Hitman 2: Editions Discussion


I also would be very interested in a CE for PC in NA (yay, alphabet soup)
I got the Hitman CE for the last one, and have loved enjoying this franchise on PC since Codename 47 … I hope IOI doesn’t leave us out =(


Please IOI make a Collector’s Edition Avaiable For PC!!

It’s an amazing Edition, would be too bad to miss it, especially for PC players (i mean cmon guys it’s a huge amount of players!!)

@Travis_IOI I keep summoning you but no replies :frowning:

Collectors Edition On PC?
IOI & Warner: Make a PC CE, Please!

I notice the lack of the letter “S” behind the word “location” and “sniper map”

in the gold edition as oppose to the silver edition.

I bet the expansion pack comes in two parts. And with Silver you get the first smaller DLC and with Gold you get both DLC.

plus the 4 days early


It’s on amazon.co.uk!!!


Good news! gonna wait until it becomes available on amazon.fr to preorder it :slight_smile:

I hope you PC players don’t get left out though. It would be a damn shame :confused: Would they have any reason to not make a collector’s edition for PC?


Maybe it was, but it’s not at the moment. :disappointed:

But even still, it seems quite a few of us have questions that still remain unanswered.


Yup got my one.

Contacted Head Office at GAME about the Collector’s and they have no clue. Lol


There’s the link mate .


Ha! I contacted game and they told me they’re only selling the standard and sniper assassin editions… I didn’t even bother to correct them lol


Yeah they are really behind with this. I checked the system at work to see if they’ve even added the SKU code for the item. (Usually they do in advance in preparation) and nothing. The fact not even HO have added the item to the network leads me to think they are not selling it, really late to the party, just plain stupid or they’re taking the street breaking seriously despite everyone and their mother knowing about the Collector’s Edition.

Well if they don’t want money, more fool them.


Gonna be big seller mate that’s for sure! Take it you work at a game?


Nice one! Will you be given an access code for the sniper game?

As Travis and Clemens are probably too hung over today to answer questions, does anyone else know with the previous game’s equivalent of the collector’s edition, did you have an option to download a digital version of the game or did you have to install it with a physical disc? That’d be a deal breaker for me.


Yes I do. I’m a ghost management. In other words, not paid correctly for what all the things I do lol.

Yeah it will be. I have a few concerns outside of the game itself:

  • Will there be enough time to market this and does it have an decent advertising budget? Because this game could be it - the one to hit the audience. But if it suffers like the predecessor, it will not be know to the masses. This as well as telling everyone it’s a Full Game. Like it or not, the masses hated episodic and now it’s gone, it needs to be known to them that they’ve been heard and gives the player freedom back.

There’s only a few months to get this across to people and hoping there will be enough information and advertising to let people know. Look at RDR2 for example, that has a near infinite budget from Take2. With the setbacks and delays, that has only extended marketing time.

I preordered one at work earlier and got a code there anyways, yet to see the amazon one come through. I would prefer to get it at work as I’ll get discount and stuff. And I’ll get to open my case as soon as it comes in haha.

It’s unsure to say about the digital. I’m going to say it will most likely be a disc format in the steelbook.


@Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI when I buy the standard edition, can I buy the extra’s which the gold edition has later on, or can only gold edition owners access that content?


@Travis_IOI Will there be a Superman edition?


shit, I just realized that since IO is working with WB, they can have superman in the game. OH, a bonus mission that let’s us kill batman!


If anyone pre-order from Amazon.co.uk can you confirm if you got the Sniper Assassin code or not please?


Good news about the Collectors Edition, looking forward to that.


I don’t know about the sniper game, but when the collectors edition for HITMAN 1 was in stores, the physical disk wasn’t made yet. So back then it was digital.



Will I be able to make and play missions OFFLINE?

Will this be always online?