No Bodies Found, No Disguise Change, Headshots Only, No Pacifications
Description: (since I can’t upload an image of it)
This is an odd one, 47.

Our client, backup Thwak driver Edwin Schmidt, sees the backup drivers of the competition as a threat to him. Mr. Schmidt has managed to secure a live interview to provide himself with an alibi, which also gives you a window to strike.

One more thing: Mr. Schmidt has requested absolutely no collateral damage. He has also promised a substantial bonus if you manage to eliminate the targets with a shotgun. Who are we to turn down more money?

Good luck, 47.


Additional Notes:
Haven’t quite seen a contract that focuses solely on the backup drivers as targets, except for one other. And that one doesn’t have any complications like this one has, as far as I can recall.

Yes, I know I spelled the client’s name wrong. It’s supposed to be Edwin Schmitz. Oops. :frowning:

There was supposed to be an Optional Complication of Perfect Shooter, but I guess I butter-fingered it and removed it entirely. Oh well. I guess this means bullet distractions are a thing for this contract though that certainly wasn’t the intention.

I came up with the idea of this contract while trying to think of a way to get the Chameleon challenge on this level without setting off alarms left, right, and center! It’s possible to do this contract without any tricks like the coin distraction lure or panicking the entire establishment to run through restricted zones.


These are some great contracts! Your image almost made me believe they are official from IOI. Please keep them coming. :slight_smile:


LoooooOOooool yeah man, now tell me how you dit it!


@PEA @Ibbe040

The answer is all in the title. That’s the only clue I’ll give you. If you figure what the title means, you will be able to get the answer. Try it again with the clue and see if you can figure it out now. If you do, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what happens. Only @CHAOS_AGENT_45 figured out Knock Knock.
I’ll give you two guys another day then I’ll reveal my video. :smile:


Hmm I’ll give it another try then today haha
Only knock I know of is knocking on the door. Hmm…


Did you watched the full stream? I tried everything. EVERYTHING. I knocked. Nothing happened. gonna stream now, give it another try lol


Ya I watched it all. You did lots but you didn’t do it all. It’s all about the door, hence the title. Just figure out the door and you’ll get your answer.


K giving it a couple more tries tomorrow. Btw, do you know how to create a fire in or nearby the warehouse in Isle of sgail? i tried everything


@PEA If you go outside there’s an oil container (big green) you can loosen the pipe to make an oil leak, then light it with a bullet or EMP


Hey thanks man! trying your contract again tomorrow :slight_smile:
Edit: Wait a minute…how the f im gonna drag the body there? lol

Ok don’t tell me i wanna figure it out by myself :smile:


Im 1st on 3 of your contracts, Hyperion pt 2, 3 and Testimony. I redid Hyperion 2 with cooler kills and reduced 5 seconds hehe. Testimony took me awhile to do a good run while I managed to avoid deleting evidence and the kills were really cool and good timed.
Hyperion 3 was my favorite though, got a really good route, did it all with staff disguise and the timing was perfect, you’ll see tmrw. Im gonna upload one vid with the contracts

Great job all of them are well done contracts. Accept my request on ps4 so I can find all your contracts in search :+1:


Platform; PS4
Contract name; Avian Influenza
Contract ID; 2-11-9840884-50


You inspired me. Great idea.


That briefing though :joy:


Platform; PS4
Contract name; Cameo Appearance
Contract ID; 2-13-7084350-50
– One minute short movie.