HITMAN 2 Contracts from HMF members


As always amazing and a pleasure to watch. I still learn new ways to distract or disable NPCs on every of your runs. Also that was possibly the fastest and smoothest propane explosion I’ve ever seen,


:joy: at my thumbnail


Please new contract
Name: Mad doctor
PC: 1-11-5406675-93


Here’s a new Miami one as a celebration that I managed to 100% Miami today with the help of a kind guy from steam :slight_smile:

Title: Framing Moses Lee
ID: 1-11-4982203-22
Platform: PC
Map: Miami


Since I’ve exhausted all possible sniper contracts, I’ve been trying my hand at non-sniper contracts. This is one that seems straightforward, but requires a little bit of creative body hiding if you want to get Silent Assassin; let me know what you think!

And for those wanting to recreate on console, start as a surgeon and mark all 5 people in the two starting rooms apart from the enforcer. Kill them all with a scalpel. There are no other complications (Though I was tempted, because there is a way to get SA on this without knocking out a single person, firing a single bullet, etc etc)


Challenge accepted :wink:


Ha, you’d have to make the contract first; let me know the ID if you do


@White-Half @Ghost_Imperial


Bro, thanks for playing my contract! It’s quite a stress isn’t it ha ha. Trust me man, i was just the same while i was creating it. Actually you did a very different run from mine, I started from the village to get the hippie straight away, but you had a better plan by setting hector up as a priority. Great job. Once again bro Thanks for playing and featuring! :blush:


@Kevin Rudd

Here’s my run
No Pacifications
Zero Shots Fire
Never Spotted

I do love a challenge :wink:


Excellent work on creation and playthrough (Apart from camera spotting, but I know it don’t matter for creation). I forgot to mention it’s kill in any disguise. Dang, now I’m thinking I should have made it no KO optional objective just to spice it up a little. My original strat was basically what you did, but I bump into the guy in the chair and them emetic syringe him so he goes to bathroom, then I stab him. But then on my playthrough when I was throwing my briefcase in the doorway to lure the lady, the chair guy actually came over instead, made it so much easier and got it done in under 3 minutes.


Yeah I wasn’t going to redo the whole thing for the camera spot, it wasn’t crucial and obviously could’ve easily been avoided if I wasn’t a idiot :smile:

And I made it kill in any disguise (look at the pic I posted)


Yeah, know ya did cos you’re a clever cookie; but I gotta remember when telling people in general, to not leave out any conditions :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again for your help!

At this stage I should pretty much just message you before I post a contract :stuck_out_tongue:

But sometimes I do average ones


Tbh I didn’t super love the contract but it was by no means bad. Keep making more tho! :blush:


Also does anyone know if there’s any muffins or apples in Mumbai? (I’ve already check hitman maps, but they don’t always have everything)


That never spotted, no pacifications, no shots etc thing got me interested too.

I’m not a fan of endless coin lures with enforcers (cause I always fuck them up :smiley: ) so I brought some more equipment.

What I did is start as surgeon (with scrambler and emetic syringe), go to morgue for scalpel.(pick up remote audio distractor in the morgue supply drop).
Go back to surgery, kill the 2 guys in the smaller room and hide them like Contractor did. Then lure master surgeon into the room by throwing the scalpel and killing him with it afterwards, repeat with female target.

Now where I did different:

After the 4 targets were killed and hidden in the small operating room, I went through the main halls and then upstairs into the audience showroom that faces the surgery. If you come from director’s office side, you can avoid the cam and place an audio disctractor on the stands.
Get back into surgery, acitvate audio distractor so the audience faces away, then emetic syringe the enforcer.
While he is busy puking, lure the last target into the room of death finally and finish him off.

Exit via bathroom window and helicopter to avoid cameras.

3:34 in total.


Thank you very much for playing. Nice works :+1:
Cameo Appearance is one minute short movie. Watch my strat.


Check here

Rangan tower, level 5 between those two staircases each guarded by a bodyguard, there’s a desk. I think I remember seeing an apple on the desk there.
I would assume that there has got to be something in the chawls.


This was a fun contract, inspired me to find that neat spot to shoot the chandelier :smiley:

PS: The gaslamp explosion at the beginning is to delay the elite guards that walk around the castle


Think it’s a cricket ball but I’ll look