HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members


I initially wanted it to focus on a more on hands approach where you had to get the IAGO invitation from the bathroom, take out the security cameras, etc. If the intended route was followed the player would have exact timings to push the targets off the ledge, but none the less I was in awe with how you handled it differently.

I basically made it so any player can do it. Good or bad.


Title: Hotline Miami
Contract ID: 1-11-5014883-26
Location: Miami
Platform: PC

This 5 target contract is about killing 5 civilians (no cheap taser today) from different places. Inspired from the game Hotline Miami, I ask you to kill them with the mascotte outfit, you are not obliged though, i set it on any disguise if you want to do it suit only or on an other disguise of your choice.
Obviously this is an hitman game so you won’t need the smg or any crazy weapon (you are free to kill any “witness” if you don’t care about the rating).
Note : you can do it without getting spotted, some of the kill can be abused but it is possible to be clean.


It also works with the Lancer (A hand shot is not lethal :wink: )


Thank you for sharing! Brilliant performance :sparkles:

The hand shot reminds me that you shot the handyman’s hand to ignite leaked oil on my Contract #300 in first season.


Wow, impressive; can’t believe the gardener didn’t turn around and find the body before you exited. That run was like the playthrough I imagined doing in my head but completely failed to do in practice, because I didn’t realise you could just shoot the sleepy guy (Now I feel silly for making him a target instead of a different deputy)! So it threw all my times off and wasn’t able to get the corner people in one go. Thanks for showing me how it’s done! Dare I ask how long you spent on the contract before getting this final run?


Protect and Serve Cold (1:10)


Dude that’s ridiculous! And a work of art! And damn you’re accurate with the Silverballer. I didn’t realise that target can hear the tree being hit, because I shoot the ground (which is closer to him) and he doesn’t hear it, or was it because you shot multiple times? Also, pretty crazy throw with the crystal ball, should be playing baseball


Loved this series of contracts @REPUBLICAN1992 @ORTHOR @White-Half @KevinRudd

“The Artistic Annihilation” By REPUBLICAN1992 (Sapienza, 3 Levels) 02:28 Level 1 08:19 Level 2, 13:11 Level 3
18:39 “Follow The Leader” By Chr1stOuf (Santa Fortuna)
26:10 “Cupidly In Love - Ark Ache = Art Break” By Orthor (Isle of Sgail)
34:41 “Protect And Serve Cold” By UntimelySoul1 (Whittleton Creek)
39:33 “Melt Away” By White_Half (Mumbai)
52:29 “Secret Sniping Position” By White_Half (Bangkok)
58:02 “Run From The Chaser” By White-Half (Whittleton Creek)


The Adamoli Fascination

Platform : PC
Contract ID:1-02-8388775-19
I Will Leave You To Prepare


Thanks man, it was a fun contract to play. With the shooting, did you mean the policeman who talks to the gardener? With him I was trying to shoot the fire hydrant, I shot twice to make sure I got it! He wouldn’t hear the tree being shot from that distance and didn’t seem to react to the car being shot. Hydrants leak when shot and will attract people from across the street.


Thanks for playing my contracts!

I like that on Protect and Serve Cold you had to change your plans, but then the last target ran to the secluded corner which was lucky for you


Excuse the late reply! About 45 minutes in total I think, as I was fairly familiar with the Whittleton perimeter from the last featured contract submission. Maybe 10 minutes to work the first kill, and then just a case of refining the SA time and seeing what could/couldn’t be got away with (like that second kill).

The hit box on the head of the third officer seems a little off too, similar to the guy in the Paris basement (and Hokkaido shower); could have sworn I hit him dead centre a few times, only for the shot to rattle the fence.



Thank you! Yes, I did come to realize that after I went back and tried to replay my contract to set a score, haha! I should have taken a minute to sit back and think maybe this is too many complications! I guess i got a little excited for my first contract and just hit publish without thinking. Thank you for the feedback! Hopefully, I will do better next time.


Thanks for playing.

The idea behind that contract was to trigger the female target and eliminate everyone else before she gets to the helicopter area.

If you are quick enough and use the right distractions it can be done rather than waiting in the bathroom. The two switchboards being turned off are key to getting access to Blake quicker.


HITMAN 2 - Protect and serve cold - (0:59)


HITMAN 2 - Hotline Miami - (2:44)


I rewatched that three times and still have no idea what you did, you somehow killed two targets with Tasers?!? I don’t get it, you just threw them near the targets, and at some point they died!? I’m really confused what you did :sweat_smile: There is so much stuff about this game I don’t even know


Nice, you might have just inspired my old Youtube Channel to become a Hitman Youtube Channel. Good job


The taser is a portable easy accident kill for guard targets because they pick it up and get electrocuted.