Hitman 2 Delete Progress

Hi, I have been looking online and I cant find any anwser. So I am wanting to reset my progess on Hitman 2 and I cant find a way to do it. I see reddit posts that say contact IOI support but I cant find a way to do this either. If anyone knows how I can go about this please let me know.

I know for Xbox, at least for HITMAN 2016 if you deleted your save data it would start you fresh.


You can apply to have all your profile data wiped from the IO servers and completely start from scratch. Though you can’t selectively decide to delete data from HITMAN, Sniper Assassin (data collected from the pre-order iteration of the game mode) or HITMAN 2 - you have to wipe all three sets of data.


Another way, without losing your current progress, is to activate sharing settings on your system (on Steam it is called Family Sharing) and grant another account access to your game. This account starts fresh.