HITMAN 2 - Disguise & Play as NPC (Mod)

Release Trailer:

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Disguise & Play as NPC, a HITMAN 2 mod…is out now!


  • Have you ever wanted to play as the Granny in Whittleton Creek? Or as a random female civilian, or any NPC you saw that had a cool beard, hairstyle, or outfit?
  • Well now you can with this mod! My mod lets you disguise as any NPC and you play as their NPC model. Agent 47 has mastered his disguise skill and you won’t see his bald head anymore in disguises.
  • It is designed to be just for fun and work well in every map, it also keeps the NPC’s “profession”. For example if you disguise as Alma Reynard in Hawke’s Bay…no one will attack you and think you’re her!
  • Compatible with every game version…also DX11 / DX12, etc.


  • Place “H2DisguiseNPC.exe” and “H2DisguiseNPC.ini” in your HITMAN2 folder where “Launcher.exe” is.
  • Configure settings in “H2DisguiseNPC.ini” such as changing charsets.
  • Run “H2DisguiseNPC.exe” which will automatically launch your game, or you can always run it after you launch the in-game. It will automatically enable the mod whenever you’re in a level.
  • To uninstall, simply delete “H2DisguiseNPC.exe”.

Special Thanks:

  • Notex
  • Streaz
  • erfg12
  • IO Interactive

Everyone is fucking fired for wearing polyester.


There is the answer to this question.


Hitman 2 : The Mods Awaken, coming to theaters this fall. Tickets available now.


I hope he keeps the same voice, even if you’re playing as a petite old lady :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for an ET contract in the Maldives where Urben makes a video disguised as himself.

Great mod, enjoyed the trailer, but unfortunately I’m on Xbox.

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Oh I forgot they scanned Urben’s face! I think this chameleon stuff could be really cool, like 47’s had an upgrade in his abilities or something :sweat_smile:

OMG one of the best Hitman MODS ever!

You made my day dude, thanks so much for sharing that amazing tool :heart:

Time for some fun :slight_smile:

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Hmmm, you can make impossible contracts with this mod :


Does this work on Season 1 as well? I’d like to become Erich Soders and just float horizontally around the hospital, ignoring all the haters, questioners and fleeing mortals.

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Just tried Soders, didn’t work with him. But worked with Smith :us: :us: :us:

Also didn’t work with dead and naked Janus in Sgail :cry::cry: :laughing:


:open_mouth: Agent Smith’s taking no more shit from anyone! I might actually be able to play as the Constant now :thinking:


All of this makes me really want mod support on consoles.
Just seeing everything people have made makes me realize how great mods can be on Hitman 2

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I can know imagine top-players racing to SA kill random NPCs with random items from the randomizer, using character model of choice.
Basically Ghost Mode but fun.


Tried, doesn’t work :frowning:

This was going to be the first thing I tested!

I don’t think I’ll actually make any contracts like that though. Unless one actually provides a unique and interesting mission somehow

Excellent work on the mod! Great compromise on not being able to just pick any model in the entire game with a few clicks, now we don’t have to worry about any such ‘unearned suits’ dilemma (Not that I thought it was a big deal, only 4 suits are locked behind the Expansion Pass, and they’re not that great)

Gonna get some extra playtime thanks to this Shapeshifter Mod :heart_eyes:

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Is it really a smart idea to create contracts like that. What about if they reach trending pages?
Isn’t it better to keep it as subtle as possible so the Trending page isn’t all mod character contracts?

If the trending page is all of that then you know IO would need to step in. That’s why am saying PC players should keep it as subtle as possible.

You don’t need to create contracts that are impossible to do and that require mods.


Well, its a pinned topic on Reddit, soooo


Yeah I know. My question is for those who are creating contracts like that.

Just because there is a mod for it, that doesn’t mean you have to create impossible contracts that require npc mods.

I want IO to support these mods, and not be against them because the trending page could eventually be messed up.
That’s why I’m asking if it’s really that smart to create contracts like that


No one is creating them yet. Hardware is just noticing that it is a possibility, not endorsing it.