HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members


Wow that’s a nice name! Killing five indian thugs and call the mission “monkey hunting”.


Just a simple slower approach. Was fun. I enjoyed both kills.


I have 2 new contracts:
No Business with 47
id: 1-07-9901892-29
location: Marrakesh (by night)
platform: PC

God Bless You
id: 1-13-7227849-29
location: Mumbai
platform: PC
Enjoy !




Name: Overcooked
PC: 1-11-6260152-79


Just want to say thanks for all these awesome contracts. I love the ones that are 1-2 targets, challenging, designed for SASO and have some actual back story that fits the hitman lore.


Thank you for playing!
I’m glad you enjoyed it :grinning:


Thank you for playing my contracts.
I think these are tough puzzle contracts, good work!


I forget to write, this is my channel.
My strat movie have uploaded. (contract #47 is future)


Hey thank you. I was mad af at the Curse of Janus cause of a stupid mistake i did earlier.
Same with ICA Facility contract, got it on my 2nd try and fuck up at the exit…took me 1 more hour to finished it lol

And Florida man kill wasn’t planned at all, i completely forgot about the “grabbing someone from the edge” fall/accident kill :grin:


I’m enjoy sniper assassin series, thank you :smiley:
Marrakesh run.


Wow, I’m impressed you did it with no KOs, and how did the rubber duck count as an accident kill?? I’m very surprised that worked; good on you!


Thank you :smiley:
I throwing collector rubber duck for bike, detonate timing is slightly delayed than the fastest.
When I play contract, first to try “no pacification & no disguise”.


Haha, I also made a sometimes stupid mistakes :grin:


PS4: 2-08-2903212-54

Simply Painful
Bangkok, Club 27

Ken Morgan
Fiber Wire, Suit Only, Targets Only

"Don’t break your controller.

Suit and Targets Only"


Remade one of my contracts from Hitman 2016.

Platform: PC
Contract Name: The Ice Cream Cartel
Contract ID: 1-03-5140281-67

Happy Hunting 47s!


Why all those restrictions ?


Title: The Chuckominator Alacrity
Contract ID: 1-11-8078298-26
Location: Miami
Platform: PC

A contract I made for my buddy Chuck, I found a guy named the same so here is the deal: 5 targets any kill method and any disguise as usual. Targets are pretty easy to reach and you should get easy shots / accidents. It should be doable under 2min / 2.30min


Firstly, because they are the same conditions used in the original mission. But also because without them, the mission would be very easy. The challenge is to use loud explosives without being noticed and hide the bodies. Without the restrictions it just defeats the point of the mission.


Title The Herrera Excavation
Location: Colombia
ID 3-12-5954419-32
Platform Xbox

Made this with an eye towards the featured contracts for this month.