HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members


Curse of Janus


I’m really into sniping contracts, so you got me interested in this one (Though I’m on PC), can they all be killed from the same one location?


Then check out my PC contract “The Isle calls”. :wink:


Title: Contract #47 -Fort or harbor-
Contract ID: 2-21-3991173-85
Platform: PS4
5 in 4 free targets(Suit only)
This is my 47th contract.



Might look it up tomorrow, see how it compares to my Isle sniper contract!


yes, all targets can emliminate from the same one location.
good luck :smiley:


Contract id : 1-22-3979134-29
Location : Wittleton Creek
Platform : PC
Enjoy !


Thank you for playing it and great video! I am sorry about all the tough complications! Like I told White-Half in my other post, I was really excited to publish my first created contract and didn’t stop and think about removing some of them. I tried to play my contract the other day to set a score and came to that realization, hahahah!

I hope to do much better in my next created contract!


Title: Show Stopper part 4
Contract ID: 1-13-1759500-26
Location: Mumbai
Platform: PC

This time the targets are the two main actors in the Rangan movie. I’m not gonna say their name cause no one will recognise them… It’s the girl repeating her kiss scene near the fan and “Gregory Arthur”. No clue why his real name is Gilford Bootyswang but who knows…
You can kill them at their cycle but getting to the second target (fast) is the challenge. Last part will come tomorrow with a pretty hard target, enjoy!


PS4 ID is incorrect, please see below for correct ID

I like the idea of using areas which are not utilised in the actual missions, so I thought it might be nice to make a contract about the Sapienza butcher shop. It’s a nice concept contract, the customers will come to YOU, and you need to kill them, but the store is so small you’ll need to hide them in the freezer as you go along.

There’s a Danish film called De grønne slagtere (The Green Butchers) about butchers who serve human meat, so I was going to call this contract by that name anyway, but then I actually got in the level and it turns out they put in a reference to the film themselves (in the movie the cold room light flickers and needs to be repaired), so I like to think this is the contract IO has been waiting for. Frankly I’m surprised they didn’t make an escalation out of it or something (Unless I missed it in 2016)

Anyway, let me know if the gameplay lives up to the concept. See if you can get SA.

PC: 1-03-0198804-52
PS4: 2-03-7390772-11
XBOX: 3-03-0466491-80


I love those contracts with a bit of backstory, so I started it as a maniac with a mask and brought some additional meat from the morgue.

I was culling the butchery vendor with the meaty bone, then replaced him by myself.The only letdown to me was that apparently you are trespassing behind the counter even in kitchen staff disguise (?)

That eventually made Rico’s sister come in and tell me to get out :frowning:

Besides that, I love how the customers come in and you can lure them behind the counter and slay them.

Edit: The last two targets seem stuck in another routine :frowning:


Great contract, really enjoyed it!
I have a few of my own if you wish to check them out :slight_smile:


Loving this contract! Got a few of my own if you wish to check them out :slight_smile:


The guy in the bottom will come to the outside and look through window then walk away, you have to wait almost 3 minutes for him to come back and actually enter the store. The other guy up top… he seems to be almost random, sometimes he’ll spend 4 minutes smoking a single cigarette on the bench, other times he seems to only take a minute. I don’t know what determines it… if letting the intro cutscene thing play affects his route for the better or for worse.

I haven’t taken longer than 8 minutes though, so I don’t know if they permanently loop coming back to the store, or if they only come inside once each. I kinda regret picking that far guy… should’ve chosen the girl with the floppy hat instead… ah well the reasoning could be she didn’t have much meat on her!


Oh my bad I didn’t see the reference there! Indeed it’s much easier your way haha!


Yeah the lower guy was at the butchery at around 2 mins, but I had to let him go because I was killing someone else and he would have witnessed it. He never returned though until 8-9 minutes (where I gave up :D). Smoking guy was never around for me
Will give it a retry to finish it later.


He’ll definitely come, he starts in cafe, then smokes on bench, then goes to butcher shop. But yeah the time seems random. When I made the contract I was able to finish it in 5.5 minutes, but then when I played it after creation it took me almost 7 minutes… I had to do a whole bunch of replays tonight and after half an hour I got things happening quicker, but I kept getting caught cos too many customers at once or Rocco’s shit sister kept busting my balls. Have to go back and try again today!


Side note: It seems routes are fundamentally different in contract creation sometimes compared to when you play it out.
I often had moments where when I created a contract it worked out, but when I played it through, random NPCs got in the way or something along that.


Title: Show Stopper part 5 (final)
Contract ID: 1-09-4156973-26
Location: Colorado
Platform: PC

Last mission of my series the “Show stopper”. This target might be of the trickiest i’ve ever seen.
I talk about the hostage in Colorado, name’s William Candler. He is protected by a bulletproof glass, so you will have to improvise. The obvious solution is to use the “wicked man” but good luck to only kill the target and If you know the game well enough you know what kill method i used… Two restrictions : do not get spotted and do not knock out anyone.
I don’t think it will be the funniest mission ever but i think it’s a nice test for those who knows the game.
Good luck.


Yellow shirt seems to take an age to move of his own accord (if at all), which is a shame as the rest of the contract (and nod to ‘The Green Butchers’) is really good.

Would it be worth a remake? There are a lot of potential victims who would work as a replacement (guy in a blueish jacket, green dress lady, even the girl in the yellow top who perma-stares at the shop opposite). I’d avoid floppy hat if you did decide to remake – her route over there can also be quite random iirc.