HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members


You asked me what I did, and that’s litterally what i did but few sec slower at the end :smiley:


Nah, you said Krugermeister and fish :wink:

Also, you didn’t say you could run past the garage lady, because she always follows me if she sees me, so I went the long way around the garage and figured you did too!


What Becomes of the Broken Hearted :broken_heart:

@Ed_ll3 :heart::+1:


The garage lady never followed, using either that disguise strat or something slower where she was already standing by the fence (which clocked in around 2-2:15). Maybe a console thing where she doesn’t react? Not everyone’s cup of tea but I liked the slightly random collecting up of the targets; it added a fair bit to the fun and replay value.


I can’t confirm, because even recreating your strat when I get to the gas station area she’s already almost at the fence (back to me); but if I had to take a guess, I’d say she only follows you if she sees you after she has her smoke. You can always go back (not speedrunning), and just hang around her and confirm if she follows or not. But it’s not a big deal or anything


Yes, but we’re talking about @Ed_ll3 here. He is hands down the best and most versatile Xbox player.


Thanks though Euler, that’s very kind.

I’d say I’m the sixth most versatile player on Xbox. There’s only six of us that play on Xbox, but that’s beside the point. :wink:


Title: Catalina’s Conspiracy
Contract ID: 3-12-0418733-05
Location: Santa Fortuna



Platform; PS4
Contract name; Insubordination & Blackmail
Contract ID; 2-01-6844387-85

Hello everyone! :smiley: This is my very first contract and it is set in the Final Test level as a five target mission. I apologize about the short briefing as I was worried it would disconnect me and erase my hard work.I do hope one day for an edit button…

I am sorry if the Final Test level is a boring choice, but, I am still learning the maps as I am currently going through season 1 again ( explained below.) gotta learn to crawl before you can walk, right?

I made my fourm account when season 1 first came out, I 100% Paris but then I took a very long break from Hitman.I have only just started playing season 1, I have a lot of catching up to do! ( I reached Sapienza before I got H2, I do my best to 100% a level before moving on.) since getting it with the PS Plus program. When I found out that season 1 could be played in season 2 ( H2) I just bought H2 to get the best of both worlds as it gave me the legacy pack for free! Woo! I don’t feel bad about starting back over, I am excited!

The story of my contract was inspired by listening in on the two guards at the front desk where you can pick up the slides, and the one behind the desk remarking that the nosy guard could be shot for peaking at the slides. From there I took other NPC conversations and put an extreme spin on some of them with Janus having enough, then ordering Netzke to have you shut them up.

I look forward to playing everyones contracts! ( Well, those on PS4 anyhow! :sweat_smile: ) I would appreciate any feedback and constructive criticism!


Platform; PS4
Contract name; Double Sniper Rifle
Contract ID; 2-03-3328785-50


Platform; PS4
Contract name; Secret Sniping Position
Contract ID; 2-08-9965858-50


PS4: 2-10-7720624-11
XBOX: 3-10-8944466-80
PC: 1-10-8266389-52

Apparently IOI just loves contracts with mandatory complications, so here’s my shot at a contract with three (Is this what it will take for me to get featured?). Thankfully I still feel it leaves a lot of freedom, and I’m sure you’ll come up with vastly different kill methods to me and still get SA.

Only one of the targets is properly difficult in my opinion, but I’m sure there’s a much easier method which I hadn’t even thought of.

Anyway, have fun!


I’m not sure how contracts are chosen to be featured. There have been several occasions where contracts have been popular on the forum or on the various platforms and they have not been chosen. An example would be @Ed_ll3’s ‘What Becomes of the Brokenhearted?’ - it had been completed over 150 times on XB1 by the deadline.


I noticed it had been played a lot when I checked the boards the other day; glad people on Xbox liked it.

It looked like there were quite a few good contracts from the last batch that didn’t make the cut (and the previous one too). It’s a shame all that good content and people’s efforts aren’t rewarded with more play-time. Guess it’s impossible to implement, however if contracts were published across all platforms we could at least pick through the submissions – contracts in general – and give the good ones some shine without the hassle of recreating all the time.


I totally agree. Lots of bad contracts: useless restrictions, weird kill methods, etc… Not mentioning butchering people with a meat cleaver or breaking necks and say i did it “in the name of love” is a bit cheap.
With those decisions I also noticed less and less people in general but also famous people speedrunning the game are not playing anymore… Less and less people posting videos and streaming hitman, it’s a bit disappointing cause I still love the game and nothing changes (in a good way)


I’m pretty much certain that the contracts are only picked from the theme threads, and there’s little attention paid to how much it’s been played or whether it’s popular. It’s not a great process, and I really hope we can see the return of curator contracts for a better selection.


Really fun contract, thanks for sharing! I am very sorry about the really terrible time, I could NOT figure out how to get Rosario out of the attic from the church tower despite many restarts.The other guard with him would be the only one to investigate any shots from the sniper or Rosario would run through the mansion.I ended up having to sneak through the mansion and up to the attic to deal with him.


Good job!
Just to give you ideas :wink:

the door is the key for rosario (only the powerfull sniper rifles can open doors on long range)


My first attempt at a contract. Wanted it to be challenging. It is quite a long contract. Would love to get some feedback.


Platform: PC
Contract name: Make sure you do all optional, Good Luck!
Contract ID: 1-10-8613334-95


Platform: Xbox
Title: The Thompson Deduction
ID: 3-11-8842650-32
Hadn’t seen a contract with LaCouer as a target. I worry that by leaving the kill methods at any, I may have left this contract open to a (much easier) solution than the one I have in mind.

Platform: Xbox
Title: The Rossi Conundrum
ID: 3-03-2757957-32
I think you can figure out the idea behind this one just from looking at it.