HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members


What platform are you on? Smoking man always shows up for me even if it take 7 minutes. Have you tried ICA Safehouse start vs Main Square, and letting intro play vs not to see if there’s any difference in his cycle?

Other than that, you might just have to take advantage of the SA bug and emetic poison his coffee right at the start, then come back later and hatchet him in a toilet. I don’t wanna remake it now that I’ve posted it on Reddit too (and had it recreated on all platforms) plus there’s no delete feature. What platform are you on?


I think seven minutes is a long time to play one contract if you can kill other targets relatively quickly and not have anything to set up.


I’m on Xbox. It happened from both starts, though I was favouring the safe house to be down in time to emetic Rocco’s sis. There is enough time to get a costume and arrive at the cafe to poison his drink, but it knocks the rest of the quick kills out and is kind of against the whole theme.

Fair enough if you don’t want to remake, just seems a shame for a potentially great contract to go to waste. I did notice there was another guy who looks in the window around the 3 minute mark (blue shirt and yellow cap); still a bit of waiting around though!


Title: A Rather Hot Room Service
Contract ID: 2-10-3045920-62
Location: Hokkaido
Platform: PS4
Briefing: The targets are Yuki Yamazaki (famous lawyer) and the 4 guards in her room. No bodies must be found before you leave the facility and you must make sure the guards die by firearm. Oh, and try keeping your pants on for once, 47. There will be an extra reward if you do…

As mentioned in the briefing, extra creds for SASO runs :smiley:


That’s the best wording for suit only I heard so far :smiley:


I hope so! That’s what I was shooting for :grin:


Very easy contract so I’ll have to add my own complication for it. One that cant be selected by us (yet). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know it is easy, I just want to see who’s the fastest stealthiest shotgunner around by providing a fun, fast paced contract :sunglasses:

What kind of complications were you thinking of?


Not the best creator but I was pretty happy with this.
Manic Medic


Loud guns only. :grin:
Got it done but I can cut off a good chunk of time by changing the timing/strat a bit.


Ok cut down a good 30 seconds. But just to be clear, this is the type of garbage I really dislike (not the contract). Being spotted by the target really ruins the whole skill and creativity behind the game as it gives situations like this crap.

Enjoy. :grin:


Great run and thanks for playing!
I designed it to be played more traditionally :slight_smile:
And you are definitely right it ruins it especially for this kind of contract/mission where targets are close to each other!
First run takes me about 4min xD


Yeah, when in the actual creation mode it did not take that long, I was done in 5:15 (Good thing I didn’t set that as the mission time limit!). For some reason there’s a difference between contract creator and actually playing it.

I’ll play it a few more times and see if this happens for me, and if it’s still looking bad with no way around it, I might make “The Green Butcher - Easy” and replace that last guy with the floppy hat lady who visits the store sooner. And if the people who recreated it for me last time want to do it again then great and I’ll put it here; how does that sound then?


This was a funny contract you’ve created. Really enjoyed it :smiley:
Special thanks goes to Jason Portman for his helping panic :laughing:

@immadummee47 Just watched your 1:27 run, sick mate! I would never have expected you did this loud when i saw you on the LB. But like you mentioned it’s kind of garbage calling that a 5 stars SA/SO/!KO :rofl: Didn’t know this will actualy work, even when you get in “engaged” by the target…


A couple Xbox contracts for your perusal

Title: The Fernandez Trifecta
Location: Colombia
ID: 3-12-2640196-32

Wanted to do something around Andrea Martinez’s house, and that area, which you don’t see used too often.

Title: The Dubashi Armaments
Location: Mumbai
ID: 3-13-3237841-32
This can be done pretty elegantly, but I realize after having played it again that can also be kind of a pain. Curious to see other players give it a go.


Ya, this is the mess that IOI (and probably most others) didn’t know what could happen when they wanted the “spotted by target” feature. It makes garbage runs like mine viable and totally breaks the integrity of SA, imo. People were thinking a 1on1 situation like the Jordan or Yuki opportunities but this is all what comes from the rating allowing this garbage.

And some want bodies found by targets to not count either. That would make it even worse as I could just shoot them all down like this is freaking Max Payne. :joy:

Totally ruins SA like this and I made the run like that to show how bad it really will be.

Oh and ya, Portman was in cahoots the whole time. Haha


Someone sent me this the other day. Not sure if you’re into Colorado Suit Only but alas, a Fiber Wire contract you requested.


Just for you: Instead of remaking the exact same contract with one target different, I decided to make a butcher contract on Landslide. However since the store is closed, it is now more of a luring contract, since only one of the targets go inside organically, however the rest of the targets walk past the shop at some point within the first two minutes. The downside is now if the player is too slow they will have missed all reasonable opportunities and will have to start again if they want to get SA (one of the targets ends their sequence and just stands in public at the 6 minute mark). My best time is currently 2:44 SA, so hopefully that’s a little bit better than 7 mins/12 mins/never


Platform; PS4
Contract name; Chaos Magic
Contract ID; 2-02-1331595-50
– Sheikh and the bodyguard in Sheikh’s room. Using CHAOS_AGENT_45’s glitch.


Platform; PS4
Contract name; Avian Influenza Again
Contract ID; 2-11-8454060-50