HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members

This is similar to something I was going to make, after I work out the routing a bit more. I was too slow :frowning:

Ruby’s Gang
PC Contract ID : 1-24-2624529-29
Enjoy !

It’s really hard to come up with a sniper contract on New York which is consistent and doesn’t rely on any luck, has the same relevant NPC paths no matter how quickly you stick around to trigger their scripts, has 4-5 targets, and can’t just be cheated by going right up to them the old fashioned way and luring them out of sight then shooting them with a sniper up close to save time.

I’m gonna come up with something, but it’s not looking great, I pick a target and a new flaw is exposed, such as a body that’s out of sight is discovered by someone dragging another body from a (sniper-triggered) accident to that area; unless I make that ‘part of the puzzle’ of what order you’re meant to kill them in? This is probs the hardest map it’s been to come up with a sniper contract for me… damn you, IO. I better be able to get good 3 sniper contracts out of The Resort to make up for this

PC: 1-24-1866789-46
New York
3 targets
Pistol, Pistol, Pistol
Suit Only, Headshots Only (opt), Do Not Get Spotted (opt)

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Resource Management - (2-14)

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Platform : PS4
Contract name : Breaking women
Contract ID : 2-24-6845274-85


Robbing Peter to Pay Paul (New York): 1-24-0243081-02
TARGETS: Just Athena Savalas, with Burial Dagger as the Bank Robber.
COMPLICATIONS: Required Exit (Money Truck), No Disguise Changes, No Pacifications.
NOTES: Believe it or not, this one is a lot easier than it looks. Seriously, you don’t need any cheap tricks or bizarre exploits, it can be done consistently with some patience. I know sometimes I say that and I’m joking, but I’m genuinely not this time, it really isn’t too bad. There are undoubtedly tricky time saves, of course, but doing it legit is entirely possible with average skill and knowledge.


The Donnie Darko Dacoity
Master difficulty: 2-24-078617-43

To go along with the “Assassin’s Greed” theme, this contract is a hit disguised as a bank robbery. It also introduces players to an AWESOME easter egg. Follow the briefing, and if you want an additional challenge, try the “Master” difficulty version.


@ArjabRoy’s PC contract remastered in PS4.

Name: Maynard’s Conspiracy (by Roy-ARJ).
Location: Miami, Florida.
Platform: PlayStation 4.
Contract ID: 2-11-6228595-26.


9 Dank Bank Contracts + Singing

00:00 “Start Spreadin’ The News” By alienshipwreck
04:53 “Gone In 60 Seconds” By andrew-starkille
05:34 “Business As Usual” by deluxe7755
12:27 “I want a job” By Matthew20165092
15:27 “It’s My Money!” By Kenny Karen
20:49 “The Heist” By xXSilentDeath47X
25:35 “Shock Treatment” By @vex1993
29:01 “This Is A Bank Rob…Shiiiiiit” By Fifty-One-Delta
33:38 “Bunny” By SarahLund


Alright, this is what I came up with in the end, for my obligatory sniper contract on the new map

You actually need to move between three connected rooms to get all targets (Assuming you don’t cheat and just taser one of the guards, and electrocute phone one of the civvies, and tranq bug kill another), but they’re only metres apart from each other.

Now on all platforms (Will add the sniper thread tonight)


Ninja Bunny Bingo - (3:49)

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Holy mother of PC contracts, We need more PEAsants!

No joke, I was literally waiting for you to make this.

Thanks, bro!

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Don’t get your hopes up :stuck_out_tongue:

HITMAN 2 - Ninja Bunny Bingo - (In due form) - (4:11)

PS4 and PC

  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Bank on Your Aim
  • It Happened Again

Platform: PC
Contract name: “The Low of Samsara”!
Contract ID: 1-16-7158167-97
(All Accident Kills)


First time posting contracts here. I’m REALLY far from a pro player, so the contracts may be too easy for those really familiar with the game. I hope the funny briefing of the three compensates that fact.



Platform: PC
ID: 1-16-8928057-85



Platform: PC
ID: 1-11-6804038-85



Platform: PC
ID: 1-24-8774488-85

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Please take this as constructive advice. I’m on Xbox, so I can’t play them anyway, but keep in mind that bullet distractions are an important stragegy for many players. Using Perfect Shooter is going to put a lot of players off. As a complication it has a place when you want players to sneak through a camera infested area without taking the easy option of shooting them out, but generally it should be used sparingly if you want to encourage people to play.