Hitman 2: David Bateson?


Sorry if this has been confirmed already but as people are discussing Sean Beans potential casting as the Shadow Client (I am hoping he is voicing an entirely different character) I could not find any confirmation that Mr David Bateson has been confirmed as 47…

…somebody please put me out of my misery and tell me he is back.


lol do you really think there would be a Hitman game without David Bateson?


Yeah, I’m pretty sure IO have always been loyal to Bateson, it was Square Enix that sacked him, until they buckled under the backlash. Now they’re gone, Bateson’s job is secure, at least for the foreseeable future.

Bateson will be back for HITMAN 2.


They did almost with Absolution until the uproar brought him back in.


“Bateson’s job is secure”

…music to my ears. Thank the Lord Beldingford :blush:





Excellent, just excellent.


It was Sqenix that wanted that shitty 47-action hero reboot,not IOI. They love Bateson,he will be in Hitman 2,don’t worry.


Awesome news!!! Couldn’t have 47 without him anyway. Just wouldn’t be right. :slight_smile:

Glad he’s back!!!


weve sign a petition in 2011 or 2012 so they put bateson back.



good times! Remember when we would keep voting for 47 in that one poll until he was #1?

that was great.


All that swag we got sent from IO for helping 47!! :wink:

Good times!


Yep, still got the red tie hanging in the wardrobe.


They just need to beg Jesper Kyd to come back now.


Really, got a source?


How on earth has he been “working on this for awhile”? 47 really doesn’t have much dialogue at all historically - I would’ve thought the person that would spend forever recording lines would be Jane Perry (and the supporting cast).


Well,Michael Vogt said before that Season 2 will be more story focused than season one (which is not that hard since there’s very little story in S1)

Also Bateson’s first tweet makes me think that maybe we’ll be seeing/hearing more from 47 this time…or maybe I’m just looking too much into it


Key word here.

Also, 47 has quite a lot more dialogue than many people realize - Especially in Hitman 2016 when there’s a lot of opportunities that revolve around talking to and impersonating people.


Or maybe he started recording his lines during last year and is also doing Hitman 3!


Mostly,the way the development has been going for the last few games.
Sqenix wanted to probably squeeze IO to get something more mainstream out of their nieche stealth IP. Shooters sold and still sell a lot,so it’d make sense to want a reboot to please your shareholders,as most corporations want to. Also,Bateson himself stated that during the development of Absolution,IO behaved wierdly with him,ending the collaboration very abruptly. IO as of late,has instead adapted a more “fan-base friendly” method of handling things. Look at season 2,first thing they showed was the briefcase. I think that it’s no accident that now that nothing is holding IO back we’re getting a bit more out of Hitman.
Season 1 was more of IO’s baby since Absolution was,to most,very meh and Sqenix (which still,even in letting IO,was polite enough to let them have Hitman) probably thought that letting them run their IP on their own was their best course of action.
It just seems like the most logical way to see how things have been going to me.
Corporations don’t care about nieche fanbases,but they had to with us.