HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members


I did the kill with the paddle in the hand. If you can do that you potentially are faster than those who need to get it after the kill.


Name of Contract Lucky Stars 2: Electric Boogaloo

Contract ID 2-04-3754477-51

Platform PS4

Location Sapienza / Landslide

Description/Briefing Hey 47, come on, let’s turn the music up!


I enjoyed this @TheBored23; was going to post earlier, but wanted to go back and have a quick look for a better exit after the football.

There may be one, as I’m still not super-familiar with all sections of Sgail yet even after all these months since launch. :dizzy_face:


Always cool to see a contract of mine completed in a way that hadn’t even occurred to me. Well done.


Stalk the dimly lit streets of Sapienza, and kill 4 women under cover of darkness.
Two of them are easy, but the other two will require a bit of thinking and luring to get unseen. It seems like there should be a way to get them easier and quicker, but current best time is 4:27. And no, you don’t have to wait for their paths, your speed is all up to you.

[Sapienza Mastery Level 5 Required]

PC: 1-05-7220307-52
PS4: [Pending]
XBOX: 3-05-6130145-80


Platform PC
Title: Boss Missing
Contract ID: 1-12-1388679-79


Antimatter Paddle - (1:02)


The Ice Cream Cartel - (3:07)


Nice! I thought you can’t drop the taser without dropping the paddle as well. :slight_smile:


Русские самые лучшие😎


Amazing! :clap:t3::astonished:


A little note, I remade the contract because it needed the “Do Not Get Spotted (Optional)” objective. The new ID is edited into the post. :slight_smile:


Everything I suggest to pass a subject ruler from three contracts:

ID: 1-02-6949646-93

The 47th! You are appointed to the inspector’s position. This your conditional rank in a mission for tracking of transactions on large consignments of weapon! Our informant told us that today one of large deals between the large supplier of weapon - northern clan of Japan (OS) and the unknown organization which threads last from Italy will take place. Intermediaries: Sheikh Salman Al-Gazali and the mercenary Helmut Krueger meet in Paris at the world auction. Break the transaction in any way, eliminate intermediaries! Good luck!

ID: 1-10-3607595-93

The 47th! Great job in Paris! From me a table at restaurant and night in hotel! But we come back to work. Go to Japan, eliminate the leader of the Japanese clan (OS) Yuki Yamazaki and her bodyguards. All tools and ways are available to you. For good reason 47, I look forward ours with you to meetings after Japan. Your Diana!

ID: 1-04-7152383-93

The 47th! Having destroyed leaders of the Japanese clan (OS) we contacted buyers in Italy. This is Roberto Mulo who is earlier not noticed by us. He arrived in Italy under the guise of the fan on a festival of a bard song. As blind, he employed to himself the local security guard whom you should not entangle in this business. Three fighters hide in the neighboring building. All this group after the incident in Paris and In Japan tries to leave illegally Italy, the direction to us it is not known. Eliminate all! Good luck!


Don’t know if this was already mentioned, but here goes.
Platform - PS4
Contract ID: 2-12-1983804-82
Targets if you want to remake the contract - Vanisher and the 3 guards nearest to him in the basement except the limping guy.
Disclaimer - If you want a ‘real’ challenge, try completing the contract without KO non-targets, SA/SO. The contract is simple if you do it the normal SA way, but it’s so much more interesting and fun if you do it SA/SO without pacifying any non-targets.


Platform PC
Title: Cut Down Tree
Contract ID: 1-21-4904567-79


Select Mountain Path Infilration as a starting location and you’ll be disguised as Ninja


Contract: 1-03-9742732-93


how do you kill the girl on the beach ?


Platform Xbox
Title The Uehara Strikeout
ID 3-10-9881392-32
I wanted to come up with something in Hokkaido, and this is what I ended up with. More of a stealth contract than a sandbox.

Platform Xbox
Title The Willis Cycle
ID 3-11-1803143-32
You can start as any of the three required disguises, and it’s not immediately clear to me which would the be the fastest option.


Looks fun. I’ll play them