Hitman 2: Editions Discussion


Now that we have finally received the announcement of Hitman 2, I thought I’d create a thread containing the info on the various editions of the game we’ll be receiving.

Which one is everyone getting? I’ve pre-ordered the Collectors Edition through Amazon, can’t miss that Duck and Bullet!!!

Below info on the various editions for Hitman 2

Standard Edition (Worldwide Release)

Pre-Order Hitman 2: Standard Release PS4
Pre-Order Hitman 2: Standard Edition Xbox One
Pre-Order Hitman 2: Standard Edition PC

Silver Edition (US Digital Only)

Pre-Order Hitman 2: Silver Edition PS4
Pre-Order Hitman 2: Silver Edition Xbox One
Pre-Order Hitman 2: Silver Edition PC

Gold Edition (Worldwide Release)

Pre-Order Hitman 2: Gold Edition Xbox One
Pre-Order Hitman 2: Gold Edition PC
Pre-Order Hitman 2: Gold Edition PS4

Collectors Edition
(PS4, Xbox One & PC)

Pre-Order Hitman 2: Collectors Edition at Amazon.co.uk

Pre-Order Hitman 2: Collectors Edition at GameStop.com

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The Hitman site says that the Silver Edition is US Digital only, but according to Steam in the UK, I can buy the Silver Edition.

Not sure why you would buy the Silver Edition to be honest. Not sure if other pricing is different, the UK pricing has standard at £45, Silver at £60, Gold at £70, meaning you can buy expansion 1 for £15, or both expansions for £25. Not to mention we know absolutely nothing about either expansion, so not sure why you would decide to just buy one when you know nothing about either.

Personally, I’m probably going to stick with the standard. Don’t have a huge amount of money on me right now, so will wait until I have some cash again to pre-order. I like the Sniper Assassin thing but not enough that I need to play it right now, it can wait. TBH I can’t imagine buying the gold edition will save you much money compared to buying the expansions individually anyway, and the reskin gun and suitcase do nothing for me.


Can @Travis_IOI confirm RE the C:O?


And Regional(UK) retailers for the CE as well, if possible.


I’m hoping that Collectors Edition comes to the UK, however, nothing has been confirmed yet.


Wouldn’t surprise me if GAME gets it as a UK retailer exclusive, considering we don’t have Gamestop over here. But then, there have been times when Gamestop exclusivity was world wide, which sucks for every country without one.


Does anyone know if CE is PS4/XO only?

I wanna get it considering how addicted I was to H2016 + I wanna suport IOI but I really want it on PC so will be kinda crap if it is console only


Gold edition is showing up as GameStop exclusive when we all know it isn’t…
C:E will be available elsewhere I’m 99% sure of it

Also trying to claim exclusivity to the red dead collectors box, even though that’s on sale elsewhere…


Same here. Would be a real shame if it wasn’t made available for PC.


There is another edition available, likely in Europe only. HITMAN 2: Steelbook Edition - it’s unknown if this comes with any digital content.

https://www.mightyape.co.nz/product/hitman-2-steelbook-edition-ps4/28144465 (Image is likely incorrect as it show the Standard Edition).


So are we going to get the Collector’s Edition for PC? I was gonna buy it but then I saw the collector’s edition is only available for PS4 and Xbox One on the official website as well as gamestop. It can’t possibly be where they aren’t making a PC version of the collector’s edition… right? O.o


No Collectors Edition for PC? And we all thought the NPC dialogue about them saying they hate people that play computer games and v’logging about it was just a joke. Well here’s proof it wasn’t. :disappointed_relieved: :nauseated_face: #whatdidweeverdo



I too am hoping for a uk collectors edition (for the xbox one), as I really want that coin (and all the other goodies too).


I believe if you Pre-Order the Gold Edition you get the steelbook as well.


I’ve seen people complain about the price tag of the Gold Edition.
But it actually isn’t much different from Season One at all.
Full Experience 60$ + Patient Zero 20$ = 80$

I at least hope that die GOTY Campaign was 20$, I honestly don’t remember.

Even more if you bought the episodes individual because then you would have to buy the Summer Episode Pack as well.

It’s much more clean and straight forward this time around.

Oh, and I’ve preordered the Gold Edition without hesitation. I gotta admit the stream was a bit of a letdown after the first few minutes, just because they showed off the Sniper mission too much but … I’m intrigued.


I’d much rather have full info on what we’re getting exactly with the different editions. From the pics, it looks like the only difference one can gleam from it is with the Gold Edtion, you’re getting to play 4 days earlier (a $20.00 difference). Everything else is… unclear, or unspecified. :confused:

Silver Edition also gives you (with the exception of 4 days advanced access) a black silverballer, briefcase, and a suit of some sort.

As for the ‘Sniper Maps’… These will be for the game itself? Or in the Sniper game that you get along with the prepurchase?


On the Xbox store there was absolutely no indication what you’re getting besides 4 days early access.
There is more information on the Steam store page.


Having a Standard, Silver and Gold edition is stupid in my opinion. Standard and Gold would be fine.
But Silver is for US only (at least for the consoles).


@Travis_IOI or @Clemens_IOI: We realise that the new game has only just been announced, but could one of you please clarify what we can/are able to purchase?

Should there be region/platform specific differences or are the apparent differences at the moment because everything is still getting sorted in the respective stores? For example, silver edition only in US or Collector’s edition only on console.

Personally, I prefer to have a digital version of the game so that I don’t have to swap discs to play different games, so will the Collector’s edition have a digital download code or will it be a disc only version?

If we purchase the gold (or a different edition), will the concussive rubber duck and Midnight Black suit be available for separate purchase or is this absolutely exclusive to CE?


The collectors edition can be preordered at Micromania for all you Frenchies and Belgians out there:

Problem is Micromania sucks just like GameStop. But from what I’ve heard it’s not going to be an exclusive. Apparently Amazon and other sites will list the collectors edition in the next couple of days.


Where can I pre-order a physical copy of the gold edition? Can’t seem to find it.