Hitman 2 Coop


I really have hope it happen one day.

COOP Mode with Lukas Gray is a feature that is ideal for this game in my opinion.
I hope that one day i can play Hitman 2 with friends.


I’m against co-op as the levels would have to be made to deal with it. IE What if you trigger the fireworks in Paris just as I trigger the laptop dongle, does margilis deal with the laptop and we can’t do the balcony double kill or does she ignore the laptop? Things like that.

I used to want a level where Agent Smith helps you out. Maybe he is in a tower with a rifle and one of the scripted kills is that he takes a shot. I imagined the game would pause and “fly” the camera over to smith so the player still has to make the shot. That could be done with Grey too


I think the best option for coop would be one person plays as normal and someone else is assigned to a chosen sniper nest e.g: sapienza ruins, church or main square but I dunno how fun that would be


Also I doubt dealing with the chain of events would be that hard, it would probs just pick one of the two events at random to happen first


I do wonder if Lucas Grey is a way for IOI to start their quest on coop games for Hitman, but that being said I actually have a difficult time imagining a coop version of Hitman. PvP though? Definitely, as we seen already with Ghost Mode, but also I strongly feel that something like a “Spy Party” model would work extremely well in Hitman as well.

But really unsure on how a coop mode would even work in Hitman.


I think if IOI were to ever make coop in Hitman they would probably make a separate game for it


If only they had some two portagonist action game that could be awesome for coop (NO NOT SPLITSCREEN) =D

Anyways 47 is a clone, is there any more perfect situation for coop, than have a literal main protagonist cloned =D? I mean srsly F Gray, think clones!


Nah the whole point of 47 was he escaped and killed ortmeir in C47. I think gray would be cool if they fleshed out his character a bit more in hitman 3


I think the risk is that a game designed around co-op may not sell as well as one that can be played single player. So, you’re left with a campaign that can be played either by 1 or by 2. It would be super cool though. Imagine if COD had an online campaign mode with up to say 4 people playing.


Obviously single player will remain the priority. I think it would just be a really fun harmless addition


I think it would be cool too. You’d need either an independent with a low budget to go for it bc they can do whatever they want to do or a giant studio with a huge budget to decide to try it even if it loses money lol


Yes - good point =D

Devs tend to shave of all the soul of the product when they ad coop. you either have great SP game or mediocre game “but hey it has coop, kids!”

While mods like Synergy for Half-life 2 proove that you can actually “just add” another player in to game that is otherwise mostly unchanged and it is still as fun as ever.

Does not have to be ever respawning monsters in barebones arenalevels like in Shadow Warrior 2.

Something is always off with those games. So perhaps we need modders to add player two In to hitman experience =D