Hitman 2: Editions Discussion


Thanks to the above posts and links, I’ve now pre ordered the collectors edition for xbox one from amazon.co.uk :D. No code yet for sniper, but I’m currently in no rush. Tbh, I’ll be busy this weekend/week with E3 :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you need to unlock weapons in online to use them in offline and contracts are always online alike HITMAN 1 (I think)


I’m wondering if GAME will be getting in the Collectors Edition??

I’m tempted for that version but I’ve already Pre-Ordered the Gold Edition through GAME!

I’m in two minds, someone help!!! :wink:


I found the golden edition on a dutch webshop. I have a giftcard of 50 euros, so it only cost me half, but I’m not sure if I should do it. Calling tomorrow if I get the code for sniper assassin if I buy it, but what would convince me to buy it? I don’t know much about the game. If I buy it it will be around summer.


That’s my confusion. With HITMAN 2016 a physical wasn’t going to come immediately due to the episodic release (personally, I’m going to miss that! :disappointed_relieved:), so it had to come with a digital download code. But with this being released in one go, the physical disc is going to be available on the day of release. Hopefully someone from IOI will come along some time soon and clarify all the questions we have. :crossed_fingers:


You should be the man to take it to head office, tell them they need to stock it, when they do and it gets record sales, demand a promotion lol, i like GAME tbf there’s one about a mile from my house so I tend to pre-order in store, I’ll be taking a holiday on the 9th of November anyway and eagerly waiting the postman lol! You on PS4?


I’m surprised at GAME not stocking the collectors edition. Think they did with the 2016 version, so I’m surprised they aren’t doing it with this one.

Think I’ll have to pre-order from Amazon


I’m having problems with this. On one hand, I want the knock-out duck and the suit that come with the Collector’s edition, but I also want the game in digital form so I can just launch it without switching discs if I get bored. Will there be any way for me to get both without buying the game twice? (Which I couldn’t afford anyway with Spider-man and Red Dead Redemption II coming out around the same time)

I know they probably will come out as DLC in the future but I really don’t want to risk it.

(Edit:Now that I think of it, I could buy the CE and then use the disc until the digital game is in sale, and give/sell the disc to a friend to have a co-op buddy. Still, I probably aren’t the only one having this issue so ideas are still welcome)


i want the case but i also want the game on steam,there is still a lot of time,so maybe they will add collector’s preorder on pC,i just wonder,will this be a separate game exe?.How will all my stuff from H1 will be transfered to H2?


Already ahead of you haha. They know about it. whether or not they will follow up on it is another question lol. And haha too right lol. I’ll be taking holiday pay that time too lol, maybe earlier. And yeah man I’m on PS4.

It is bizarre. I think they are just slow or trying to not put it up since it’s not meant to be known yet.


Not sure if I should buy the Silver or Gold edition. Silver looks better imo, and costs less money. But then I own less content. So hard to choose :disappointed_relieved:


I know it’s hard, I was in two minds at first.

I was that excited I pre-ordered the Gold Edition from GAME, then I saw the Collectors Edition and saw what it came with, I cancelled my pre-order with GAME and then ordered the Collectors Edition through Amazon.

Plus the Gold Edition is what comes with the Collectors Edition anyway, so it’s like two in one. :wink:


I’m also torn on which edition to buy.

The lack of clarity around what will and won’t be available with the digital editions makes me not want to purchase, so may go with the Collector’s Edition for that fine looking :duck:.

If anyone is buying digitally, then somewhere like CDKeys could be worth a shout.


With the extra Facebook discount it takes about 10% off the total of the Gold edition.


If collector’s edition comes to Ireland or ships from Amazon UK, I’d save up to pre-order it.
Otherwise it’s digital standard for me.


Still nothing regarding the collector’s edition on other Amazons.

I mean if you guys were able to pre-order it on Amazon.uk, that means it’s gonna be available on other Amazons right?


The Standard and Gold Editions are on Amazon US. No collectors edition as of yet though.


Well you’d like to think so wouldn’t you, hopefully more sites will have it listed soon.

Very surprised only GameStop for US and Amazon for UK only have it listed, unless only certain sites are listing it with only so many being made.


For me I can’t decide between the gold or CE. I’m on Xbox. I bought the Absolution Box set and feel I wasted money so not sure why I need a key ring some coins and a duck? Leaning towards gold but I’m waiting awhile to see if any further news comes out.


But that duck though?

I got the Absolution one sent from Travis in 2013 and look how cute he looks!!! :wink:

I had to Pre-Order the Collectors Edition because all the stuff looks really cool.


I would hope that the collector’s editions also so came available on pc.
am i the only one who are thinking this.