HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members


WHAT!!! How am I only hearing about this now?!? I thought taser would only knock them out!! This changes everything! Holy crap… that’s kind of OP? (in custom contracts at least)


Title: Show Stopper part 1
Contract ID: 1-04-2718931-26
Location: Sapienza (Landslide)
Platform: PC

I think i’m gonna make a series called “Show stopper”. Killing celebrities or artist or just people who shows up. Here is part one, starting by the lady singing for Landslide.
I searched if any one did it and found only sniper contracts or “kill order 1-23-456789” so… I’m not the first one who came up with this idea but i wanted to make this one with clean name and kill method etc. It’s entirely up to you if you want to try it out or not.


PC: 1-10-3436462-52 - Kevin Rudd
PS4: [Author Wanted]
XBOX: 3-10-5514895-80 - CamTheChest

So today I learned there’s a way onto the GAMA rooftop if you’re dressed as a Ninja… 380 hours of playtime and I only learn it this morning… Obviously the rooftop gives you great view over the garden, so why not make a Sniper contract out of it? (Read briefing to get directions; accessing rooftop will unlock a challenge)

So I did. To make it a bit more challenging for the average pleb, I have put mandatory complications on this one, although 2 of 3 are simply so I know you’re actually sniping, not just going down there in person and knocking people out along the way. All you gotta do is figure out where the bodies won’t be seen (Watch out for cameras ;])


I have a silly question for Xbox Contract creators:

When writing down briefing notes I use my Xbox controller and scroll through the keyboard that’s on-screen. It’s a bit tedious and slow but it works. I haven’t found the button to hit “return” without submitting the text. This means I can’t space and sub-divide my text in seperate paragraphs.

How do you do this? I’ve seen some contract descriptions that do use hard returns so I’m assuming it’s possible and that I’m just missing something.


Title: Show Stopper part 2
Contract ID: 1-11-7904624-24
Location: Miami
Platform: PC

Part 2 today, 5 targets at the podium. Eliminate them and get out, simple mission.


Title: Coffee in Marrakesh
Contract ID: 1-06-1358925-68
Location: Marrakesh
Platform: PC

Hey, this is my first contract on this forum =)
Let me know what you think ! ^^


I don’t think it’s possible. If you have the Xbox app you can do it in there.



2 runs included


Title: Show Stopper part 3
Contract ID: 1-12-7226811-26
Location: Santa Fortuna
Platform: PC

Today an easier contract, I chose pretty obvious targets: the 3 musicians, instead of waking them up, we gonna make sure they join the 4th member and let 47 do the show!


Great contract :slight_smile:


Couldn’t find if you posted it on this forum but here’s my run on your contract Smells like teen spit.
It was my second run ever on this map and your contract so you can see me trying to figure some things out on the fly. :slight_smile:

Cool contract !



Hey, i just finish your contract (SA) Only one on the leaderboard! Tough to figure it out, tough to execute


Thank you for playing. Nice stealth :sunglasses:
This contract is not easy for stealth. But it was easy if you could solve the puzzle.
The title (of course Nirvana’s song reference) means using poisons.
Here is my method. I used emetic poison and lethal poison.


Platform; PS4
Contract name; Take-out
Contract ID; 2-22-0155611-50
– It looks easy but not so. Cool puzzle contract.


Platform; PS4
Contract name; Contract #222
Contract ID; 2-21-7913275-50

2 targets, No pacifications. Kill conditions are Broadsword/Knight’s Armour and Any/Any.
Well designed and hard as hell.


Looking forward for Takeout and 222. I still haven’t figured it out Parjanya…


#222 is very difficult. Please take it easy :disappointed_relieved:
I didn’t upload the video of Parjanya yet. CHAOS played it in his Twitch. Watch his video named Sunday Contracts.


Name of Contract The Final Test +
Contract ID 2-01-6272555-51
Platform PS4
Location ICA Facility / The Final Test
Description/Briefing Well, well 47. It seems that Soders has put you to the ultimate, absolute, definitive, masterful, very difficult final test.

Do what you do best.

Good luck!

Created by MrRichie_92


hi everyone, this is my first reply in forum.
Barcode florida man
disguise puzzle contract



Search the perfect location
type : sniper puzzle