HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members


Indeed, give it a try; I went and tried to speedrun it just shooting and running for it; it seemed like it SHOULD have given me Silent Assassin, but somehow on the rating screen it kept giving me 2-3 stars, it’s total bullshit, so you have do extra steps, I won’t say what they are.


My first Hitman 2 contract, would be very nice if someone tried it out. :slight_smile: It’s on PS4.


I’ll hit it up later tonight mate :blush:


@White-Half @Eclipse @helpwhite @MrRichie_92

Insubordination and 222 were tough as fuck (to figure it out and to execute)

00:00 “Contract #222” By White-Half (There are a couple of missing seconds at the beginning, from the source file)
16:23 “Contract #47 -Fort Or Harbor” By helpwhite
23:31 "“The Final Test +” By MrRichie_92
32:31 “Curse of Janus” By helpwhite <—Insert Crybaby face
44:46 “Barcode Florida Man” By helpwhite
53:37 “Insubordination & Blackmail” By TGAPTrixie


Very easy. Just was that body found so you couldn’t just shoot and run. A simple drag fixes the problem.

Could be done faster by shooting the door open. But meh. Lol.


Nice, you actually took a different route to me, I always take the locked door to get upstairs.

And I swear whenever I shoot that first chef (While he’s still in kitchen and out of sight of the janitor target) his death gets spotted by some guy outside the window! So I can’t just shoot him either, but it seems you can; maybe it’s a timing thing. Anyway, we got basically the same time, except mine took a lot of retries cos I didn’t know who kept spotting a kill because it never said searching or “!”


PS4: 2-02-2798274-05

I liked this one. My best time so far is 1:56.
Can be done way faster though …with better aim. :sweat:


Autour Du Palais @Urben


Name: Boom Town
PC: 1-22-9158832-79


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@Danger_dog_guy_7, played your contract last night… Well, at about 4:30 in the morning actually haha. The Contract was simple but fun, just my kind of thing really. I really liked your title and description. Good job! Hit me up if you make any more :blush:


Thanks man, glad you liked it! I’ll remind you when I made another one. :wink:


Title: The Kazama Heritage
Contract ID: 1-10-5241881-26
Location: Hokkaido
Platform: PC

New contract, 5 targets, a bit spread over the map, quite easy if you take your time, but still possible to SA under 2 min. I hope the route i used is not too obvious cause I’m not gonna lie, the contracts posted on this forum … have not been very inspiring recently.


Ah geez, not this again. :joy:
Stop ruining silent assassin with scores better than silent assassin. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I didn’t play ‘Black Butcher’ as the stroller is a buzz kill, but here’s something for ‘Closing Time’.


Excellent work, didn’t realise you could climb the counter, that will shave a couple seconds off my run. However When I shoot that chef in the head while he’s at the stove, 70% of the time someone outside the store sees it, did that happen for you? If not then there’s a discrepancy between the PC and Xbox versions for some reason

And what do you mean by stroller? Getting to the other section of the map from spawn?


I played it maybe 8-10 times to get clean-ish shots, and got a body found only once.

Sorry, I meant the cop that wanders up the hill (waiting around for him to reach the shop).


Yeah, if you’re only interested in speedrunning, well, I don’t design my contracts for speedrunning; sometimes they can be, sometimes they can’t. Can he be lured into the flower shop which is earlier down the path? Or you take care of one or two of the targets then run back down and get him in an alley, then come back for the two stationary targets?


That’s fair enough; there should be room for all types of contracts and playstyles. If they’re versatile and suit all styles, then even better. :wink:

Didn’t check the flower shop, but you can definitely take him out in the alley (alongside the van) while he’s writing the ticket. I wanted to pile them up in the Butcher’s though! :smile:


I admire your dedication :’) But it’s not like The Green Butcher, I don’t expect anyone to do that, especially since it means you’d need to drag the lady from the store across the road!

If only that fucking NPC in The Green Butcher wasn’t so weird and random.