HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members


If the mission is easy, let it be, no need to add fun restriction. I mean you do what ever you want, but if you don’t want people to have fun, it’s your contract
Just curiosity, how many people did play it in season one ?


I assume quite some since it was featured.

Yeah having many complications can scre players off. I think “no recordings” and “no bodies found” can be cut away since that already ruins your score. Otherwise it is actually fun to bomb people’s shoes while they are awake.


Unbelievable… I mean i never played featured contract in season one but what i see in season too is quite “interesting”… Also checking the leaderboard and not even surprised the creator didn’t play and the best time is 16min.


Here are the rest of my ‘plus playthroughs’. SA/SO/noKO runs. Did not do The Source, wasn’t much to work with.

Name of Contract A Gilded Cage +
Contract ID 2-06-0023017-51
Platform PS4
Location Marrakesh / A Gilded Cage

Name of Contract A House Built on Sand +
Contract ID 2-07-8302917-51
Platform PS4
Location Marrakesh / A House Built on Sand

Name of Contract Club 27 +
Contract ID 2-08-0492513-51
Platform PS4
Location Bangkok / Club 27

Name of Contract Freedom Fighters +
Contract ID 2-09-9955850-51
Platform PS4
Location Colorado / Freedom Fighters

Name of Contract Situs Inversus +
Contract ID 2-10-9176805-51
Platform PS4
Location Hokkaido / Situs Inversus

Name of Contract The Finish Line +
Contract ID 2-11-3582758-51
Platform PS4
Location Miami / The Finish Line

Name of Contract Three-Headed Serpent +
Contract ID 2-12-1534333-51
Platform PS4
Location Santa Fortuna/ Three-Headed Serpent

Name of Contract Chasing a Ghost +
Contract ID 2-13-8747876-51
Platform PS4
Location Mumbai / Chasing a Ghost

Name of Contract Another Life +
Contract ID 2-22-6317246-51
Platform PS4
Location Whittleton Creek / Another Life

Name of Contract The Ark Society +
Contract ID 2-21-482353-51
Platform PS4
Location Isle of Sgail / The Ark Society

Best of luck to all of you! Drop me a message to let me know how you did :slight_smile:
P.S The Finish Line was a pain in the arse to create.


Err, I did play the contract… I’m currently at the top. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I mean… yeah it’s cool for you :slight_smile:
Overhall don’t take it personally, on this forum nobody gave me feedback, rare are people telling “this is good/bad” or " you should do this or that". No one gives about telling other people advices…


A tip how to get more attention for your contracts: Post screenshots of the conditions. If they look interesting it is more likely people will play them and comment on them.


I totally understand that, but i spend more time making contrat rathen then making a clicbait. I know people love that and it works for most of them but not for me. I prefer discribing the contract with words…
And for what I see, i’m not quoting name but i see some contracts with more detail in the clicbait then the contract itself


Well a screenshot takes a second. That is not much effort for a chance to get more feedback and players. I also don’t see how a screenshot of the contract is clickbait. It is completly true with what it is about. But if that is not your preference, then that is up to you.


I don’t think you’re being very fair to ‘Ice Cream Cartel’ – it was a good contract, and some of the extra restrictions enhanced that.

On screenshots as clickbait – while I’m all for the power in the words, a screenshot of the targets adds context to the contract for people reading through (and it also gives players on other platforms a chance to re-create for you, increasing the amount of times it could potentially be played).


I understand that, i don’t say it’s bad, I just think most of contracts are just too hard (when it comes from people speedrunning or using crazy mechanics) or just … bad, and i stay polite
And a juicy picture of a female target will not make me play a contract if the conditions are terrible.


There are bad contracts, and bad featured contracts; however, I think your perspective on this one in particular is slightly skewed. Have you played it?

And I have no idea why that would entice anyone to play one contract over another, regardless of the quality or conditions. :joy:


Title The Kelly Misadventure
Platform Xbox
ID 3-21-0176083-32

One target, one complication. Simple enough on its face, but give it a play and you’ll see what makes this tricky.

As an aside, this is the second contract in a row I’ve had to remake because the conditions got rejiggered as I was writing out the intel and I published without realizing.


No, there are bad solutions.

Player 1 plays contract, Player 2 plays same contract. Both same playstyle. P1 has poor solution and doesn’t like the contract whereas P2 has great solution and loves the contract. Who’s right? (Seen this so many times).

Ppl need to stop labelling contracts based on their own playstyle. Some contracts are not designed to be played in all styles and that does not define it as bad.
They can dislike it, but that’s different from not being good.


I get what you’re saying, but there are swathes of genuinely ‘bad’ contracts published with no thought put into them and no briefing. While they rarely make it onto a platform like this, a lot of them do exist (on Xbox, and I’d imagine across the board).

@TheBored23 - It’s a nightmare. I really wish they’d look into this; if you try and put some time and effort into the briefing it inevitably deletes everything at least once or twice prior to publishing.


No! If you don’t like the 30 contracts where you have to kill the first person at the Cuba Facility, it’s because you suck!


Well I wouldn’t say a briefing makes a bad contract, in any way, but if it affects your experience, that’s fine. I still wouldn’t consider it to have an effect on how the contract plays out.

And how do you know there’s no thought put into it? Did you talk to the person that made it? Just because the contract “style” isn’t your cup of tea, it doesn’t make it bad. That’s my point. You’re judging it based on your playstyle/enjoyment. Your enjoyment comes off of your solution, because if you enjoyed your solution, then you’d enjoy the contract. Haven’t you ever played a contract that you ended up disliking because it didn’t flow well or something that made you not enjoy it, then the next day or something you try it with a different approach then love it? Thats what I mean.

If it’s something like kill the front ICA facility guard with a headshot with perfect shooter complication and you have to do it in 5 seconds, well I’m sure there’s lots of people that hate that, but again, I wouldn’t call that a bad contract because I know some players that really like those quick shoot contracts to test themselves with aim shoot and run to see if they could exit in time without missing the shot.

Like what, kill Rocco any/any (or that ICA example I gave above)? I still wouldn’t say that’s a bad contract as anyone can do something special with it. For a speedrun playstyle, then ya, I can say it’s bad, but that’s on the playstyle and not on the design of the contract. And I’ve seen players not get SA on Rocco. How? I don’t freaking know. :rofl:

But it’s just how one plays a contract that suggests that the contract is bad. I wouldn’t say newer players make contracts that us experienced players would like but another new player might like it because they could find it fun and challenging. So again, it really is up to the individual to say if they like the contract or not, but not label it as bad for everyone, just bad for you. I think there is a difference in that.



Antimatter Paddle

ID: 1-22-8416481-67

This is easy, kill a guy on the given conditions. Then exfiltrate the mission with the raft. For that you need to acquire a paddle.
The problem: paddles are generally made of antimatter. It can only touch these three things without causing a matter-antimatter-annihilation that would erase the continent:

  • The board it is hooked on
  • Your hands
  • Water

@Nakar @BernardoOne

Credits go to @Pilz and @Shrodax finding this out. :wave:

EDIT: forgot to add to the briefing it may also touch heads lol


Nice one, is there any way to turn arround the paddle problem or you absolutly have to take it after killing the guard ?