HITMAN 2 Contracts from HMF members


Name: Environmental Uncertainty
Contract ID: 1-11-8675268-73
Platform: PC
Location: Miami
Description: :shopping:


Thanks to Urben, I’ve created his contract on both Xbox One and PS4 (yes, I’m a bit crazy about Hitman lol)

Xbox One: 3-03-4446127-99
PS4: 2-03-2566729-72


Wow thank you :+1:


One of the nice things about Miami is that none of the starting positions are guards. That means you can challenge people to carry illegal items too big for briefcases around the level with just a No Outfit Change restriction.

This one makes you kill three targets with three different axes. Each target is next to an axe… but it’s the wrong axe.

Triple Axel
PC Contract - Miami

Sierra Knox has learned that her father plans to sabotage Moses Lee’s car during the race, and she is furious that he is denying her the chance to win on her own. This is to be her victory, not his.

Three Kronstadt employees are in charge of organizing the plot; Sierra wants us to give them the axe.

Fortunately, each target is next to an axe. Unfortunately… it’s the wrong axe.

The Money System (that never came to be)

Is the no outfit change the only other complication?
Sounds really interesting. Would like to play it on Xbox.


Yeah, it’s the only complication.



ID: 1-22-3770703-67

Shout-out to @Neconaid and @Ibbe040 on HMF for providing information how to get these items.

This song is for you guys!


:sweat: :sunglasses: :neutral_face:


I really like this one. The two downsides are you cannot choose which of the two targets you kill with the distanced axe and how hard it is. :sweat_smile: Probably 3 contracts with each pair would be challenging enough.


Yeah, it would be cool if you could choose which direction in the axe circle you could go!

There’s a second fire axe in the level which muddies the contract a bit. I think it’s probably optimal to get it instead of the one in the security office. I tried to make the targets far from it so there’s a penalty to going out of your way to get it, but it’s pretty centrally located.

Having run all over the level with axes, I think there are a lot of potentially cool axe contracts to make in Miami… it’s set up great for doing illegal item runs. It’s a little too bad that the briefcase trivializes contracts that make you move around other illegal things like a sniper rifle. (Especially since you can’t toss guns in public to move them around like you can toss axes.)


Piano Man


Legacy of Recordings by @Urben (1:29)

Boy, that Striker shot isn’t as easy as it looks. Not that the Striker is needed, but I don’t know why I’d pass on a chance to use it.

Triple Axel by @Quine (8:44)

I also did this Suit Only, but it wasn’t really any more impressive and it took an additional four minutes, so meh. Both routings involve a continuous loop, no doubling back on the path. Turns out the fine citizens of Miami are used to weird people wandering around with axes. Must be a Florida Man thing.

Piano Man by @Iffy (3:57)

I tried this going both directions and had no luck with the helipad first routing, despite the opportunity to pick up the flare and exit via the Tower.


Name: Someone’s In A Hurry
Contract ID: 1-21-2963632-73
Platform: PC
Location: Isle of Sgàil
Description: :horse_racing:t2:


It’s nice to be back on contracts after so much time grinding unlocks. :smile:

4 Xbox runs of contracts posted over the last few weeks:

0:00 - Corky’s Revenge @Dtrizzles (2:52)
3:30 - Legacy of Recordings @Urben (1:18)
5:25 - IRON MAIDEN @Spodey (2:44)
8:53 - Tower Infiltration @TheBored23 (1:56)


Name: Axterminator
Contract ID: 1-22-4201650-73
Platform: PC
Location: Whittleton Creek
Description: :red_car:


Very impressed; I didn’t even know you could get into the tower from that angle. I was entering from the barge side when creating that contract, puts you right by the elevator shaft.


Name: The Singh Reaction
Contract ID: 3-13-711219-32
Platform: Xbox
Location: Mumbai


Thanks @TheBored23, I enjoyed working something out for it. I didn’t even think of the barge start tbh. Don’t know Mumbai that well yet, so went with a SO route.

I think Mumbai might be one of those creeper maps like Bangkok or Marrakesh (where I wasn’t that into them at first, then enjoy them more as the contracts start rolling in).


An Eye For An Eye


A contract worth thinking about :smiley:



The Isle Calls

ID: 1-21-9879056-67

This place is old. And I mean really old! One half is broken, the other half is about to break. Loud cracks are chewing through the walls.
It’s just weird that only I seem to hear that. The others are already making fun of me. And that doesn’t make it any more pleasant.
I’m glad when the show is over for me here.