HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members

Sick run, and clever use of panic - that’s why I wanted to nerf gun distractions with Perfect Shooter, so that you have to spend inventory slots on explosives if you want to speed up the process and skip infiltration phases.

I’m glad you used the EMP charge as intended. Since the main barrier in this contract is the toxic gas, I wanted players to use it either to destroy the virus as you did to lure the targets out of the lab, either to activate the ventilation system to get rid of it (it’s possible to activate the inside ventilation with the EMP through an exterior wall, or by using the control panel outside). The latter being intended for the bonus challenge.
I almost was disappointed at the end since I thought you would never enter the quarantine idea, but when you dragged the second target’s body inside to dump him in the acid tank it put a smile on my face.

Overall I hope the contract was decently fun to figure out and that I didn’t overdo it with complications. Now I wonder if it’s possible to finish the contract without luring the targets outside of the lab, destroying the virus or activating the ventilation system. For true mithridatism.

Jip, totally agree with you, it makes me think that people are destructive by nature, taking a concept that could be brilliant, and spawning it with crap. Are there really so many spitefull people out there?

It’ s the same with the story creator in AC Odyssey, it could have been so brilliant, but what did they do? Spawn it full of xp farming quests…

Without complications you mean? I disagree, 9 out of 10 times they are much, much better than the majority of featured contracts with silly restrictions.


I disagree, I find them equally interesting for that exact reason. To use your metaphor, you are indeed reading a book with blank pages, but that allows you to be imaginative and write your own story.

If you choose random targets, of course it will feel bland. But if you carefully select targets with interesting routes or whose locations allow for interesting routing, then those contracts are significantly more replayable and enjoyable than contracts with restrictive complications and kill methods.
They can cater to every playstyle and while puzzle contracts are fun once in a while, thinking out of the box and doing crazy things unintended by the creator is the best thing in Hitman.


I actually mean kill objectives, optional complications as well as story. Oh well, to each his own. What makes a contract fun for me is the fact that this guy killed these people a certain way, and the challenge is for you to duplicate it, trying to figure out how he did it. Of course by that I mean proper contracts, not kill Johnny with a pistol. You have so many awesome tools to tell your own personal story, why would you want to leave the page blank?

To each their own. I personally find that the most boring, i want to do it my own way, not how the creator did it or intended it.

Well, i just want fun and fluid gameplay with sufficient enough freedom to complete a contract my own way. Could not care less about story and all the secondary stuff. So that is one reason.

I had to watch the video a few times to fully grasp what’s going on. You are getting spotted when creating the gas leak, which puts the three targets nearby in “suspicious” mode. So while their AI is busy, the closest person to react to the leak is the fourth target around the corner.

Great stuff, this strategy would have never occured to me. If you don’t mind me asking, how long did it take you to come up with it?

I finally got around to creating a couple of contracts for New York. They’re both puzzle-type in nature. The first might appeal to those who have played SONKO Challenges. The second one has a story attached. Enjoy!

Title: BRONKO Challenge
ID: 3-24-7443237-05
Location: New York

Title: Frank’s Last Day
ID: 3-24-7898569-05
Location: New York


I’m baaaaack! Only, I had to make a new account after asking the admins to delete the old one…I now wish I didn’t. Anyway, I have a contract! @Euler13, @Ed_ll3

Title: The Shroud
ID: 3-13-2303981-93
Location: Mumbai


How do you do that black images instead of portraits?

Pick potential Maelstroms.


Curious to know how you did this. I can lure the guard into the bathroom, and the guys in the parking zone are easy, but this wendel guy…?

Also, if you look at your global score, you’ll see a guy that did your mission in 2 minutes, with SA. He did the same with my last contract, which is totally impossible, because it takes at least 3 min to get from the 1st target to the 2nd, and there are 5 targets. However, this guy does it with every contract I make, must be some form of cheating, but how does he do it?

Due to the ABUSE (aka intended use) of the electrocution phone, I’ve modified my Feature Submission to be Melee now instead of any method. Hopefully they haven’t already glossed over the old version. It was just too easy, the point of the contract was to make you move through to the target as the Stalker despite being a Hostile disguise, not to wear the disguise for five seconds out of sight while you trigger a weapon :frowning:

PS4: 2-08-6127821-94 (@CHAOS_AGENT_45)
Xbox: 3-08-7495798-80


To be fair, it was any method that caused that, not just the phone.

Preach brother, I hate that phone :frowning:

Mainly the phone, because it’s a remote activated accident, that they pick up and put in their pocket. Nothing else is like that; his path takes him to a balcony that a guard is near, so can’t be anything noisy, he has to be lured away so he’s not in guard’s sight, so needs to be a lure too, and his path takes him away from the balcony, so you have to wait for the right time in his cycle; phone avoids all three of those things because you drop it and seeing it lures him (like a coin), then he puts it in his pocket so you don’t need to wait for him to go to balcony again while you’re getting the disguise, plus because it’s an accident you don’t need to worry about noise or anyone seeing him dead. What other item in the game does that?

You can make him go straight to your room and leave a duckie there, or just lure him to that sideroom on his floor, and leave a duckie there. First option is probably more consistent than the phone aswell.

My point is that it was the any method that made this contract too easy(as in, prevents the need to sneak as a stalker). Not having the phone wouldn’t have fixed that, but you changing the killing method to melee does.

Season 1 FE’s were still stronger than the phone will ever be imo

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How do you make him go to your room? I read firing a silenced pistol while he’s below you does it, but I’ve tried to recreate that 5 times and it never once worked so it must only apply to 2016, I also just put the phone on my balcony, but he cannot hear it, throw a coin? He can’t hear it.

Doesn’t a duck cause noise, attracting the guard who’s on the other side of the door?

S1 FE’s weren’t self luring tho, so even if they still existed I don’t think they’re as powerful; phone is only lame when your target is in a crowd of people and for some reason they won’t pick it up even though you put it right in front of them

Again tho:

They aren’t as powerful, they are more powerful. A single FE could kill multiple people unlike the phone, and there are multiple FE’s unlike the phone. They could also destroy doors, be used as a panic distraction, and be shot from a distance for a cheeky kill.

They were more versatile, and more powerful.

I mean powerful from a gameplay perspective; something that gives you non-target kills isn’t very great.

Also, phone can kill multiple people :sweat_smile:
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