HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members


Oh I totally know what you mean. Personally, i gave up on sniper kills, too hard to set up and usually i don’t like restrictions, but that’s my opinion.


Platform; PS4
Contract name; Contract #200
Contract ID; 2-22-3111829-50


So I was working on a contract pack but lost steam halfway through, realising that I didn’t find the quality of the contracts to be satisfactory. So despite me never finishing the contracts I did have a rough story worked out and here’s the artwork :slight_smile:


Just so you know, I’m looking at that image and nodding in the way that an elderly Japanese man might nod at something that has earned his approval and respect.


I took on the ultimate contract challenge… to make something in the ICA Facility that wasn’t shit… this is what I came up with.

See if you can come up with the trick to killing some of the targets very quickly SA style, and doing it SO for extra street cred


You really need to start pasting the PC contract ID in text format


I usually do, but it just felt wrong without a PS4 ID to post alongside it :frowning:

I don’t get the obsession with the IDs though, it says the name right there to type in, and the Author’s name on the rare chance another contract has the exact same name; I never use IDs when I try out someone’s contract


Alright :smiley:
It’s probably just my personal habit of using that special field on the contracts page where you can go to a contract directly with the ID, I rarely use the search.


Decided to post my “Don’t Blink” series here! You can see the title + IDs within the beginning of every video but also keep in mind that they may spoil how to accomplish these if you continue to watch. I wanted to try creating the absolute shortest contracts possible, and have requirements to complete within the set timeframe and other strict rules. These are definitely not for regular Hitman fans and focused purely on speed and timing. The very last one I made I think I went too overboard with it… but tbh I made these just to have fun and to push the limits, heh! I hope people try em out! If not then feel free to watch these vids instead, if you are simply curious to see! : )

Don’t Blink (8 seconds):

Don’t Blink II (8 seconds):

Don’t Blink III (5 seconds):

Don’t Blink IV (25 seconds):

Don’t Blink V (18 seconds):

Don’t Blink VI (4 seconds):

And yes… I’m aware that for “Don’t Blink VI” I cheesed it by entering the menu screen a couple times, but I honestly did do it without needing to do that but I couldn’t do it again for when I wanted to record it lmao… and I tried for like 3 hours.


Contract: Ice Cold Killer
ID 2-03-4604918-08 (PS4)

@CHAOS_AGENT_45 @immadummee47


This is different to the contract I posted earlier. May seem basic, but I’ve ended up having a lot of fun figuring out new ways to get my SA time down, in a race against the people on the leaderboard. I went from 3 minutes when I first played, to 51 seconds, somehow someone got SA on this contract in 43 seconds.

PS4: 2-10-0445255-11
XBOX: 3-10-7219200-80
PC: 1-10-8268889-52


This is my first ever Hitman 2 contract named “Something Bugging You?”. I hope you enjoy it! Feedback always helps.
Platform: Xbox
Contract Name: “Something Bugging You?”
Contract ID: 3-22-3811058-24


So when playing Shaman Shenanigans I learned that the villagers follow you around if you’re dressed as the shaman… I had a quick search and no one on seems to have made a contract utilizing this game mechanic, so I took it upon myself to make a contract out of it! Get the villagers to follow you, then lead them to their doom.

It ended up being harder to get SA than I thought. You gotta duck outta sight of the non-target villagers or they’ll follow you too.

PC: 1-12-6204355-52
PS4: 2-12-8112260-15
XBOX: 3-12-9494506-80


This was a nice contract, a bit easy though, if you run fast enough you can get the 4 targets and lead to a free accident (not spoiling witch one)


Nice! I keep having to stage my own accidents and it takes too long; I look forward to figuring out how to do it better


Title: Kill order : Marco
Contract ID: 1-04-2813818-26
Location: Sapienza (landslide)
Platform: PC

Alright, 4 targets, 4 Marco. I wanted to kill 5 Marco other then Abiati but i couldn’t find a fifth and killing Abiati was too crazy or it would have taken 10min considering i ran out of gadget. This one might take more then 3 4 minutes to execute. we’ll see how it goes!


What map is this contract on?


I haven’t done much with the 2016 maps, and you don’t see a lot of Gilded Cage contracts in this thread, so here are two of them.

Title: The Dhajat Referendum
Platform: Xbox
**ID: ** 3-06-7796162-32
Short and sweet, but you need to know the area well to complete it quickly without running into trouble.

Title: The Mansouri Mystique
Platform: Xbox
ID 3-06-8453717-32

This one is less flexible and more of a challenge than I was hoping for. There isn’t much reason not to start in the embassy (your other target is in the cafe) with how it’s set up, but even then, Nilsson is a tricky kill.


What platform is it on?



You can tell the console by what the ID starts with

  • 1 = PC
  • 2 = PS4
  • 3 = XBOX