HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members


Platform: Xbox
Title: The Man in The Mask
ID:3-22- 0931148-30
Just a fun contract I made loosley based off a Halloween Michael Myers-esque scenario. Sorry for the shit tier quality on mobile. :joy:

Edit: Not sure if it locks in the suit if you dont have it, if it doesnt to make more sense of it, I wore the masquerade suit with mask and gloves.
Edit 2: Damn it doesn’t, well the intention was to wear the masquerade suit with mask and gloves but forgot it doesn’t auto start you in the outfit used. Bummer… Not sure why Absolution you could do this but you cant in this game. :sob:



Shot in a body - striker


Platform: PC
Title: Security Breach
ID: 1-22-7095400-03
Security is serious business. It pays to hire the best. Unfortunately, Nolan Cassidy tried to cut corners when he contracted with his current team. Show him why that was a mistake.


#New contract: 1-10-6935018-93



Platform: PS4
Title: 10 Minutes
Created By: MrNinjaFreak


Platform: PS4
Title: We’ve Got A Janusation Here
Created By: MrNinjaFreak

Platform: PS4
Title: Gun Nut 2
Created By: MrNinjaFreak


This will probably be my last Sniper Assassin mission until the next sandbox location comes out. I originally made this in December but accidentally left the kill methods on, which spoils the puzzle of the best way to get SA, and takes away the player’s choice to find their own way. I’ve waited three months for a ‘delete contract’ function, but it’s become clear this is not happening, so I decided to recreate it any way.

As usual you’ll have to use your brain to figure out how to get Silent Assassin, please don’t leave the rooftop until you’ve eliminated all targets, just going down in person and bringing a gas tank with you to throw at a target kind of defeats the purpose of a sniper contract.

PC: 1-21-0018256-52
PS4: 2-21-5963767-11 (DessieScissorhands)
Xbox: 3-21-5740183-80 (CamTheChest)


HITMAN 2 - Security Breach - (0:45)


I always want to do that in that house, but I swear I get fricking body found every time I try something like it, unless they’ve fixed that? (Someone seeing a falling asleep person for a split second before they are KO’d themselves). I haven’t tried in months.


In the big foyer there is one security guard, he falls the last until it fell it is necessary to manage to disconnect the system of video of observation. Otherwise the video camera sees the falling body.


Btw @Travis_IOI, since IO deletes contracts for being reported offensive or broken, would you be so kind as to delete a couple of my contracts on PC which I made mistakes on and want to recreate? They’re “Sniper of Sgail” and “Mayhem in Marrakesh”; happy to provide info to prove they are indeed my own contracts :slight_smile:


Thanks for pointing that out. I feel kind of dumb for not thinking about the camera when getting bodies found all the time.


@vex1993 @ariayde2 @White-Half @MrNinjafreak

01:32 “U Know Nothing” (SASO, No Pacifications) By M_Mujtaba_M3335 (Santa Fortuna)
11:19 “10 Minutes” By MrNinjaFreak (Santa Fortuna)
16:53 “Parjanya” (No Loadout) By White_Half (Mumbai)
22:38 “Simply Painful” (SASO) By vex1993 (Bangkok)
31:35 “Gun Nut 2” By MrNinjaFreak (Sapienza)
41:19 “We’ve Got A Janusation Here” By MrninjaFreak (Whittleton Creek)


You create great sniper contracts mate! Keep going :smiley:
Sniper Assassin: Castle SA/SO


What did you say? You desperately wait for a Final Test variation that strips away all fun?
No? I was quite sure you said that!

A Light Headache (for both)

ID: 1-01-1355650-67


Interesting! I see not only did you challenge yourself to do Suit Only, but not to use accident kills either; always nice seeing people find alternate ways to get SA without ‘cheating’.

Sadly this mission didn’t do very well on Reddit when I posted it, instead they went crazy for a contract where you poison Helen West and kill two cops with any method? I don’t really get the point/appeal of that contract, but Reddit has spoken!

And yeah, having made contracts from ~19 different sniper locations, I don’t think there’s any left for me to make until they give us more maps in contracts mode. Hell, I’d find a way to make one on Hawke’s Bay if they gave us it. Start in office, go upstairs, sneak around of KO guards, snipe 5 tricky people, exit via car, done! But they won’t even do that -_-


Platform Xbox
Title The Caden Recomposition
ID 3-08-6422063-32
This is basically a recreation of one of the escalations from 2016, with two changes

  1. There’s no way to reproduce the complication that required you to kill targets within one minute of killing the previous
  2. I screwed up and subdued Barat, and so the kill method for her requires a thrown katana.


Subscribed! Good video mate!