HITMAN 2 December 2018 Game Update 2.12

I’ve never played Featured Contracts before, because chasing high scores doesn’t interest me, so unlockable rewards are a nice incentive to finally take part. Good decision, IOI.

On the downside, I don’t see any sniper fixes. I’d like to not get swarmed by psychic guards if I snipe a target from a hidden location.

Also … please open the Holiday Hoarders map to contract creation in Hitman 2!


Lol I’m afraid I can’t, I’m leaving for work in a few minutes. I just haaad to peek before I did.


Ahh no worries mate!

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Since when has the damn Museum been closed for the Sheikh

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An Explosive Xmas Gift is suspicious to pick up… Hmmm

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Can’t recall mention of it on the patch notes page, but I can confirm that they’ve addressed white dots not disappearing from the mini-map once you’ve chucked those bodies into a container.

One issue does remain, the dot doesn’t turn black if an enforcer/trespass detector is knocked out or incapacitated like H2016.

Bloom? Marrakesh asks for it


The priceless challenge is still there even tho they said it was removed, it’s there, can’t be done and bothers you.

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I’ve tried everything to destroy that package

Anybody know where to find 3 bricks in Paris to do the knockout challenge? I’ve searched what feels like most of the map and still only found one. Used to be 50% of all presents gave you one, but with the fancy new gifts, I can’t seem to find any bricks in the presents.

I think there’s one present with 3 bricks inside it

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Any clue where to find it?

The gift package in the security room

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20 characters

Did you get the silent assassin challenge for it?

So the problem is that it’s showing 4 stars even though you got SA and completed the challenge, interesting…

can someone look at the featured contract challenge unlocks

There is just measuring tape showing. Other unlocks are empty


Dropping some screenshots for references. :slight_smile: