HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members


So you can actually knock him out and drag him :astonished:

Wait…what if someone wakes him up? What will happen then?


I didn’t knock him out. You glitch him out of his bed then scare him away. I pushed him over without KO. I didn’t dump him.


(Note: Cross posted from the February Broken Hearts Theme challenge thread for people who don’t follow it.)

Name of Contract: Betrothal Betrayal
Contract ID: 1-10-3652533-28
Platform: PC
Location: Hokkaido

Why the contract should be featured:

  1. Story Drama

It kinda fits in with canon – as a daughter of a prominent Yakuza clan, Yuki’s parents may have made arrangements with betroth Yuki to the son of another Yakuza clan as a power play. The thing is, story-wise, Yuki is totally serious and not playing around because she really is working for a secret organization (Providence). Unfortunately for her, her betrothed didn’t believe her, and when confronted with the lack of evidence, decided to eliminate anyone who might even remotely be Yuki’s secret paramour.

It is the client that has a broken heart, and the rich irony is that those who have played through the story in either Hitman or Hitman 2 knows that the client’s jealousy is totally without merit, and deep down this mission stands as a silent commentary about the arbitrary and capricious nature of jealousy. Because of that, five innocent people (well, innocent at least with respect to this matter) will needlessly and pointlessly lose their lives in violent manners.

A side note: Too bad the description is restricted to 500 characters. Otherwise a few more details could be written making for a more compelling story.

  1. Technical Difficulty

Complications: Targets Only, Do Not Get Spotted, No Recordings, No Bodies Found, No Disguise Change, Headshots Only (Optional), No Pacifications
Other Notes:

  1. Amos Dexter was supposed to be a Striker kill, but sadly it appears I cannot specify the exact type of Pistol used to make the kill.
  2. This mission is of moderate difficulty, and will not be possible to players who haven’t unlocked ability to bring in Starting Gear in Hokkaido.
  3. I considered adding in the Perfect Shooter as a Complication, but while very possible, felt it would’ve been too restrictive even as an Optional Complication. For some reason it seems no one likes this Complication, probably because it removes a major tool (i.e. Bullet Distractions) from many players’ toolbox.


1. Due to the kill conditions imposed on the targets, players will quickly find that they are very restricted to the equipment they can bring into the field.

2. This precludes usual standbys on this level such as breaching charges and electronic lock picks. And because the player will not be able to bring everything needed as starting gear, at least one of the equipment will need to be procured on-site.

3. The player will also find that at least one of the weapons used must be loud, and make plans to deal with it after the target is eliminated.


This contract is incredible tough and will be enjoyed by those who like solving puzzles. If you figure it out, then it has nice flow. The final target is a really tricky challenge. Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone figures out a much simpler method that I hadn’t anticipated.

Title: Cookie Monsters
Contract ID: 3-11-2869534-05
Location: Miami

If you’re wondering where the targets are…



Does anyone know where the muffin is in Sgàil? I need it for a contract but can’t find it


I know that there is one on the bunk beds in the guard room on the castle walls near the default starting location; it’s the room to the right, not the one with the recording equipment. But don’t forget https://www.hitman2maps.com/


Thanks! It’s not on the maps tho, I checked there first


Title: Uninvited neighbor
Contract ID: 1-22-5333032-26
Location: Whittleton creek

This contract is about killing Jen Bellows a woman smoking near a gas lamp. Simple enough, it has to be an accident in a suit. Obviouly you can try to shoot the gas lamp but you’re gonna have a surprise. Good luck


@CHAOS_AGENT_45 loved this contracted! Honestly brilliant

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Thank you very much :smiley: Glad you had fun with it!


Here are two three-target contracts on map variants that rarely see contract play, The Icon and A house built on sand. The first one is a crosspost from the february themed contracts thread.

Name of Contract : Amore mortale
Contract ID: 1-05-7359925-22
Platform : PC
Location : Sapienza, Italy (The Icon)

Description/Briefing :

Gilberto Castiglione caught his wife Germana and his brother Arnaldo in flagranti, as the Italians say, and now wants revenge. He wishes for them both to die on their next love encounter.
Arnaldo, an infamous casanova, seems to scent the trap, and has also contracted us to deal with his brother Gilberto.

Since both contract payments have been prewired to a trust account with automated payment on confirmed death of the targets, the ICA greenlighted this double strike.
Riposa in pace, fratelli.

Name of Contract : Nightwatch
Contract ID: 1-07-2126153-22
Platform : PC
Location : Marrakesh (A house built on sand)


Don’t think I ever posted it here :sweat_smile:


Holy Kills
PS4: 2-04-5047688-01


Platform; PS4
Contract name; No Loadout
Contract ID; 2-21-4887221-50

Suit only, Do not get spotted and No loadout (Don’t bring your items. You can use only items you picked up)
Looks hard but easy. One minute contract.



Platform; PS4
Contract name; Reunion of Gama
Contract ID; 2-21-5648616-50
– Targets only, No pacifications. Simple but very hard.



Please new contract
Name: Torch of Miami
PC: 1-11-7467110-93


Currently working on a five-part series right now, will be released soon!


What console are you on?