HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members


Dead Neighborhood


Yeah I don’t have a problem with Colorado. Thanks bro I’ll give this one a shot!


Autour Du Palais


No pacifications (non-optional), forced exit (main gate), do not get spotted (optional)

This is an awful contract. There is just no flow in it. You probably spend all the time with running around the building. Maybe even twice. Can you save time here? I can’t.


I enjoyed both of these @TheBored23.

Here’s something for:

And not sure about elegant :laughing: - got a feeling I missed a trick on this and there may be an available shotty somewhere in the tower. Didn’t have time to investigate and still not overly familiar with the map, so went #teamnoballs (…damn I miss H1 and the vibes from that game).


some quick maffs with a NTK might work.


Yo, did you used Breaching Charges (x2) in order to distract the guards? Just tell me that


Ah, that was actually more elegant than I had expected. I’d been using emetic poison on the food to get the shotgun target into the bathroom; he’s surprisingly resistant to being lured under normal circumstances. And needing to bring multiple guns in (and thus starting outside the tower) was part of the idea.


maybe this?

auction start
striker or car kill for the target on the east side


Where do you get the guard outfit when KO is not allowed? :wink:


@immadummee47 Great runs from both of u guys! I am glad you enjoyed it and thanks for playing :slight_smile: I’ll come back with some more !


from the west target



Well done! Thanks for playing them


Thought yall would like a challenge to get SA/SO/NoKO on these:

Name of Contract The Showstopper +
Contract ID 2-02-0906492-51
Platform PS4
Location Paris / The Showstopper

Name of Contract World of Tomorrow +
Contract ID 2-03-8482416-51
Platform PS4
Location Sapienza / World of Tomorrow

Name of Contract Landslider +
Contract ID 2-04-6166519-51
Platform PS4
Location Sapienza / Landslide

Name of Contract The Icon +
Contract ID 2-05-7264700-51
Platform PS4
Location Sapienza / The Icon

More to come…
Enjoy! :slight_smile:


I’m sorry for my late reply. Congratulations on complete #222!! :tada::clap:
Which contract? In any case, I didn’t use BC. Items I used are below.
#222 – EMP, Explosive phone, Emetic syringe
Parjanya – C4, Coins


Just an ordinary day in Paris. Time for some SA/SO.


As part of my endeavor to create contracts in all the areas of the game which are tragically under-utilised, I present to you a contract where you have to kill all the staff members in the retail section of Sapienza during Landslide. Absolutely no mission takes you into the Sanguine store in any of the Sapienza variations, so this should change that. Speedrunners will enjoy the puzzle of killing them quickly in a way that is not seen with no bodies found.

PC: 1-04-9388167-52
PS4: 2-04-5926266-11
XBOX: 3-04-9663276-80


I don’t see how murdering people with an assault riffle is a puzzle, or maybe you mean hiding bodies ?


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If you say so :slight_smile: