HITMAN 2 Contracts from HMF members


HITMAN 2 - Accident Master 01 - (2:11)


Here’s some more contracts. First, a sillyish one:

Moyer, the Mole (Miami): 1-11-0460779-02

TARGETS: See the map. Two may be killed by Any Method, three by any Accident. No disguise restrictions. Most of the targets are pretty easy to isolate and the one that isn’t has some other ways to get at him.
NOTES: Miami sometimes seems as though it has more accident opportunities than any map in the series. Some of these targets are just seconds away from multiple accidents.

The next two are similar in their gimmick: Three targets in separate trespassing areas that you can start in, with No Disguise Changes. You can go Suit Only if you wish, or pick among the accessible starts to get a better crack at one of the targets. Whatever the case, you’ll be trespassing in two of the three areas; which ones are your choice. Do beware, however, as all targets are enforcers even if you’re in the right disguise.

Two-And-A-Half Infiltrations (Mumbai): 1-13-3228106-02

TARGETS: Three with no kill/disguise restrictions. One is in Rangan’s tower, one is in the Crow’s Nest, and one is in Vanya Shah’s trainyard. None of them are isolated, but killing them safely isn’t too difficult.
COMPLICATIONS: No Disguise Changes.
NOTES: I found this one the easier of the two, but it might also be the harder of the two to refine down to a really lean time due to Mumbai’s size.

Tread On The Trodden (Colombia): 1-12-7596969-02

TARGETS: Three with no kill/disguise restrictions. One is in the open shed near the helipad, one is in Rico Delgado’s bedroom, and one is in the middle of the construction site.
COMPLICATIONS: No Disguise Changes.
NOTES: This is the more difficult of the two but I think it has a ton of potential for developing a lightning-fast routing. Mansion Staff is probably the easiest of the three undercover starts, but has to do the most walking due to starting in the center. Two of the three locations have a very close exit, but the construction site kinda doesn’t.


Moyer, the Mole SA (1:02)

I also had a failed run where one of the kills wasn’t counted as an accident even though the game clearly told me it was…

This game doodoo


Saw this on stream and started poking around with routing. First off, a nice clean run where everybody gets strangled and nobody else gets hurt.

It’s Broken by @Hatch (“Clean”)

Then I went for speed. I wonder if the original idea was similar to this? I was automatically suspicious of any Whittleton Creek contracts after seeing Hatch snipe through GARBAGE DAY!!!, and so…

It’s Broken by @Hatch (1:16)

I think that’s about the limits of my execution, skillwise. Super weird that starting much closer to the targets is still 10-15 seconds slower. If only I could figure out some way to move the Janus Bodyguard properly from that end of the block… he seems to go into panic mode instead of getting distracted like with the open window.


Name: Watch Your Step
Contract ID: 1-21-3443493-73
Platform: PC
Location: Isle of Sgàil
Description :woman_playing_water_polo:t2:


Good Bye, And Good Riddance!

After experimenting with various contracts, I think I’ll post my first HITMAN 2 contract here! This contract is fun to do in various ways, such as accidents only or suit only or etc. I hope you have fun with this one!


I noticed that there’s a beak axe somewhere in Whittleton Creek? Find me looking for the beak axe for a bit!


Moyer, the Mole - (1:17)

Master Blaster 02 - (2:22)

No Ban Contract 03 - (1:15)

Bird Hunter - (1:22)


Is someone doing a Hitman Contracts DB this time for easy access to platform specific contracts?

I am looking for some good Xbox contracts and scrolling through the thread and looking for those can be a pain in the butt.
I am happy for the Whittleton Creek contract that @Remedy posted though. :smiley: Was looking for one yesterday.


PS4 Contract
Down Amongst The Dead Men
Contract ID 2-10-5499767-50



So Thirsty… (Miami): 1-11-5037023-02

TARGETS: Sierra Knox and Moses Lee. Poison kills for both, Any Disguise.
COMPLICATIONS: No Pacifications.
NOTES: Getting Silent Assassin on this contract is very easy, but it’ll take forever without some degree of player intervention in the race. Even then, needles are obviously faster than consumed poison… but No Pacifications means there will be people following Knox and Lee around that you can’t simply KO before the race ends.


Moyer, the Mole V2 - (0:52)


Lada Nirvana

ID: 1-01-4202829-67

Greetings, comrade!
Two military men decided to betray the soul of the socialist idea. They intend to smuggle a western vehicle into the country. And this although they already enjoy the privilege of having received their transporters four months before the others on the waiting list. Transporters made by their own hard working brothers! Their souls are corrupted, and with them the once proud automobiles they use every day and yet plan to dispose. Find a solution.
Dianaski out.


Alternatively: make separate Contract topics for separate platforms?


First Hitman 2 contract!

Belts and Suspenders

Maybe a little easy, but I like infiltrating the Kronstadt Expo so I like this one. Disappointingly, I discovered that a few of the NPCs around the Florida Man stand appear to have random routes. Complications are no changing disguises, no pacifications and no non-target kills.


Name: Doorman Risk
Contract ID: 1-12-6185110-73
Platform: PC
Location: Santa Fortuna
Description: :bell:


Just A Fiber Wire Suit Only Contrat by @Iffy (3:39)

I feel like you’re nearly always disadvantaged going bottom to top on Sgail, even though there’s an opportunity to grab the flare along the way here. Also technically not required to exit the map Suit Only, but there’s not much point in taking most of the disguises available if you do the catacomb guy last (Ark Society and regular guards are not allowed on the helipad).

Fun discovery here is that it seems a second gunshot distraction will trigger a panic no matter how much time has passed between the first gunshot distraction and the second, however it appears to be tracked by individual NPC. Shooting the door across the way causes the two Architect civilians to have heard one gunshot, and the second shot en route to Block’s rooftop is heard by both civilians and the Raider guard. Because this is the Raider’s first heard gunshot, he immediately goes into investigative mode, and this appears to prevent the civilians from reporting their panic to him as he is “preoccupied.” Thus, they just run around a bit in a panic then go back to their lives. At first I found the double distraction rule annoying, but now it seems quite exploitable!

Doorman Risk by @kat (0:46)

Interesting bug here: Rico Delgado appears to start his loop when the opening cutscene begins, starting from his spawn at the mansion gates. But in Contracts Mode, the default start has no cutscene, and this seems to break Rico’s AI and leave him stranded at the gate… where he will die to propane if you ding-and-dash the target. This can easily be solved by starting at the Hostel (which does have a cutscene), but I found that added almost 15 seconds to the run, so let’s try not even knocking.


A few more contracts for the XBOX community. Some are story based while some are puzzle based!

Contract: Hope & Instincts
ID: Unknown (I forgot it but forgetting the ID adds an ominous feel)
Location: Mumbai
Description: This contract is mysterious to the Player than what meets the eye. Nobody knows the targets unless you’ve studied Mumbai firmly. Try doing this without instinct! I wish you luck!

Contract: Marshal Law
ID: 3-11-2531596-49
Location: Miami
Description: Four race marshals which can be seen from each overpass respectively. While an up close and personal strangle is silent, sometimes guns are the way to go.

Contract: Did You Know This Was Here?
ID: 3-21-7501478-49
Location: Isle of Sgail
Description: The targets are on the main floor of the map, no sneaking up to the tower with the maiden required. But without being able to stun or kill the entertainers, where will you find the disguise needed to do this contract?

Contract: Mariachi Tactics
ID: 3-12-2283595-49
Location: Columbia
Description: Well, I’ve been trying to route this contract to no avail. Targets are easy to isolate or hard to lure. You could have fun with this one if you want.



A Knight to Remember (Sgail): 1-21-5976427-02

TARGETS: The Constant. Any Accident, but you must be disguised as a Knight.
COMPLICATIONS: No Pacifications.
NOTES: Killing The Constant causes the helicopter exit to become unavailable. I don’t know why this is, but fair warning if you’re planning to route that way. Every other exit should remain available as normal.


Uploaded this run this morning. Been out all day so not had a chance to post until now. Nice contract @Remedy. I had something through the house too, but this was a fair bit faster.

Really enjoying the Whittleton Creek contracts, and the map as a whole; home invasions ftw :smile:.

@Wesker, there’s a Doc Rickenstein contract (3-22-2496702-89) with a fixed disguise but still quite open, if you’re looking for something else to try. Played it about a week ago but was having audio sync problems at the time. Run of it here if it’s of interest:


I made a contract called Accidental Guards (You might need to bring ICA remote taser for the electrocution kill) ID: 2-202-3663138-11

The video