HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members


Dude, your contract is… all unnecessary restrictions possible, unreasonable kill methods, and when i look at the leaderboard, you didn’t even play your own contract… I’m not wasting time into that, sorry
Can i ask you how many time did you spend in the creation for this one ?


Since my contracts I submitted for the last two theme did not make it being featured, I wanna repost them here:

Name of Contract: Mangrove Vines
Contract ID: 1-12-5301206-67
Platform: PC
Location: Santa Fortuna

The interbreeding of plants produced the most amazing species. Amazing for some, unsettling for others.
The client, a local business partner of Jorge Franco, worries about losing his job as a subcontractor, when Franco’s new drug is finalized.
Your mission is to eliminate botanists working on the drug. It is also suspected that one of the personal bodyguards is involved in the development. He also has to die. Franco and a third botanist in the lab, a mole of the client, must not be killed.

Targets: One inside, one outside of the small plantage lab where the new drug is researched. Guard target is one of Joerge Franco’s following guards.

Name of Contract: Shah’s Brides
Contract ID: 1-13-6714257-67
Platform: PC
Location: Mumbai

Female servants of Vanya Shah receive food and shelter, in return they commit themselves for their entire youth. They also get the chance to be married to Shah’s wealthy business partners. A soon-to-be candidate is the Maelstrom, so such a day is approaching.
However, who loses her virginity recieves punishment. Also, since Shah is never revealing her knowledge until the next marriage, the service continues with constant fear. So one is not only hoping to marry, but also to survive that day.

Targets: The last target is guarding the entrance of the old railroad station near the trainyard start. Inside right at this entrance, the two brides are nearby.


Trying something different this time. 3 Part escalation style contract…

The Artistic Annihilation (Part 1)
ID 2-03-2894885-08 (PS4)

The Artistic Annihilation (Part 2)
ID 2-03-6307570-08 (PS4)

The Artistic Annihilation (Part 3)
ID 2-03-2073356-08

All take place in Sapienza/World Of Tomorrow

Feedback would be appreciated.

@immadummee47 @rattleshnake @CHAOS_AGENT_45 @White-Half


Just had a play through 17 minutes & 56 seconds. I did make a mistake with some of the restrictions, I thought I had turned them off but instead made them required. I don’t see why the kill methods are unreasonable? I didn’t play it last night because it was getting late, I had already done a 10 hour shift at work before creating this contract. I would say it took about 3 hours to create, I can’t say I am entirely satisfied with the last target. It is too easy to get him. Might tweak it a bit at some point.

The main conditions to focus on are:
Suit Only
Targets Only
No Bodies
No Pacifications
No Recordings

The kill conditions for each target don’t really matter. It would be interesting to see if someone can find a different/quicker way of doing it…

Edit: I just realised at Mastery Level 20 you can bring weapons and gear. That would make it a bit easier. Haven’t gotten to Mastery Level 20 myself yet so don’t know how much quicker you could do it.


Dude, you asked for a feedback and i gave mine… nothing personal, I just don’t like it. Also 17min for a contract is just too long.


I appreciate the feedback, I was merely answering some of your points. :smile:


Wow, amazing video! I would have never have thought about trying that shot on the pier like that! Hahaha! I ended up throwing a coin to get him away from the two fishermen and pushing him in!

I did shoot the door open with the Sieger 300 Ghost, I just didn’t shoot in the right location like you did.

I still have a lot to learn about this game!


Title: The FredericMA dedication
Contract ID: 1-02-5296087-26
Location: Paris
Platform: PC

A simple contract in Paris, not much to say about how to get to the targets, it should be an easy one.


Name of contract: Cupidly In Love - Ark Ache = Art Break
Contract id: 2-21-2437833-69
Platform: PS4
Location: Isle of Sgail

Although this was a submission for the themed contracts I would like to post it here so those who would like to play it can.

I actually prefer this as a complete puzzle to my other featured contract and it seems people liked that one.

I designed this one on doing other things while triggers resolve.

Am happy for it to be recreated on other platforms.



Shah’s Brides @Urben

Nice contract! I really appreciated :+1:


Wow you solved all problems at it, gj! :+1:


I took a look at your Escalation.

I always say make any contract you want but these are something I won’t play because you used a target that compromises SA that allows to get it by becoming suspicious to poison a drink in suit. And I’m guessing with your time you did that?

While SA is bugged, I avoid playing contracts like this.
Sorry, bud.


Please new contract
Name: Height limit
PC: 1-13-9153700-93


Hey guys, posting my first contract!

Name of Contract: Distract and spray
Contract ID: 2-10-6702245-62
Location: Hokkaido

Featuring a rare optional kill method: the assault rifle. Oh, and also blowing up a cowboy…
Shouldn’t be too long but still have different possibilities because of the targets’ locations, suit option, explosive kill and rifle kills. Tried to make it fun by using full advantage of loadout options and briefcase.

I wonder how fast you guys can get a SASO on this one following all the optional conditions.
Open to feedbacks :slight_smile:

Good Hunting !


With mastery 20, could be done in about 1:00 or so.
With no mastery, about 3 minutes. Depends on yuki. But It’s very easy. What are your complications?

Edit: Oh wait, is there more than 1 target? Can you show who else and all conditions? (I’m on PS4 so I’d have to remake)


Thank you for playing! :laughing:
And I checked your contract. I think there are too many complications.
Many players don’t like insta fail. (particularly, perfect shooter)

Intention rek! That video let me know the master sniper uses SMG well too.
I used Sieger 300 Ghost and Seieger 300 Tactical.
I didn’t know you can drop NPC by SMG. Great work :+1:


PC: 1-22-1456708-52
PS4: 2-22-1033509-11
XBOX: 3-22-4946814-80

Geddit? It’s like Protect and Serve, and “Revenge is a dish best served cold”. Yeah I know, I’m disappointed too.

Anyway, the premise of this one is to kill all the police officers (Well… 5 of them, at least). One of them is dead easy, another doesn’t take much work to figure out, and the other three will require a little bit more effort. I look forward to reading the different ways people got Silent Assassin. I probably should have made it Suit Only mandatory, but I know in general people don’t like mandatory conditions.

I STRONGLY suggest since the map is bugged, you load up this link so the Whittleton Creek soundtrack plays in the background :slight_smile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQ0msuUuLz4


A bunch of recent (and not so recent :scream:) Xbox contracts:

[0:00] Protect and Serve Cold (1:28) @KevinRudd
[2:06] Catalina’s Conspiracy (0:46) @Euler13
[3:25] The Rossi Conundrum (1:42) @theBored23
[5:35] No Signal (0:35) by josthin
[6:58] Falling for You (4:13) by @SwingSwang
[12:14] Hostile Hostel Takeover (2:13) @Remedy
[15:08] The Dhajat Referendum (2:36) @theBored23
[18:23] Something Bugging You? (1:07) by @JustinDA101


Just watched you do my contract. I must say the intended route I made for that level you defied and I’m impressed.


Thanks; I played this back when you posted it in the featured submissions thread. It was fun to work something out for, though I think with a bit more effort there’s probably a cleaner/faster path back to the required exit.

What was your intended route?