HITMAN 2 Contracts from HMF members


You can kill all the targets outside of the house? I never knew that! Good job!


Name: The Fish Got You
Contract ID: 1-11-7864608-73
Platform: PC
Location: Miami
Description: :star:


There are 2 other (accident) ways possible. But indeed your video showed the fastest run time.
The idea of this contract comes from playing ‘ring and run on doorbell’. In this case it’s knock-knock.


Okay, made my second contract. More than just one target.

Name: Tourist Trap
Platform: PC
Contract ID: 1-13-1385407-10
Location: Mumbai

Please try it out and provide feedback!!


Thanks! I’ll be checking it out in a few.


Here my first contract. Do enjoy. Let me know what you think.

Platform ; PC
Contract name; Weserübung Squad
Contract ID; 1-02-9457194-55

Intel suggest that the Hans is bring in a hacking squad,called ‘Weserübung Squad’. To celibate the 30th anniversary of ‘Die Hard’ film, I created this contract that encourages you to do a SA run and do it all in your suit. Don’t forget to bring a Sub machine gun to a gunfight. You’ll need it. Feel free to do it in your Santa Uniform. Grab that chopper while your at it.

Ho ho ho.

Merry Christmas!


Name: Number One Fan
Platform: PS4
Contract ID: 2-12-1435582-50


Weserübung Squad - (1:14)


Platform: Xbox One
Title: Chefs’ Deaths
ID: 3-08-3578540-97


The contract setup itself is fine, but the Complications don’t really add anything outside of No Disguise Changes and Do Not Get Spotted (and then only because of the at-present broken spotting mechanics). Especially the Time Limit; this is not a contract that is especially difficult to do quickly, nor is the Time Limit tight enough that beating the timer is a major part of the contract’s challenge. Forcing a Suit Only run is fine (as otherwise the attic and upper floors would be too easy to move around in), and adding the spotting Complication is a good stopgap for now to prevent cheesing Found Trespassing escorts, but that’s really all that the contract needed.


A pair of contracts in Miami, both featuring two targets and one disguise. Neither is particularly tough, I don’t think, but the second might be a little more challenging.

Platform Xbox One
Title The Quiet Berserker
ID 3-11-1611519-32

Platform Xbox One
Title The Flamingo Duet
ID 3-11-3316586-32


Something for Hectoring Hector’s Heralds from the Featured thread:

:+1: @Franz


I tried to remake one of my other/old contracts from 1, but you can’t set a required weapon… In the case of my contract - it’d be the Striker. People will get a faster time using a silence pistol, and a non-silenced weapon is what I’d like for a complication. I dunno. Maybe if I used a Shotgun? But there’s a silenced version of that, so… :cry:


Is cross-platform contracts still not a thing?


Platform ; PC
Contract name; Return of a debt
Contract ID; 1-12-7270453-93


This was fun! I didn’t quite manage SA owing to a slipup on the second target in the Kronstadt building, but I like suit only challenges there. The last target has a fun twist with the level timing, in that when the race ends, the guy he’s in the room with leaves. Good stuff all around.


I got bored and did this

on pc:


Hey Folks, first time posting. This one requires at least 2 lethal syringes in load out, so my apologies to anyone without the legacy pack. I like this idea as it restricts the players load out to only one additional item. Would love feedback if anyone has some!

Platform: PS4
Contract: Advanced Pharmaceutical Solutions - Pt 1
ID: 2-11-2016131-06
Location: Miami
Our client is the Ether Corporation, a rival of Kronstadt Industries in the field of concentrated vitamin supplements. We have been tasked with ensuring that Ether remains the leader in this field. Your targets are medical researcher Mikkel Bekenbauer, chemical engineer Martha Stevenson, Dr Carl Breunmann and head of security Brendon Fulton.

The client has asked you to ensure these deaths appear to be the result of the mental unravelling of Mr Bekenbauer.



Corky’s Revenge 2:17


-1000 points for wrong outfit!

But nice run :wink: