HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members

Those featured contracts took a toll even on you, I see :see_no_evil::joy:


Perfect shooter
No knockouts
Don’t get spotted
Muffins only
All mandatory

Coming soon to a featured contract near you


You forgot to put headshots only on the menu :smirk:


Is it even possible to headshot an NPC without them dying? Maybe with the Krugermeier at a really, really long distance?

I could make the world’s worst sniper contract.


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You’re right, i hate having so many complications. It was a mistake from my first contracts. Anyways, it’s optional, but yes, bullet distractions are interesting.

Future contracts will have less complications. Thanks for the advice.

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Platform : PS4
Contract name : Sweater lover 47
Contract ID : 2-24-3612946-85
Complications : no bodies found, no pacifications


Nice contract this Report and Believe. Really tests your skills. I can imagine that it’s not for everyone (not that all contracts should be).

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Platform : PC
Contract Name : Fernando’s Legacy
Contract ID : 1-12-5338280-83
Complications : Targets Only, No Pacifications

I tried to make a contract around Fernando Delgado’s cello and the museum in general, with kills reminiscing of his hit in Blood Money. It’s not too hard and should be somewhat quick for a 5-target contract.
I don’t think that idea turned up as good as I wished it to be (always feel awkward when creating contracts since I’m never sure if my targets are interesting) but if there is positive feedback I will submit it for this month’s featured contracts as I originally intended.

Hotel Death


Name: Rebooting the Executive Board
Contract ID: 1-24-4721235-03
Platform: PC
Location: New York
Briefing: The New York branch needs to be reset. Local IT guy makes for a perfect patsy. Eliminate him, take is disguise, and then take out management.

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Contracts are much better if you don’t have too specific complications,like here: pistol elimination ,or having to take in total 3 disguises. If you,say,removed the “elimination” from “pistol elimination”,and removed the disguises,or just leave one,it wouldn’t be that bad. I can’t really judge it,as I didn’t play it(I’m on Xbox),but maybe because of the targets locations,it isn’t that bad.It’s just,I see a lot of similar contracts (5 targets,different kill methods,several disguises),and the targets are just scattered across the whole map. Makes no sense,just too much complicated

Anyway,just a tip. Keep on enjoying the game!

Speed-running some PS4 member contracts:

The Dirty Millionaires

Cops And Robbers

Cassidy, Janus + More

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I submitted this to Featureds, but I’m assuming it won’t be picked, but it actually provides a nice little not-too-hard puzzle in my opinion, and fits 110% perfectly with the month’s theme of “Tone Death”.

So I’m putting it here, and I’m not giving any clues as to how to pass it with ease (Stalker is shot on sight, in case you didn’t know), the seasoned players here probably already know. Doesn’t live up to Urben’s standard of puzzle contract, but let me know what you think, if it’s too easy, if it’s too hard if you don’t know how, etc. EDIT: I’ve realised it’s actually not as challenging as I thought, and can be passed without doing the strategy I intended :frowning: O well

PC: 1-08-9865368-52
PS4: 2-08-4571290-93 (@Club47)
Xbox: 3-08-5578163-57 (@The_Ducker_Gaming)

(Originally pondered making Heidi a target too, but that was ridiculously hard, the equivalent of a Master SA/SO run with zero saves)


Might recreate it tonight on PS4 :smirk: sounds like my kind of contract hehe


Go nuts! I’ll add the code to the post if you do

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I think it could have been a little more difficult with no body found :+1:

Nice, but would that have made a difference to you since you got Silent Assassin anyway?

Not much. Just lose a few seconds :grinning: